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Originally Posted by Machiathemarshwiggle View Post
From what I understand from something Specter said in a Facebook post a while back, he had to disable the search feature on the forum because it was one of the things that was causing the server to be down constantly. So we probably won't be able to "search" for anything in the near future.

Here is the thread you're looking for:

Alternatively, if you're looking for old threads, go down to the bottom of the "Dawn Treader" page and you'll see a box that says "Display Options". There are three pull-down menu options: "Sorted By", "Sort Order" and "From The"

To find the thread I had these options selected:
Sorted By - Last Post Time
Sort Order - Descending
From The - Beginning

The forum automatically only shows you the threads that have been posted on in the last month. By selecting "Beginning" in the "From The" menu will show you pretty much any thread you would need to find. (unless it's been retired in The Sea of Forgetfulness)

Hope that helps!
Hey thank you! I attempted to seek out the older rpgs (ex. Rangers, pirates, knights, etc.) but kept coming up short. Now I can go back and reminisce on the good old days 🙂
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