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January 14, 2007

Welcome to Mailbag #22. I took a break for the holidays and I've been pretty busy with some stuff for work, so you'll have to forgive the lateness of this edition of the mailbag. Read on, and then submit your own letters via our contact form.

Q: Hey, thank you for answering my questions recently. I just thought of another one. Even though it'll be a little while until The Magicians' Nephew will be made into a movie, do you think Tilda Swinton will return to play Jadis? Are the producers of the movies planning on having her back? Thank you.

-Jeff D.

A: Based on the filming schedule of the Narnia series, it seems that it could be about seven years until we see any work done on The Magician's Nephew. When that time comes, we'll know more. I do believe that her contract was for only one film. It is possible that she may return, but it is much too early to know her schedule, and interest at that point.

You know that in the LWW, when the Pevensie kids enter the train, there are 2 small kids there. I was wondering.... are those kids Jill and Eustace? Because I read somewhere in "The Last Battle" that they met up with the Pevensies in a train station. Something like that. Well, please respond soon! THANKYOU!
P.S. I would like to wish you and the staff a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

-Narnia Fan

A: It would be very interesting if they planned the film series that far in advance, and were able to cast the characters from the other books. If they were filming all seven at one time, that would have been possible. But they are not, and those two were not Jill and Eustace.

Q: Hi! I had a couple of questions about the website! Number one, what happened to the mailbag? No Mailbags have been posted since December 21. Is the mailbag still happening? And two, are you going to have any contests any time soon?


A: As you know by now, the mailbag went on hiatus for the holidays, and my work schedule required that as well. It's been a very busy time around these parts. As for your second question, that requires sponsers to co-produce the contest. If there are any companies/individuals that would like to sponser a contest with us, please feel free to e-mail us and let us know what you'd like to do!

Q: Hey guys! I love the website and the mailbag! For Christmas I got Narnia Four Disc and I watched the whole thing. Is there a list of all the scenes that were extended? If not, can you post one?

-Narnia Lover

A: Hey! You know what, that's a pretty good idea. I will work on that this week. We've only got about two weeks left of availablility of the Extended Edition, before it goes back into the vault, and my review of the DVD set is about a month and a half late (sorry folks!), so expect some big things in the near future. (Time really goes fast when you've got a lot of projects to do, doesn't it?)

Q: I have a question. The coming attraction, "Epic Movie", has disrespectful scenes regarding LWW. Have they gotten permission from Walden Media and Disney to do so?


A: Well Abby, I do not believe that they needed it. Parody is protected under copyright law, if I'm not mistaken. According to the Supreme Court of the United States, parody "is the use of some elements of a prior author's composition to create a new one that, at least in part, comments on that author's works." See Wikipedia for more on Film parody. And just for the record, yes it is completely disrespectful to Narnia, and the reason that I have not covered it here. I almost did, until I got to the part of the trailer with Mr. Tumnus... that was not even funny... I don't think I laughed once during that whole trailer. How sad, because the girl that plays the "Lucy" character was a great character on "Heroes."

Q: On October 16, a user asked what the backround music was for the 2nd disc on the two disc addition. In case you're still wondering what it is, the wardobe menu's backround music is from Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus. God Bless You and great job on the website!

-Lucy the Valiant

A: Thanks, Lucy! I completely forgot about that! I really need to get more organized! Oh well, I'm human, not omniscient.

Q: I was so disappointed that you did not put the coronation dance in the 4 disc special edition. Why did the dance not make it into the Expanded version of the movie? Thank you,


A: Well Madison, I was curious about that myself (I did not produce the Extended edition, I just run this website). I have to think that it has to do with keeping the flow of the movie and the cost of the special effects that scene would have required. That scene would have been a big mixture of CG creatures and live-action, much like the rest of the film. The price tag might have been huge to complete a scene that many may not see. Granted, I think that the rest of the film should have included more dialogue (and some corrected dialogue as well) but this is only one man's vision for LWW. It very nearly got everything right.

Q: Hi Narnia Fans! Is it true that William Moseley moved to New York? If he did do you think it would be a good idea to send him a fanletter, especially since he's almost filming Prince Caspian too. Thanks!!


A: To answer your first question, I don't know. But "FBV" does:

Hello NarniaFans,
In response to Mary in Mailbag 22 who asked about William Moseley in New York, the answer is yes, temporarily. He was in NYC from about October through December taking horseriding lessons, presumably for further training for Prince Caspian. I know because my friend rides at the same stables and had her lessons at the same time he did (pretty cool, I know!). However, he has reportedly left to begin whatever pre-filming stages there are of PC.
Thanks for the great site.

For your second question, I think it's okay to send a letter any time. I know that he'll be travelling a lot, while filming is happening on Prince Caspian, but actors usually sign a bunch of photos to be sent out to fans like yourself, that others help out with.

And that's it for Mailbag #22!

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