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Old 07-08-2007, 12:05 AM
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Default Legacy of Narnia

I finally have chapter 1 of my Legacy story ready. I am still working on Ch. 2.

Chapter 1

A year had passed. One whole Narnian year had passed since the coronation of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. They were still fighting the remains of the White Witchís army, but the battles were becoming less frequent. Except for the battles, the four Pevensies had not left their Cair Paravel. It was not as if they minded, of course. Cair Paravel was a wonderful place to live.
Queen Lucy, however, had a sense of adventure that drove her. It was that sense of adventure that led her to explore Narnia when she first found herself there and met up with her first friend in Narnia, Mr. Tumnus. It was this sense of adventure that now was beckoning her to travel from Cair Paravel for a while. "Well, you know you are always welcome at my home." Mr. Tumnus told her after she explained to him how much she wanted to go traveling somewhere.
Queen Lucy and Mr. Tumnus, who had been made a Lord of Narnia by Queen Lucy herself, were walking along the beach near the castle. She stopped with a sudden burst of excitement. "Thatís perfect." she exclaimed as the plans were forming in her head. "We could leave next week after the Terabinthian delegation takes their leave. I could stay a month at your home and we could..." she stopped in mid sentence feeling she shouldnít be deciding on her own. "I do hope a month isnít too long."
Mr. Tumnus graciously bowed to her. "My Queen, you could stay a year and not be a bother to me. Just as you have generously allowed me to stay here for so long, my house is equally available to you at any time."
"Wonderful!" Lucy called out excitedly. She bounded over to Mr. Tumnus and nearly jumped into his arms giving him a big hug. She let go and then became a bit more serious, "Now to get Peterís permission."
"I donít foresee that being a problem." Mr. Tumnus stated positively.
"I hope you are right, Mr. Tumnus." she responded in a hopeful manner.
The young queen was nervous to ask her brother, the High King and waited until after dinner, which she barely ate. She found him a few hours later in his room as he was preparing to turn in for the night. Lucy was in her own nightclothes and entered his residence when he saw her lingering in the hall. "Hey Lu, whatís up?" Their residences were nearly as large as their entire house was in London and she went to sit on an armchair which was on the far side. Peter followed her and sat next to her, noticing her nervousness.
"Peter, itís been over a year now since we were crowned." Lucy was trying to remember the script she had in her head. "And we havenít even explored much of Narnia."
"Well, it has been hard with the battles." Peter reminded her. She knew and that was part of what she was going to say, but she continued.
"Yes, but now it is much safer. Iíve been talking with Mr. Tumnus and we made some plans." She gave a nervous pause before continuing, "After the Terabinthians take their leave from their visit next week, I would like to take a month off to stay with Mr. Tumnus at his house. We havenít been there since we first came into Narnia. I would love to see what else is in that area."
Peter did not need much time to think it over. "You know, that is a great idea, Luce. I think a vacation for each of us would be great. Iíll talk with the others about what they would like to do." As Peter was saying this, she was afraid he would put off her own plans. That is until he looked right at her with his special smile that he reserved just for his youngest sister. "And since you thought of it first and already have plans, you can go first."
Lucy was so excited that she just hugged her big brother happily. "Oh thank you, thank you Peter!" She hurried back down to her residence, bounding with such an excited gait. She could barely get any sleep that night thinking about all of the many things she wanted to do. Every time she had an idea, she would write it down, the light of the moon illuminating her parchment.
The days that followed were spent with Mr. Tumnus going over all the plans and doing some preliminary packing. "My queen," he said to Lucy, "If it would be fine with you, I would like to go to my house and prepare it for your arrival. I shall endeavor to be back here in time for the arrival of the Terabinthian delegation."
"You better." she giggled. "You swore that you would be at my side at the reception."
"Oh, and wouldnít it be so terrible if I were late to that!" he exclaimed mockingly. Lucy got another laugh out of that, lightly punching him in the arm. Tumnus then got a little more serious, "If you have anything ready, I can bring some of your belongings to my house. That way, we will have less to carry on the trip."
"Wonderful idea, Mr. Tumnus. I do have some clothes for the month." Lucy had already packed up a few dresses and more utilitarian clothing that would be better suited for exploration. She had to leave herself her really good clothes for the visiting dignitaries. That day, Tumnus left for his home.
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Old 07-08-2007, 12:06 AM
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Ch 1 continued

The next days were now filled with preparations for the royal arrival. Lucy was lost in all of the planning to even think about her upcoming retreat. She was responsible for making sure the bedrooms were all clean and ready. She even brought a few of her things into the room where Princess Riyanna would be staying. Both girls were the same age and Lucy felt they were bound to be good friends.
Everyone was working hard in the days leading up to their arrival. Susan was deciding on the menu and making sure the maids and other castle help were ready. Edmund was responsible for the security and Peter was overseeing everything, making schedules of the activities and meetings they had planned for the royal family.
Everything was all set when the Terabinthian ship was spotted. In little time, it had tied up on a pier and the Terabinthians were debarking and coming up to the castle. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy were there to greet them with Peter speaking first. "I am Peter, High King of Narnia. These are my sisters and brother, Queen Susan, King Edmund, and Queen Lucy." With each introduction, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy greeted them. "Welcome to Narnia and our Cair Paravel."
In response, the king of Terabinthia did his greetings, "I am King Stobal. This is my wife, Queen Gwendolina, my son, Prince Stobal, and my daughter, Princess Riyanna. We thank you for inviting us to your fair land."
They continued to talk as they came up to the castle. Inside, they were shown to the rooms readied for them. Lucy was delighted when she saw Mr. Tumnus standing in the receiving line that evening before the dinner and as Lucy looked back, though the King and his family had merely shaken other hands, they all bowed slightly to Mr. Tumnus. It was not until the feast that King Stobal gave an explanation in his toast. "I raise my glass here to celebrate the Narnian Royal family. King Peter, King Edmund, Queen Susan, Queen Lucy, thank you for finally arriving and fulfilling the prophesy by helping Aslan in doing away with the wretched White Witch."
"Here, here!" others shouted, taking a drink of the sweet wine. "And I raise my glass here in thanks to Lord Tumnus. He was the first to encounter the young Queen Lucy upon her first visit and chose to violate the law to keep her safe, at great threat to his life. The whole of Narnia and all her lands owe you a heartfelt thank you."
A round of "To Lord Tumnus" was heard around the table, putting a bit of blush on his face. After that, the conversations took off. Stories of battles, friends, alliances, and virtually everything else were passed across the table. Friendships were made by all, especially between Lucy and Riyanna. After the royal ball, the two girls went off together until they reached Lucy's residence.
They went together to a couch not too far into the first room where they could just talk girl things and be girls. Being a queen and a princess, it was hard for them to find time to just act like normal young girls, much less find someone their age to do anything with. They loved to be able to shed their titles when talking to someone else and be themselves. It was like this at the end of each day. The two girls met up either at Lucy's residence or the stately room where Riyanna was staying to play some card game or checkers or many other Narnian games as they just talked with each other.
Toward the end of the stay, Lucy decided to give her new friend a gift to remember her by. She chose a woolen tapestry that showed a sunset on a beach on an island of the great Eastern Ocean. It was in Riyanna's room and Lucy knew she had been admiring it all the week. "All I know is that the hermit lady Hepaba of Felimath weaved it. One day, I wish to visit that island and meet her in person."
"Oh thank you Lucy!" Riyanna grinned wide as she went over to the tapestry and stroked it, knowing it was now hers to stroke. It took her a few minutes to recover from that generous gift before she remembered what she planned to give Lucy. "Here, I also have something for you." Riyanna went to her bags and pulled out something wrapped in cloth and handed it to Lucy. As she unwrapped it, Lucy realized it was a foot tall silver replica of the lantern that stood in the woods, the one that greeted her upon first entering Narnia. She was speechless at first, just admiring the workmanship and how precise it was to scale.
"Oh my gosh, it is perfect!' Lucy said as she turned it over and over to look at the amazing details.
"A master silversmith named Daled Chai created it. No one knows how he creates so much of his art without ever leaving his home on Muil. You should see his rendition of our castle that he presented to us a few years ago. I daresay he will be making a scale recreation of Cair Paravel sometime soon."
Lucy and Riyanna were now sitting on the large bed, just relaxing in a contented silence. After a few minutes, Lucy spoke up, "Oh, I do hope we will be visiting Terabinthia soon. I cannot wait to see you again."
"Oh, I feel the same. It would be so fun if you just came back with us tomorrow."
"You know, I would have probably given that serious consideration if I were not going on a vacation in a few days." Lucy mentioned.
"Oh, where are you going?" asked an inquisitive Riyanna.
"With Lord Tumnus to his house for a month. We haven't been back to those parts of Narnia since we first got here." Lucy was thinking back longingly to her first encounter, but then a realization hit her. "In fact, the last time I was at his house was with my brothers and sister and that was right after it had been ransacked by the White Witch's police and he was taken away. Oh how horrible that was!"
The girls continued their talking until late into the night knowing that Riyanna was leaving the next day. It was with sadness that Lucy finally bid her a farewell the next day. They gave each other a long hug and promised to continue their correspondence with Lucy reiterating her promise to visit them as well.
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Shouldn't you put that on microsoft word?
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I have it on MS Works

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Wow! You are a VERY good writer! I seriously love your writing style and story ALOT. Please write more soon.

ďAre are you there too, Sir?Ē said Edmund.
ďI am,Ē said Aslan. ďBut there I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.Ē
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Good job Mr Bob keep up the good work
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Chapter 2

The next few days had Lucy scrambling to make sure she had everything ready for the trip to Tumnus' house. She had picked four knights to accompany them as Peter didn't want them to go alone. Among them was the Archenland knight Sir Jaylin who gave up his royal duties at the castle Anvard to devote his life to the protection to Queen Lucy, a task he had fulfilled on a few occasions during battle. Because of his chivalrous attitude and loyalty to her, she felt safe with him and she declared him her personal guard.
The other three knights that made up her royal guard for this trip were Rosso, a Galmian fighter as well as two dwarves, Legeth and Pognith.
Finally, the day arrived when Lucy would leave. She hugged her brothers and sister goodbye, not to see them again for a month. The trip, as they had scheduled, was going to take about a day and a half so they left early in the morning in order to get to Tumnus' house by lunch the next day. They left on horseback, Lucy taking a non-talking horse she named, fittingly, Princess. Lucy and Tumnus were riding in a trot, flanked on the four sides by her royal guards.
Tumnus decided to show Lucy the legendary Dancing Lawn of the Fawns and that route took them near the Stone Table where Lucy had, a little more than a year ago, seen Aslan sacrificed by the White Witch. Lucy dismounted and nervously walked up to the now broken table. She had seen Aslan both killed and rise from the dead at this very spot and that made it the most sacred of places for her. No one talked as she went up to the cracked stone table and knelt at it, deep in prayer and reflection.
When she returned, she had tears in her eyes but no one thought any the less of her. She allowed each one of the party a chance to pray to Aslan at the Table and each one took the opportunity individually. They stayed at the site for about a half an hour before continuing their journey. Within an hour, they made their way to the Dancing Lawn and their somber moods had lightened.
"I wish you could see the actual dance, but with only me here, and no snow, it would be impossible." Tumnus said after explaining the dance to Lucy. He did, however, show Lucy the steps and she followed him in the faun's part of the dance. She was laughing as they danced their way in the circle. "And imagine doing this with snowballs flying through the air right in front of you and behind you. It is such a dance like no other. So magical and beautiful."
It was midday by this point and the six of them set up their midday meal around in the trees surrounding the Dancing Lawn and close to the Great River. Lucy went over to the river to wash up and Tumnus came up next to her. "Is the queen enjoying herself?" He dipped his hands into the river as she was doing.
"Oh Mr. Tumnus, I am having a great time! It is so nice to just be out in the country like this." Lucy took a cloth to dry her face and hands. "Narnia is so beautiful in the Springtime." She reached out to cup some flowers in her palm, not picking them and leaned down to smell them. "It's coming alive so beautifully."
"It's even better than last year. Even more of the blooms are awakening from their long sleep." Tumnus said in his Narnian wonder. They went back to the picnic area and all six enjoyed the meal of bread and fruit with a special Archenland tea that Sir Jaylin had first introduced to Narnia. It was one of Lucy's favorites. It was a mixture of herbs that had been created by his family many generations ago.
They stayed in the area for about an hour longer before packing up and moving on northward. They were following the Great River to the crossing at the fords of Beruna, Lucy still trotting at a leisurely pace to admire the country. "Your Majesty," Sir Jaylin interrupted a short conversation between Lucy and Tumnus, "Pardon the intrusion, but the time is getting on and we still have a ways to go before reaching our planned encampment for the night."
"In other words, we need to hurry up." Lucy smiled back at him. "As soon as we cross the fords, we can go full gallop. I am not fond of the Haunted Wood myself. We must be extra vigilant as there are still some who are still loyal to the Witch living among the trees."
Within the half hour, they had passed over the fords of Beruna and sped up their pace. Lucy passed by the Haunted Wood with a bit of trepidation, happy to be going so fast. The party made its way almost due east and came upon the waterfall. It seemed to be so much less intimidating now that it was flowing and she could appreciate it instead of being scared and worried about Edmund. They traveled the Great River northward, stopping where the Great Narnia Lake, formerly the Frozen Lake, empties into the Great River. They set up their camp here as Lucy and Tumnus went to the river to try to catch fish for their dinner and hopefully breakfast.
Back in England, Lucy did not like fish that much, but Narnian fish were so much better in her opinion. In fact, she had taken to doing the dirty work when fishing such as baiting the hook and scaling the fish afterward. Together, they caught four fish, allowing Rosso, the best cook of the group, to make dinner. With some of his Galmian spices, he cooked up some nice filets
They stayed up about an hour after sundown, stoking the fire and telling stories. Queen Lucy was the first to turn in for the night, making her way into her own tent and falling asleep to the relaxing sounds of the Great River and Narnian animals.
She awoke early the next morning to see Sir Jaylin at his post. "Good morning, Your Majesty." he greeted with a bow.
"Good morning, Sir Jaylin." she replied. "I am going down to the river to bathe."
"Yes my queen." He followed her down to the river's edge to make sure it was safe before moving back up to afford her privacy. The water was still cold from the recent Spring thaw, but she enjoyed swimming, especially now after getting in a year's practice. She stayed in the cool, refreshing water for about fifteen minutes before getting out, drying off, and donning some regular clothes meant for everyday use. As much as she loved the royal clothes she wore at the Cair and for other official duties, she was also happy to be able to just wear regular clothes. Since this was a vacation for her, she had packed mostly those kind of clothes. Today, she had on a red blouse and white and red vertically striped riding pants.
Breakfast was eaten about an hour after her bath and after everyone else had freshened themselves in the river, they packed up and were off for the rest of the trip. In no hurry, the party went on a medium gallop, following the Great River northward. There was nowhere to cross it at this point. They would have to cross at the southern end of the Unnamed River which flowed from what once acted as the White Witch's castle. The stream up there was much shallower than anything else they would have to cross anywhere else.
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Chapter 2 continued.

They were slightly off their time schedule and were crossing the Unnamed River at about midday. They chose not to stop as they realized they could make it to Tumnus' house within an hour. At full gallop, everyone was excitedly anticipating the finish of their trek and time to relax.
"We're finally here." Lord Tumnus announced when he could see his familiar stone facade of his home. Everyone dismounted as Lord Tumnus and Queen Lucy walked up to his door. They had been reminiscing about her first time coming to his house when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Lucy hadn't noticed what he did at first. "The door, your Majesty, it is not closed completely."
"Did you close it when you left last week?" Lucy asked, now a little nervous.
"That I did. I made sure of it." Tumnus replied confidently. "There can be only be one explanation, someone has been using my house. Come on." He led Lucy back to the guards. It was decided that Tumnus, accompanied by Rosso and Legeth would check out the house, fully armed. Queen Lucy would await outside with Sir Jaylin and Pognith.
It was a tense few minutes as the house was searched for intruders while Sir Jaylin and Pognith listened outside for anyone coming. Even Lucy had an arrow strung up on her bow ready to shoot. The situation ended when Mr. Tumnus called out, "All clear in here." adding, "But Queen Lucy, come here. There is something of interest that you must see."
Lucy went to Tumnus to see what he found so fascinating. She saw it when Tumnus led her into his house and to the fireplace. "What do you make of this?" He asked, pointing to something very dirty leaning against the fireplace wall. She could see it was a sword, but upon examining it more, she came to an inescapable realization.
"Why, it's a Narnian sword!" Lucy could make out the depiction of Aslan on the hilt. "But look how dirty and old it looks. It is as if it has been buried for years."
"Who would have a sword such as this here?" Rosso asked.
"More importantly, who would leave it in such a state?" Sir Jaylin wondered.
"I don't know, but it would make sense that they will be returning." Rosso said with a cautionary warning.
"Good thinking Rosso." Lucy started to formulate a plan. "You three, Rosso, Pognith, and Legeth go wait outside in hiding. Sir Jaylin, you stay in here with Lord Tumnus and I."
"But your majesty," Sir Jaylin began, "we know neither the number nor the intent of the intruders."
Tumnus spoke up, "I disagree, Sir Jaylin. Of the number, we know that either they are few or very neat. I have not seen much out of place here with only my bed slept in and a few dishes dirtied in the sink. Of their intent, the only thing we can find is this dirtied sword which I am sure has not seen battle in many years. No other weapons can be found."
"I see your point." Sir Jaylin acknowledged. The guards obeyed their instructions, leaving all quiet as they waited for the potential intruders to return. All were prepared with their weapons at the ready for a few tense minutes.
From outside, everyone could hear voices coming up toward the house. Soon, the voices turned to screams as the guards had caught them. That was when Lucy has a realization. "Why, they are nothing but children!" The tension in the room died down as she rushed outside to see the commotion. She saw as Rosso and Legeth each had a young child, each about Lucy's age, in custody. "Release them! Can you see they are but children!" she chastised. The guards let the children go, but they were too stunned to even move. The two dirty children just stared at Lucy inquisitively. They had never heard of a girl telling men what to do in such a manner.
"Your Majesty, what shall be done with them?" Legeth asked, with a bow.
"Presently, I would like to talk with them." She ordered, her royally calm demeanor returning. "You may go. The four of you may set up your encampment." She then turned to the two wide-eyed children who hadn't moved from the spot where they were released. She looked at them and, for an instant, almost recognized them, as when seeing a stranger that looks like a friend. "Hello, you two are not from around here, are you?"
"No." the girl answered nervously, "We don't even know where here is."
"Here is Narnia. And my name is Lucy." She held out her hand. Each child shook it during the introductions.
"My name is Sarah. We're brother and sister."
"My name is Julian. That man called you, 'Your Majesty'. Are you a princess or something?"
"Queen." Lucy said with the tone of her smile. "My brothers are the Kings and my sister and I are the Queens. We rule all of Narnia."
Sarah was confused. "But you can't be much older than I am. And how can brothers and sisters be kings and queens together?"
"By the will of Aslan." The children turned and jumped at the sight of Tumnus.
"Don't be frightened." Lucy gave her introduction, "This is my most trusted companion, Mr. Tumnus, or rather Lord Tumnus."
"W..w..what is he?" Julian asked nervously.
"I am a faun." Mr. Tumnus proudly replied. "And you must be another Son and Daughter of Adam and Eve."
The children looked at him strangely, so Lucy explained, "He means you are humans, like me." She took a breath and sighed. "Listen, there is a lot to explain and plenty of time to get to know each other. But first, we should go inside Mr. Tumnus' house and have some lunch."
"Good idea, my Queen." Tumnus said as he led the children into the house.
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Chapter 3

After getting washed up, Tumnus, Lucy, and their two guests helped to prepare the lunch. They had some apples and some of the fish they caught the previous day. The girls set the table with the dishes and cups they would need while Tumnus and Julian brought the food and drink. They sat down and started eating. During the meal, Lucy narrated her story of how she first came into Narnia and the events leading up to her and her siblings becoming the Kings and Queens of Narnia. Sarah and Julian were especially interested in the fact that Aslan was a lion.
When Lucy finished her story, everyone was finished eating and after cleaning the dishes from the table, Tumnus suggested they retreat back to his den as he brewed up some after-lunch tea. Now all sitting with tea in hand, Lucy looked at the children.. "So, tell us about yourselves and how you came into Narnia."
Sarah took a sip of her tea and began. "My brother and I attend Sutton Private Academy, a boarding school where our father is the headmaster and our mother is a teacher."
"Was a teacher." Julian corrected his sister.
"Mum has not quit. She's on sabbatical." Sarah defended her mother and staring icily at her brother. Lucy decided to step in before the two got too emotional.
"So, tell us how you got to here to Narnia."
Julian and Sarah took a sip of their tea and calmed down as Julian began that part of the story. "This past winter, Father had talked about wanting to convert part of a field into a garden. He said it would be a great project for the students to learn about landscaping and gardening. Yesterday evening, Sarah and I were digging when we hit something."
"Actually I hit it." Sarah corrected him with a bit of a laugh.
Julian continued, "We were curious at what Sarah hit," he emphasized Sarah glaring at her, "so we carefully dug and found this sword." he pointed to the sword leaning against the wall that Tumnus had first found.
Sarah took up the story from her brother. "Part of it was wrapped in some clothes, but they were really battered. After we took the clothes from around the sword, we wiped some dirt off and noticed the lion head on the handle." She then turned to her brother who understood to continue.
"It was weird to hold it, like it was tingling. We then noticed that the lion's head moved. He seemed like he was growling, but without making any noise and in a nice way. Then when we looked around, we were here, well over near the river. We wandered for a few hours until we finally found your house."
"Yes," Julian turned toward Tumnus, "We are sorry for using your house, but it was the only shelter around. And we really needed something when we realized a storm was coming."
Mr. Tumnus put them at ease. "There is no need to apologize. Aslan called you hear for a reason. I feel honored to be host to so many first coming Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve." He then winked at both of them, adding, "And you two are very tidy children. I thank you for that,"
"But why would he call us here?" Sarah asked.
"I do not know, but I am sure Aslan will let you know." Lucy answered. Talk soon turned to Narnia again as Lucy and Mr. Tumnus shared stories and descriptions of all of the different animals and beasts that live in Narnia as well as the people and beasts that inhabited the surrounding lands. Sarah and Julian had only heard about some of these creatures in fairy tale stories but could now see them in a new light. The tales and descriptions took on a new light as living, breathing beings when they hear it from the mouths of a faun and his friend, a girl-queen who ruled over all of them.
Tumnus offered to show the children around that part of Narnia and all eagerly accepted. Not even Lucy had been given a proper tour of this part of the thawed Narnia so the four of them went out on a mid-afternoon walk. They headed southward as Tumnus was explaining all of the plants and introducing all of the beasts to Queen Lucy, Sarah, and Julian. Of course, they stopped at the Lantern where Lucy made her entrance in Narnia and first met Mr. Tumnus. "Is it always lit?" Sarah asked realizing that, although it was sunny, the lantern was lit.
"Always." Tumnus responded.
"How did it get here?" Julian asked, noticing something odd about the lantern. "It looks as if it was planted."
"That it was." Tumnus said. "It was planted there at the beginning of Narnia herself. But that is a long story and we have more of our walk. I shall tell you the story, that I know of it, at a later time." They finally reached the river where Lucy and Tumnus heard some familiar voices. Lucy was laughing hearing the unforgettable good-natured arguing. "Oh, you have got to meet two more of my good friends." Lucy said to Sarah and Julian. They made their way to where the voices were coming from.
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Chapter 3 continued

"I told you that wasn't enough wood now didn't I?" the female voice said to her companion.
"Quite right, Mrs. Beaver." Lucy giggled. The arguing immediately stopped as the two Beavers turned and saw Lucy standing there with Lord Tumnus and two children.
"Queen Lucy." they bowed together. "Lord Tumnus. It has been so long. What brings you to these parts, Queen Lucy?"
"A holiday." she answered Mr. Beaver with a smile. " I shall be staying with Lord Tumnus at his house for a month."
"That is wonderful. Who are your companions?" Mrs. Beaver asked.
Lucy motioned to them to come closer. Nervously, Sarah and Julian came up to where Lucy was standing. "Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, this is Sarah and Julian. Sarah and Julian, do you remember in my story? These are the Beavers I told you about who helped us cross Narnia and make our way to see Aslan." Sarah and Julian each gave them a polite 'hello,' still unsure what to make of everything.
"Well, it is good to meet you. Any friend of Queen Lucy's is a friend of ours." Mr. Beaver greeted the newcomers, "So where are you from?"
"England, just like Lucy." Julian answered, feeling a bit weird talking to a beaver.
"We were at school one minute and here the next." Sarah followed, not wanting to go into any more detail again.
"Ah well then Son of Adam and Daughter of Eve, a hearty welcome to Narnia." Mrs. Beaver said. Tumnus then began talking with the Beavers about everything that had happened in that area during his absence while Queen Lucy and Lord Tumnus talked about their time at Cair Paravel. Sarah and Julian were just taking in all of the stories. They spent about an hour before they had to leave in order to get back before the sun went down.
After having dinner, they faced a problem they hadn't thought about. Tumnus had planned for only one visitor, Lucy, for the stay, but now there were three visitors. Sleeping arrangements had to be made. After some discussion, it was finally decided that Lucy and Sarah would take the bed in Tumnus' room while Julian and Tumnus would sleep in the den.
Everyone got settled in for the night and were asleep quick after such a long day. A few hours later, Sarah sat up in bed with a start thinking someone called her name. She looked around but heard no other noise in the room but Lucy's deep breathing. Resigning to the fact that she must have just dreamt it, she laid back down on the bed. Just as she put her head back down on her pillow, she heard it again, only this time, it was clear. "Who said that?" Sarah whispered. No one answered, but this time, she saw movement outside of the window. Not wanting to disturb Lucy, she quietly climbed out of bed and stepped into her shoes. She left the bedroom to see her brother at the front door. "What are you doing?" she called to him in a loud whisper.
"Someone called my name." he answered in the same hushed tone as she walked to him..
"I heard someone call my name, too." She was now standing right next to her brother as they were looking out the open door.
"And he's outside. I think we should go see."
"We don't have a choice" Sarah replied without knowing why she used those specific words. She slowly walked out the door, followed closely by her brother. They could se some movement to their right and went in that direction. They walked for a few minutes, following an unknown movement through some trees until they reached a clearing where the moon shone in from above.
They heard a soft, but booming voice among the trees "Julian, Son of Adam, Sarah, Daughter of Eve, I welcome you to my Narnia." They looked at the place where the voice came from and saw the Great Lion emerge from the trees. They could barely look at his face, instead concentrating on his mane, shimmering in gold from the moonlight.
"You must be Aslan!" Sarah stammered out, both children feeling a sense of awe.
"That I am, Sarah." he purred. With that proclamation, the children suddenly felt a bit more calm around him, their nervousness leaving them.
"How did we get here?" Julian asked with his newfound confidence.
"I called you here. You two are the last children of Narnia." Aslan informed them proudly as a father talking to his children.
Both children looked at each other confusedly. "But Aslan, we were born in Richmond, London, not in Narnia."
"That is true, Daughter of Eve, but you still have Narnian blood running through your veins. Your ancestry is here in Narnia." After hearing Aslan say that, Sarah and Julian looked at each other in disbelief.
"Our parents came from here?"
Aslan gave a low roar that almost sounded like a laugh to Sarah, but never answered the question, instead saying, "You are here to discover your roots, to understand where you come from. First thing you should do in the morning is to bring the sword down to the Great River and clean it off in the water. After that, explore your world and have fun. You may be surprised what you find."
Aslan walked away back into the trees. Sarah and Julian sat down in silence recovering from their experience with the Great Lion. A tiredness crept back into them and while they wanted to go back to Lord Tumnus' house, they also knew that it would be almost impossible to find in the dark. Giving into their fatigue, they laid down next to each other on the soft grass and fell asleep.
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