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October 26, 2006

Welcome to Mailbag #13. Read on, and then submit your own letters via our contact form. This week, we had three people ask if the Extended Edition of LWW would be released in their part of the world. We've sent an e-mail to Disney to find out, and they've promised an answer within a week or so. Check back next week to see if we have your answers! Now, let's get started with this week's mailbag:

Q: Do you have to be British to be in a Narnia movie? If not, do you know who to contact to audition?

-Jennifer Cozart

A: I am not sure if, like the Harry Potter films (save for a major cast member or two), you have to be British to be in a Narnia movie. In fact, some of the cast has been Kiwi. As for who to contact, that's another question entirely. I'd say that you'll need to contact a casting agency of some sort and try to get yourself an agent, if you don't want to find yourself looking for opening casting calls. Otherwise, keep your eyes on casting sites to get an idea of when they might be having open auditions.

Q: hi (again)
I love this mailbag never stop it it rocks! thankyou for you insight of what happened at the end of the LB it really made me think. Well here's another brainteaser, some people (not me) belive that Jesus and God are one it's called the trinity I think. Well in the LB it mentions alot about Aslan and Tash being one as well (Tashlan as he's called by shift). Obviously they are not in the book, but do you think C.S. Lewis was trying to say something? I dunno just thought of it and thought you might have an idea. Thanks

-Jason Fotheringham

A: Hello again, Jason. When it comes to the Trinity, it is referring to something that can only be contemplated, but never can be fully understood. It is a great mystery. For information about the Trinity, I recommend this article at The Trinity is three persons in One God. God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. St. Thomas Aquinas also wrote on this in his incredible Summa Theologica.

  1. Are there several persons in God?
  2. How many are they?
  3. What do the numeral terms signify in God?
  4. The community of the term "person"
And there's more under "The Blessed Trinity." But when it comes to Tash and Aslan, or "Tashlan" in the story, I'm not sure if Lewis was trying to get at that. This is a question that has been debated much, but I am not sure it has a solid answer.

Q: I've read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe I practically have the whole thing memorized. When I saw the movie poster for LWW I thought it was so cool. I then noticed in the top right hand corner a scene with Peter, Susan and Lucy climbing a cliff. I wondered what this was as I don't remember it from the book and there was no scene like this in the move. Do you know if this was a scene cut from the movie and will it appear in the Extended Edition, or was it just created for the movie poster? Thanks, and great job keeping up the site.

-Josh Michels aka Curious Corin

A: Believe me when I say that we've all noticed that at one time or another, and we are all hoping to learn what this imagery is referring to. I do, however, have a theory about it. In one spot of the film, the Pevensies are standing upon a stone bridge, overlooking Narnia. From the look of the bridge, it's tough to see how they might have found themselves up there. And, quite frankly, in that spot. I wonder if the shot of the children scaling the cliff has anything to do with how and why they went up there. Was it to get a better view of the distance? If that is the case, was the scene needed? It may have been there, but found to just make the film longer without adding much to the characters or the story, but it is visually striking, and that's one reason I think it found its way onto the poster.

Q: I was wondering how members of this site can contact each other and sort of become email pals and talk about the movie/books/actors etc. I see people on the mailbag and other areas that I think I'd like to chat with. any suggestions? I'm new so, thanx.

I hate to keep bringing this up, but I had a couple more questions about the teaser trailer music.
1. Are X-ray Dog, Danny Elfman etc. the composers of the tracks, or are they the artists?
2. Are these tracks available on albums or are they only available on iTunes?
thanx for hearing me out again!


A: Well, Emmy, you've come to the right place! We've got a wonderful forum that you could join to meet some fantastic people. Fans of Narnia like yourself gather there daily to talk about Narnia. It's called "The Dancing Lawn." It's a great way to get to know fans of Narnia like yourself.

Now, for your music questions:
1. The answer to this is very simple. Both. They are both the composers AND the artists.
2. Danny Elfman's score for Black Beauty is, unfortunately, out of print, but available at very steep costs. I'm not sure about X-Ray Dog, however, as their music appears to only be available for use in trailers, and only for purchase when it comes to licensing music. It was made available through Immediate Music.

Q: Thanks for answering my question about Reepicheep last time. I totally get it now, OF COURSE he didn't live at that time! Silly me! But anyway, I have another question. On websites such as and etc, in their picture galleries, there are heaps of behind-the-scenes pictures and they look like they are screencaps from videos. I was wondering, do you think they will be all on the Extended Edition of LWW DVD? And will the LWW:EE be limited edition, or will it stay released for a long, long time?Thanks for your time. See ya!


A: As you might know by now, the Extended Edition of LWW will be entering the Disney Vault very quickly: January 31, 2007. As for whether or not the scenes you've seen images from will be in the Extended Edition, we will probably know in a few weeks' time. We're going to be taking a look at the DVD and sharing our findings with you all as soon as we have finished going through it.

Q: Hi,
just discovered your amazing Mailbag and I would really like to find out when they are doing the movie 'The Horse and his Boy' because it is my favourite Narnia book and I would love to audition for a part.


A: Well, based on what they're currently doing, it's going to be a very long time before they get to The Horse and His Boy. It could be more than 6 or 7 years down the line. Sorry to have to break that news to you, but filmmaking takes a long time. Let's hope that they are able to get to all of them, that we might finally see all seven Chronicles come to life.

Q: I really love your website!
I was wondering... how old was Peter supposed to be in 'The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe' movie (and I don't mean how old was he supposed to be according to the book) and how old was William Moseley at the time of filming? Thanks!

-Cristina O'Dell

A: Peter was supposed to be about 13 in LWW, and William Moseley was 17 when they were filming the movie.

Q: Is there any word yet on if there will be an extended edition of the Narnia soundtrack? And, what is the little film about C.S. Lewis actually about on the four disc set?


A: There has been no word yet on an extended edition of the Narnia soundtrack. With the upcoming release of the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers extended score, there's hope that these releases sell well enough to warrent one. As it's taken a long time to release those, it could take some time until we know for certain.

As for the C.S. Lewis film, I believe that this is what you're referring to:

Here is the never-before-seen feature-length film about C.S. Lewis, the man who created the land of wonder and enchantment called Narnia. For fans of C.S. Lewis and for those who are experiencing his wondrous works for the first time, this comprehensive feature shines a brilliant spotlight on this creative genius.

Q: Hi NarniaFans! I was the one who wrote the letter this past september about whether Richard Taylor and Howard Berger would be working together. I was blown away when I saw that WETA Workshop answered my letter! Thank you so much! That was SO cool! I still cant believe it! I have one more question for you. For the extended edition of LWW, is there going to be extended new music for the added scenes? Thanks so much again for WETA answering my question!


A: You're welcome! We were just as surprised as you were, and they're prepared to answer more questions in the future, if anything else should arise for them. As for new music, I have heard nothing of any new recording sessions for Harry Gregson-Williams. If there is more music, it might have already been recorded for sequences that had been removed for the screen version. We'll know for sure in a few weeks, though!

Thanks for answering my questions in the previous weeks! You guys rock! Anyhoo, I'm confused about a scene in L.W.W. There is a scene where Aslan attacks Jadis (White Witch) and Jadis's eyes are wide opened. Then, Aslan does a roar and then the next scene comes. My question is.... How come Jadis appears in the Silver Chair? Didn't she die in the L.W.W.? I haven't read the Silver Chair yet, but I think it has to do something with magic because Narnia is a magical place. I just want to know how come Jadis appears again in The Silver Chair when it seemed that she died in L.W.W. Please respond soon! THANKS! Please feel free to check out my site!

-Narnia Fan (Lilly's friend)

A: She certainly DID die in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The woman that appears therein is known as "The Lady of the Green Kirtle." She has very little backstory, in the book, and many have compared her to the White Witch. However, Jadis was the last of her line, so she could not have been related. Aslan pretty well defeated her with a definite strike to finish the job.

And that's it for Mailbag #13!

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