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Default My great aunt is in the hospital

My great aunt (my mother's aunt, who is only about ten years older than her) Kathy has been suffering with shingles for a few months now, and is also diabetic. She has been having dizzy spells, and this weekend, she suffered a fall in her home and was taken to the hospital with a fractured collarbone.
She is still in the hospital. Apparently a staph infection entered her system (she has some sores and has a habit of scratching them open).

I honestly don't have all of the details, my Mom was pretty upset when she was telling me, so I'm a little in the dark myself. I do know that she was still unconscious and on a breathing tube. One of my other great aunts, Jill, got ahold of us today to let us know that the infection has apparently spread to other parts of her body, some around her heart, and she has been moved to the university hospital in the city (a pretty long drive from where we live), which is not only larger, but more advanced, with access to different medications and treatments.

Aunt Jill told us Kathy would be having surgery this morning to try to remove some of the infection (no idea what exactly that means -- a lot of my problem right now is I don't really know what's going on!!) and that she would call or text us to let us know what was going on once she was out of surgery.

As I am typing this, it is 9:30 PM and we haven't heard anything from anybody.
We're not very hopeful -- quite frankly, everybody we've ever known who had to be transferred to the university hospital didn't make it -- but I'm trying to think of it as, "no news is good news" and think that maybe we haven't heard anything because they are trying a different medication before taking her into surgery. I honestly don't know. I wish my other aunt had contacted us.

Please pray for my aunt Kathy.

Thank you.


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