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Originally Posted by Jadee View Post

Growing up never meant that I couldnt like Narnia or Disney anymore, growing up meant knowing right from wrong...

Narniafans, TDL.. has a lot to do with my growing up. Even though it was absent from my life while I was growing up
We're glad you're back and also that you love Narnia still. All of us are here because we all love Narnia and consider ourselves Narnians. I think that's why we all love each other and feel a connection, even though we don't really know each other in real life. I'm just so happy you're back amongst us crazy Narnians!

Originally Posted by Mrs Gil-Galad Took View Post

In 2009 I went to the US and one of my dreams became true. I met Benisse and BarbarianKing in reality. That was a blast! I couldn't imagine we only met at a forum. It was like they were part of my family already. All internet limits felt away. Thanks to BK I have told people who are going to SoCal to go to Balboa (was that the name Mike?) beach. It is way more cool than LA area. And Benisse she did SO MANY GREAT things for me and my brother!!!!
You're right Vanessa! It's Balboa Beach! One of my favorite beaches. I have so many great memories of those few days we spent together. I especially cherish our breaking of bread at Linda's house and the time we spent with her wonderful family! And yes, it felt as if we had always known each other. Plus your brother Marvin is one of the most gentle, honest, and humble person I have ever met. When I go to Europe, I'll make sure I'll come to Netherlands to see you guys!

Originally Posted by Mrs Gil-Galad Took View Post
Another member I love to mention is Protagonist/Captain Holly. Yes I know, many people might shrug by hearing his name but I develloped a real good friendship with him. He has shown to me often he is so NOT as people think. He is very smart and very wise and has a good head on his shoulders. I know this because I talked to him in private. Protag had an influence on my time on TDL too. He did care and did often ask me if I was okay etc. So yes there is a very good side about protag only a few members know.
I think he would feel weird if I say that I love him so I'll say that I really, really, like that dude. He may not think so, but I do. I never disliked him or anything and he usually made me laugh with his posts. He was always funny, witty, and random, which are qualities that I can relate to really well. Plus, I miss the rabbit-thingy avatar.

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