- Voyage of the Dawn Treader Fan Review by Susan
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Posted: 2010-12-11
4 Shields!
The Chronicles of Narnia Reviews
The Chronicles of Narnia Reviews

Minor Spoilers

Superb acting and excellent visual effects enhance the viewing of the new release, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. True to most of C.S. Lewis' book by the same name, the movie captures the essence of the story.

Yes, there are some major changes to the plot. Narnian diehards will have a hard time accepting these differences, altering sequence and timing. The screenplay and its basic requirements impose upon the written word new criteria as a novel is transposed into visual art. In spite of the alterations, the writers have maintained the integrity of the characters in Lewis' book. Eustace, for example, goes through the same transformation of personality even though it is done in a different context and position from the book.

The spiritual content also is preserved. Aslan's land is a beautiful and moving picture of the afterlife. In an eloquent speech, Aslan inspires us to find him in this world by another name.

A movie that lifts my spirits, artfully transporting me to another land, time and place, gets my vote of confidence as an excellent movie for both young and old. I hope the minor story modifications will be overlooked by fans and that the movie will get the thumbs up vote of confidence it needs to be successful in a very competitive market. It is a great attempt to portray a very complicated novel. Congratulations to those who worked on this third Narnian movie! I will see it again and again, bringing those I love to enjoy this edifying epic.

The Chronicles of Narnia Reviews
LucyGeorgie Henley's performance as Lucy Pevensie (5)
EdmundSkandar Keynes's performance as Edmund Pevensie (4)
King CaspianBen Barnes's performance as King Caspian (4)
Eustace ScrubbWill Poulter's performance as Eustace Scrubb (5)
AslanLiam Neeson's performance as the voice of Aslan (5)
ReepicheepSimon Pegg's performance as the voice of Reepicheep (5)
DrinianGary Sweet's performance as Drinian (4)
Lord BernTerry Norris's performance as Lord Bern (3)
Lord RhoopBruce Spence's performance as Lord Rhoop (3)
CoriakinBille Brown's performance as Coriakin (3)
LiliandilLaura Brent's performance as Liliandil (4)
The White WitchTilda Swinton's cameo as The White Witch (4)
SusanAnna Popplewell's cameo as Susan Pevensie (4)
PeterWilliam Moseley's cameo as Peter Pevensie (3)
TavrosShane Rangi's performance as Tavros (3)
RhinceArthur Angel's performance as Rhince (4)
GaelArabella Morton's performance as Gael (4)
Supporting CastThe supporting cast, including Rachel Blakely's performance as Gael's Mum; Steven Rooke's performance as Nausus the Faun; Tony Nixon's performance as Rynelf; Roy Billing's performance as Chief Dufflepud; Mirko Grillini's performance as Belligerent Telmarine; etc. (4)
Michael AptedMichael Apted bringing The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to the big screen (4)
CGRealism of the computer-generated creatures of Narnia (Aslan, Reepicheep, Dufflepuds, Dragon, Serpent) (5)
Green MistThe addition of the green mist, Narnia's natural reaction to evil being introduced to the world. (Also using a bit of the plot of The Silver Chair.) (4)
Seven SwordsThe addition of the seven swords as gifts of Aslan to protect Narnia. (4)
Introduction of EustaceThe opening introduction of Eustace scenes in Cambridge (4)
Entry to NarniaThe children's entry to Narnia (4)
The Dawn TreaderThe realization of The Dawn Treader (5)
NarrowhavenThe realization of Narrowhaven (4)
GoldwaterThe realization of Dragon / Goldwater Island (5)
Magician's IslandThe realization of the Magician's Island (5)
Magician's LibraryThe realization of the Magician's Library (5)
Aslan's TableThe realization of Ramandu's Island with Aslan's Table (4)
Serpent BattleThe final Battle with the serpent at the Dark Island (5)
UndragoningThe Un-Dragoning of Eustace by Aslan (5)
Ends of the WorldThe ends of the world with Aslan, Caspian, the children and Reepicheep (5)
Return to EnglandThe return to England and final moments of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (5)
Emotional EffectThe emotional effect of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (5)