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Enter the Wardrobe (First time here?) This forum is for all of you new members! If it's your first time through the Wardrobe into our neck of the Narnia woods, start here. We'll help you get started with our community.

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Old 06-26-2007, 08:19 PM
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Default TDL Forum Etiquette - Updated July 1, 2014

***I know it's a long post...please read the whole thing anyway!***
We all want to have fun in here and that's great! We want people to get to know each other and develop great relationships. We also want a place where Narnia and Lewis fans can come and discuss all things Narnia/CS Lewis.

In order to do that there are certain guidelines that we need to keep in mind. Most already know them, but even so...please read through it anyway. Thanks! If you have any questions feel free to ask. We are here to help you out whenever possible.

TDL is a family friendly forum. We have people under the age of 10 all the way into their 60's at present as far as I know...some may be older. So, we want this to be a site where everyone can have fun and feel safe. :
  1. Be safe. Never give your personal information on the forum: your name, phone number, address, email, or anything like that. If you're not an adult, you should definitely get your parent's permission before joining and before posting any photos of yourself. Once you post, anyone on the web can see what you posted, and not everyone on the web is friendly. If at any time you feel unsafe because of another member or any other reason, contact a moderator. We will take every case seriously and make sure you continue to feel safe on our forum. We care about what happens to you.
  2. Respect the Mods. Mods are members with blue, purple or green names. The mods and admins just want you to have fun and this to be a safe place, so if we ask you to do something, please comply and don't complain.
  3. Don't swear or simulate swearing with symbols or half-spelled words.
  4. Be respectful. Disagree with another member's actions or words, but don't personally attack another member with your actions or words.
  5. Don't call people names or label them. See above.
  6. Encourage each other. TDLers seem to be awesome at this already, but go ahead and show each other support and encouragement when you see people doing great or nice things.
  7. *Do not have more than one account! This is not permitted at all. If you access the forum via different accounts, it shows you're not trustworthy and may be a danger to the younger members here. If we discover you have more than one account, you (and all your accounts) will be banned.
  8. Be honest. Nobody knows but you whether you're speaking the truth, but lies tend to come back to you, and if people get the idea that you're not truthful, they won't care to be friends.
  9. Keep the drama down. We have members of all ages with all backgrounds, and some drama may happen -- but don't get caught up in it, and it will die down.
  10. Be family friendly in your graphics, posts and threads. Don't start threads on these topics (which tend to cause controversy): politics, adult themes, drug use or any criminal activity, and sexual orientation. Please also refrain from starting threads about films, TV or literature with a lot of violence or occult themes. As CSL was an outspoken Christian, we tend to keep our TDL subjects within the realms of Christian sensibility.
Another thing is posting etiquette. To keep the Forum tidy and organized, please...
  1. Do not spam (post random, off-topic stuff). Spamming is only permitted in threads marked "Spam" in the Land of Duffers.
  2. Get to know your new friends through Private Messages and threads designated for conversation. Don't hijack a thread about Dawn Treader to talk about what you ate for breakfast.
  3. Don't double post -- wait for someone else to post before you post again, unless days go by and you now have new information.
  4. Don't talk in symbols that not everyone will recognize. When in doubt, just write out the word or phrase.
  5. Stay on the topic of the thread and/or follow the rules of the thread. The "rules" of the thread are usually stated in the first post and are pretty self-explanatory, like "throw something to the person below you" or "what does the person above you's avatar say about them?"
  6. In discussion threads, try to respond to the post above you or use the Multiple Quote function at the bottom of your dialog box to quote everyone to whom you wish to respond. (If it's a trivia thread, respond to the question at hand and then ask another question.)
Starting new threads.
  1. If there is an existing thread on a subject already , post in it rather than starting another one. For example, if you are coming back to the forum and/or going away, put it in the Gone and Away thread.
  2. If you have a new topic you want to start, start it...but think about where to put it in the forum and make sure it goes in the right area. Random/silly threads always go in the Land of Duffers forum.
  3. When thinking of a new thread to start, consider whether it will bring happiness or be harmful to the community. If it's more harmful than not, don't start it. We want TDL to be a welcoming place for everyone.

Questions? Just PM a mod or even one of your new friends who has been here longer than you. Thanks! Have fun.

Last edited by Benisse; 10-23-2012 at 01:58 AM. Reason: Edited by Holyboy and EveningStar for clarification and new topics


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