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Originally Posted by Sprotty98 View Post
My favourite sentences are these:

Fox: Forgive me your Majesty.
Jadis The White Witch: Don't waste my time with flattery
Fox: Not to seem rude, but I wasn't actually talking to you.

Orius: Numbers do not win a battle
Peter: But i bet they help.

And I love the voice of Aslan so i love everything he say.
(I love his Italian voice because he has an English accent, I don't know how is the English voice of Aslan!)
You picked out some of the most amusing quotes of the movie

I'm glad to hear that the Italian voice man did a good job. The English voice, Liam Neeson, did a very nice job, too, in my opinion, though, in general, I feel like Neeson is good at sounding strong, brave, wise, and not arrogant, so I always believed that he was a solid choice for the role of Aslan's voice.
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