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Originally Posted by Copperfox View Post
I am at the point of wishing that everyone who self-servingly misuses the word "MISTAKE" to cover up evil intent would be publicly flogged and pilloried.

Local news here in Colorado recently reported how some people stole over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars from their own grandparents, using the money for luxuries. Upon being caught, the thieves tried to gain public sympathy by saying, "We know we made a mistake, it was a mistake, what an unfortunate mistake, we admit our mistake, we're sorry for the mistake, oh yes, mistake mistake mistake mistake mistake!" Am I the ONLY person for whom this rings false???? How does anyone steal hundreds of thousands of dollars ACCIDENTALLY???? "Mistake," my foot!! Those contemptible snakes DID IT ON PURPOSE!!
I SO agree with you, Copperfox, as well as you, Inkspot and you, Sunshine Rose, and I am very glad we appear to share similar views on the matter, as I was worried I was beginning to sound like a right old reactionary! The excuse "He (she) made a mistake" is in my opinion used far to often these days, not only to 'justify' the most foul crimes, but also to argue that there should be little or no punishment for such vile acts.
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