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Originally Posted by Copperfox View Post

Against this backdrop, the movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," which I greatly enjoyed EVEN THOUGH Steve and Natasha DIDN'T get together...

(I like it that, in an alternate, animated Marvel universe, Steve and Natasha DO get together.)
You know, I have to agree with you and that was one of my favorite bits of the animated movie. Normally, I like it when a comic book films adhere to the source material as much as possible * but at the same time I acknowledge that film, unlike comic books doesn't have the benefit of long-form serialized narratives that can allow for the rotating love interests. Things need to be condensed, and when your leads, like Steve and Natasha have such good chemistry it works to pair them together. It certainly would have been more feasible then her thing with Hulk in Age of Ultron.
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