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I never really looked at this thread very hard, but I think I always meant to post in it, so here I am, posting in it.

So firstly, I joined here when I was 12 and now I'm 17. Jeeze, that's 5 years, haha. I remember I had to convince my mom that this was a good site that she should let me join and I remember how I insisted on having this username. Looking back at my posts I'm kind of appalled at how I acted at times and amazed at how patient everyone on here was towards me. I was such a stubborn little thing who got angry all the time at everything and everyone. I think being on here helped me grow up and learn to think about what I say and be more sensitive to people. I also always felt like this place and everyone in it was like my family- I could come on here and be a goofball or vent or engage in a deep discussion and make a fool of myself in front of grown-ups () and everyone would be okay with it. I've always had more friends on here than I've ever had anywhere else, and boy do I miss some of them. (Especially my wars with the Traveling Trio and Dusty and conversations with Narniagirl12 and LBT and Kitty. And Thegirls in general.)
One thing I do remember clearly though was Kitty telling me to post my book (later bookS) on here. I am very glad that I gave into her pestering and did, because you guys have been incredibly helpful to me in my writing. You helped me to understand the perks of constructive criticism and actually WANT it (especially in a world where all my English teachers think that everything I write is brilliant and perfect the first time 'round) as well as encourage me to keep writing.

I think all that is why I can't leave. I've thought about just not coming back on here one day, but I can't bring myself to do it. There are too many memories, too many friends, too many good times to still be had.
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