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Voyage of the Dawn Treader Walden Media and Fox's third Narnia film, released on December 10, 2010

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Old 07-05-2008, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by BarbarianKing View Post

The romance between Caspian and Ramandu's Daughter:

Lucy to Caspian as he is hitting on Stargirl: "What about Susan?"
Caspian: "Susan who?"
Lucy: "What do you mean Susan who?"
Edmund: "Yeah, man what's the meaning of this? Did you forget already? You kissed her and hugged her and all."
Stargirl glares at Caspian with her hands on her waist. Caspian looks confused, his eyes dart from Edmund and Lucy to Stargirl and back.
Caspian: "I… I don't know what you guys are talking about."
Edmund: "Come on dude, you know."
Caspian: "Wait.. what? Do I know you guys?. Who are you? How did you end up here?
Caspian turns to Stargirl: "Little kids have a lot of imagination, don't they?"

That is TOOO funny!!!

Or they may turn it into a musical, with both running and dancing around the ship as in a cat-an-mouse game with Caspian beginning: "I can show you the world, shinning, shimmering, splendid....."

well, if it's similar to the LotR wouldn't be too bad...

I bet you all have better ideas.
Originally Posted by Copperfox View Post
Here's a silly suggestion; only, in today's atmosphere of suffocating political correctness, I'm afraid they'll take it seriously and ACTUALLY do it. The suggestion is that, as the Dawn Treader nears the frontiers of Aslan's Country, they find that another ship has gotten there ahead of them. This ship, superior in design to the Dawn Treader in every way, will be revealed to have been built by women, and all the sailors on it will be women. In keeping with political correctness, the very weakest woman on this Amazonian ship will be five times as strong as the strongest man on the Dawn Treader, and the stupidest woman will be twenty times as smart as the smartest man. Yet at the SAME time, they'll all complain that they have somehow been poor helpless victims of male oppression!

These unbeatable super-women will proceed to overpower and capture Caspian and his crew easily, in order to enslave and humiliate them...but they'll be reckoning without Queen Lucy. As a female also, Lucy will be the ONLY Dawn Treader occupant allowed by the writers to have any power to fight back; and she, with "Crouching Tiger" techniques, will single-handedly kung-fu the tar out of all the attackers.
ahhh!!!!!! another Pirates of the Carribbean series!!!! someone shoot lucy before she becomes the lizard (liz-elizabeth swan, lol, character hate nickname)

Originally Posted by DaughterofRamandu View Post
Instead of making it a boring adventure movie set in the oceans of Narnia, have it be a romantic comedy, with King Edmund in the leading male role, and DoR in the leading female role.

nooooo I hate when they add romance to movies wher it SHOULD NOT BE...for once I"d like to see a movie that isn't straight shoot it up war that as NO romance.

Copperfox: I am positive that that idea would be highly appealing to Disney. But I think it's absolutely disgusting.
it probably would!

Originally Posted by Sven-El View Post
Well, here's one....Right in the middle of the film for no reason whatsoever there is a still of Reepicheep in a cowboy hat in front of a microphone.
Narrator ( AKA Douglas Gresham): And now it's time for silly songs with Reepicheep, the part of the show where Reepicheep comes out and sings a silly song. So, without further ado, silly songs with Reepicheep.

( Reepicheep comes out, wearing the afformentioned hat.)
Reepicheep: The Water Buffalo Song

Everybody's got a water buffalo.
Yours is fast, but mine is slow.
Oh, where do we get them, I don't know,
But everybody's got a water buffalooooooooooooooo!

I took my buffalo to the store.
Got his head caught in the door.
Spilled some lima beans on the floor.
Oh, everybody's got a --

Eustace: Stop! Stop this instant! You can't say everybody's got a water buffalo when everyone does *not* have a water buffalo! We're going to get nasty letters in the mail saying, "Where's my water buffalo? Why don't I have a water buffalo?" and are you prepared to deal with that? I don't think so! Just stop being so silly!

Reepicheep: You have no imagination whatsoever

Narrator ( again, Douglas Gresham): This has been silly songs with Reepicheep. Tune in next time to hear Reepicheep sing ...

Reepicheep: Everybody's got a baby kangaroo.
Yours is pink but mine is blue.
Hers was small but --

( comes running out and swings him by his tail.)
ohhh gosh...A: I LOVE VEGGIE TALES
B: Ooooooh wow..reep in a cowboy hat *trots off to photoshop*

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It could be set a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away.
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Would that mean the White Witch would be Darth Vader???
hmmm....Mr. Beaver is R2-D2, and Mrs. Beaver is C-3PO....
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Originally Posted by MrBob View Post
After his adventure, Eustace discovers he has a nasty side-effect. Whewnever he belches, fire comes out. At first it is a nuisance, but then Caspian realizes that with a few well-timed burps, they can have well-cooked meals in no time at all.

Lucy reads from the Magician's Book the story realizing that it is actually LWW.

I love the Eustace one Mr. Bob. It is so cool.

As far as Lucy reading the Magician's Book, she plays a practical joke on everyone by reading the spell "To Make Anyone Around You Speak As If They Inhaled From A Helium Ballon"

Sven-El, that Touring Troupe is excellent, but you forgot the Bearded Lady!(But don't worry, I bet those moviemakers are already including her/him? in the line-up)

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"And from there they have a long and profitable career touring circuses in Narnia as part of UNCLE CASPIAN'S CARNIVAL OF ODDITIES which includes, not only Eustace, but Lucy who can heal all wounds with her cordial, Edmund who can down eightie pails of Turkish Delight, Reepicheep the talking mouse, a dufflepod, Trumpkin, a Marshwiggle, oh and brougth from the far reaches of the world, the enchanting and exotic beauty, Ramandu's Daughter. And let's not forget Barky the Dog Faced Boy and Lydia the Tatooed Lady."

Having too much fun, Sven?

Another nasty trick from Lucy. She reads the Spell to make hidden things visible--except for their clothes

On Avra, they come upon a Plumptree's stand that sells Eustace's favorite Vitaminized Nerve Food.

The Dawn Treader's song is "Love..Exciting and New..." (For those who don't know, that would be the Love Boat)

Old 07-06-2008, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by waterhogboy View Post
I think what's actually going to happen is Caspian falls for the female crew member on the Dawn Treader (what with it being a politically correct ship and all), causing a terrible decision when he claps his peepers on the old girl of Ramandu's. This poor girl goes off in despair and anger, learns magic, and becomes the green lady ready for SC. What do you think!?!?
they really SHOULD do that!
goodness, now why can't the writers come up with something that good? WHY?
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Copperfox is a name known to allCopperfox is a name known to allCopperfox is a name known to allCopperfox is a name known to allCopperfox is a name known to allCopperfox is a name known to all

Except, the Green Witch _isn't_ supposed to be a true human being at all, just as Jadis was not. (As if that point of accuracy would matter to the revisionist writers who dragged the personality of Peter Pevensie through a sewer!)
Old 07-06-2008, 12:21 PM
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I don't know? Have Aslan appear as a goat instead of a lamb?

I mean, a lamb would be too overwhelming for the 20% of the audience who haven't read the book. Forget about the 80% who have and probably grew up on them. Yeah, forget about them.
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TDL Pirates: We're Back!

Old 07-06-2008, 07:37 PM
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If the filmmmakers do read this and put any of it in they'll look like idiots! I mean think about it...our posts have time indexes on them and to pull something out of this thread and sick it in knowing the fans think it's rubbish...not smart.

It would provide too much to harp on them for later....proceed with the ideas so they won't take them.
Old 07-06-2008, 10:41 PM
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Well since Disney is producing this film:

1) Everyone on the Island of the Duffers spontaneously breaks out into song and dance alongside the stars of Beverly Hills Chihuahua

2) Caspian jumps onto the front of the Dawn Treader and proclaims "I'm King of the World!"

3) The Dawn Treader encounters a pirate ship with black sails crewed by the dead.

4) Caspian, Edmund, and Eustace are played by the Jonas Brothers.

5) Lucy is played by Vannessa Hudgens

6) Disney decides that since they have already done too many films with lions in the lead role and replace Aslan with a cute talking dog named "Zippy"

7) Reepicheep is voiced by Chris Rock in order to give him some attitude.

8) Ramandu tells Caspian that Miraz did not kill his father, but Miraz IS his father.

9) In accordance with current female-forward PCness, Ramandu's daughter is played by Lucy Lawless and is in fact a warrior princess.

10) The merfolk near the end of the world suddenly strike up a chorus of "Under the Sea".
Closed Thread


*headdesk* thread=lol, ace, barney loves you!!, humor, lbt was here!!!, moviemakers: ignore this, reepinator, silly movie ideas, sven-el, this is brilliantly awful

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