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My Aunt Jill emailed my Mom the day after I made this post.

Aunt Kathy was in surgery for six hours, during which time they removed a few of her ribs and part of the collarbone.

That afternoon, Aunt Jill sent us another update to tell us that there is no more sign of infection, which was great, and while she was weak and still on a breathing tube, she seemed to be doing better.

Last week, they decided they were going to put her on a six week round of antibiotics to remove some infection in her spine rather than doing surgery, but today, they found an abscess in her ear. I don't know if that means surgery or not. They're supposed to do a CAT scan and Aunt Jill is supposed to let us know as soon as they have some results.

We're all nervous, because similar infections have taken other family members who were also diabetic, but we're trying to stay hopeful that they will be able to remove the infection and she'll recover. After the surgery is finished, she will probably have to have at least six months of rehabilitation.

Thank you, as always, for your prayers!!

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