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Originally Posted by BarbarianKing View Post
"This thread is for the discussion of this new production including your ideas for the cast, the plot, your hopes and fears for the film."

Please try to stay on topic. I know you're trying to debate the Characters IN the book, but this thread is for discussion of ideas and characters IN the film. It started well but I fear the discussion is just going to go in a direction that may be best suited for other threads. We want people to discuss the movie here. The closer it gets to production, the more people would want to talk about it (the movie), but they might be discouraged if the see arguments not closely related to it.

Jadis, white or green witch, or both. How will this play out in the movie? Do you think the movie will be successful if the same actress comes back to play Jadis as (now) green witch? A new actor better? What about no mention of Jadis at all?
Ok. fair enough to answer your question all the actors who where in the last film could play the same roles in the new one. Ben could still play Caspian just make him older and the same actor could play Trumpkin also make him older. Warrick could play Glimfeather and if they make him cgi then use his voice. Eustace also could be played by the same actor granted he will be a bit taller but he still looks the same. David Tennant would make a good Pudleglum and Brian Blessed would make a good Giant King. Tilda should play the Green Lady as the Green Lady is just the same as the White Witch in mannerism and looks, the fact they had her in the green mist was to lead her into the role of the Green Lady. I think it would be daft to get anyone else to play her and I think Douglas Gresham would want her to play her but we will have to wait and see.
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