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Originally Posted by WarriorSatyr View Post
I read it. It's something of a rite of passage for Tolkien fans. Actually, I'm about due for a re-read...

The Silmarillion is really sad, though. Reading it, you get a sense that Middle Earth is irreparably broken.
That was something that I really loved about it; the overarching theme of the world being broken. It gave the whole story a bittersweet kind of feeling, and it reminded me a lot of how things are in our world. It's broken and messed up and things won't really be fixed until the world is remade.

I always felt really sad at the end of Lord of the Rings when the elves and Gandalf left, but now having read the Silmarillion that ending has such a bigger impact for me. Again, comparing the themes of the book to the real world, we can have victories over evil and lots of good things happen, but the really and truly ultimate victory of good over evil has yet to happen. We're still waiting for that day.

Maybe that was what really excited me about the book; the way it got me to think about the real world and (as a Christian) my hopeful expectance of the day when God will put everything right again.

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