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October 12, 2006

Welcome to Mailbag #11. Read on, and then submit your own letters via our contact form.

Q: I've subscribed to the NarniaFans newsletter, but I haven't received a single one. Do I need to keep subscribing?


A: Well, if you've subscribed, but not received a single one, it's because I haven't sent all that many out. You can sign up for the feedburner one, on the front page, and it automatically updates you (once per day) on all of the new stories for the day. I do plan on sending out e-mails for the big news on casting calls, and other things, such as poster releases, trailers and the like, though.

Q: Hi, I haven't been following much Narnia news lately (since May), and I was wondering if you've done any interviews with any of the Pevensie Children actors.


A: Nope, there haven't been. Since there is a current break between films, and casting is going on, interviews haven't been scheduled. We do have a couple of interviews in the works, however. And stay tuned to NarniaFansCast!

Q: Sorry, I know I just wrote in not too long ago, but I have a burning question. Do you know were I could purchase a Narnia costume? I mean like something based on the LWW movie such as Susan's archery dress, etc? Do you have any sources of people that make them, or anything? I understand if you don't it is just that I have been wanting to make a Narnia themed costume for Halloween, but have concluded that I don't have enough time.
Any information would be such a help. Thanks again for everything that you do and as you already know (and probably hear a lot) this site is awesome!
Ok, Bye!


A: I've done some searching and found a few places that have Narnia costumes for sale:,, Disney Shopping - Adult White Witch, Child White Witch / Lucy Pevensie / Susan Pevensie.

Q: Hey, it's me again. I just have to say this is the best site ever, and I just love it, and do you think PC will have any roles for a short blonde hair girl?


A: Thanks a ton! I appreciate the kind words! As for the roles, I can't really say one way or another on that topic, as I'm not the casting director. However, with the new characters in this one, I'm sure there's somewhere that an extra or two could fit. As far as main characters are concerned, I'm not sure that there is one in this film that fits those specifications.

Q: Hello! Me again, your weekly question-asking fan hehe. I would just like to ask when the main characters are gonna starts shooting, like Will, Anna, Skandar and Georgie. Also, do you know which scene they are likely to shoot first? Chronological order or not?


A: Filming is scheduled to start on or around February 1, 2007. This could, however, mean a number of things. They could be starting the filming by shooting some establishing shots and footage of the landscapes for filler shots. What this means, is there are some shots that appear in most, if not all, movies and tv shows, that subconciously tell people the location that the action is going to happen. It establishes the place so that the viewer isn't just thrown right in on the action. Usually this is done prior to the start of principle photography, though, so the actors should all be on the set and filming. If they film it in chronological order or not, we don't know. The filmed much of the first film in that way, and it helped greatly, but there are very few films that actually do that technique. This time, the film could be structured fairly differently, as the book isn't as linear as the first, which would make it easier and less costly to film out of sequence.

Q: Hi! I've been going on your site since LWW came out and I first I wanted to say that you work soooo hard on it! Great job!
Anyway, my question is about Prince Caspian. Do you have any idea what it'll be rated??? I'm hoping they will stick to PG for most of the films but who knows. I know it's probably WAY too early to be asking this question, but if you know anything, I'd like to hear it! Thanks!!

-Susan P. (Gracie)

A: Hey, I do work very hard on the site, and it's great to hear from time to time that it's appreciated! As for the rating, I'm sure they're going to continue making PG-rated films in this series. The books were written for children, and that's how, I believe, the films will be made.

Q:Hi it's Jason again,
Just thought I'd send an email because i'm sick and I have nothing ese to do. Thanks so much for the website it has kept me entertained while I am sick. It was so sweet my sister made me a Narnia diarama. It's so cool, I wish you could see it. It's also cool because I'm trying to get my sis into Narnia because she read LWW and enjoyed it and she's seen the movie and she liked it. I was wondering what order should she read the Chronicles in? Also I noticed something on all the posters you see of the white witch in her chariot at the battle she has three polar bears pulling her chariot, but in the movie there's only two? It's not really relevent but I thought i'd mention it any. Thanks for your time! From Jason


A: Thanks, Jason. You've asked a very interesting question. Actually both are interesting. We'll start with the books. Your sister read LWW, which is the perfect place to start. It was the first book in the Chronicles to see print, and it ends saying:

And that is the very end of the adventure of the wardrobe. But if the Professor was right it was only the beginning of the adventures of Narnia.
And when Aslan is first introduced in the book:
None of the children knew who Aslan was any more than you do. (LWW, Chapter 7)
This basically means that you've, logically, never read anything about Aslan, up until this point. Therefore, I recommend that at least the first time that you read it, is in the original publication order. Remember this number; it's kind of like a phone number: 245-3617. That's the best way to first experience Narnia. After the first time, go ahead and read them in whatever order you want.

When it comes to the polar bears: I have no idea, and was wondering that myself. I always thought that was a very interesting and unorthodox way to pull a chariot. I thought it was a cool and unique thing that we've never seen before. However, I'm wondering if it was just done for the look on the poster, or if the third polar bear just didn't work in the shots. We may never know!

Q: Hi it Jason once again,
I love this mailbag attraction it's so cool to have your questions answered and published on the website. I like how the movie and the book revolves around Christianity and other beliefs like it, It's inspiring but not too obvious so people don't like it if you understand what I mean. Anyway I was wondering, I read one of the fan fiction stories (they're really good) and it said that Edmund was 10, Lucy was 9, Peter was 13 and I assume Susan was 11 or 12. In C.S. Lewis's Novels is this the real ages of the Pevensies? any thoughts? thanks Paul


A: Whoa, deja vu! Anyway, as for their ages, here's a list of their ages in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:

Peter: 13
Susan: 12
Edmund: 10
Lucy: 8

Q: Thank you for posting that interesting article concerning Phillip Pullman. What are your views of him? Will you watch the film when it is released? I thought it was very odd that Nicole Kidman would involve herself in this movie as she is supposedly Catholic. It's hard to defend Narnia. Would be great if C.S Lewis was still around to defend his works? Thank you for the mailbox.


A: Well, Brendan, I take issue with someone that tries to "convert" people away from the faith. Especially one that is so critical of C.S. Lewis. He wrote his works as a slander against Narnia and faith in general. His works also appear (very ignorantly) in the Children's books areas of many book stores, even though most children won't understand the ending of the story. I don't think it's very difficult to defend Narnia. I do, however, think it's very easy for Pullman to attack Lewis, because Lewis cannot defend himself. That, in my own (probably biased) opinion, makes Pullman something of a coward. The fact that he's attacking someone that cannot possibly defend himself is as much a marketing ploy as it is a weak gesture. If Mr. Pullman reads this, I invite him to e-mail me and we can have a dialogue about things.

I do not plan on seeing the films, and will be staying away from them with good reason: I won't support someone so adamantly against something that he doesn't understand.

As for Nicole Kidman: that's something that I also find pretty difficult to reconcile. While I am not her, and I don't know her faith life, either she hasn't completely returned to the Catholic Church after her time with Scientology (although I do recall some rumor that she wanted to raise her children in the Church), or she simply doesn't know what Pullman's agenda is. I do know it is possible to be a faithful Catholic in Hollywood: James Caviezel is a great example.

Q: Dear Staff,
I would like to thank you guys for answering my questions in the past weeks! I have a question. I plan to send a fanletter to Georgie Henley but the thing is that I live in the U.S.A. and the only contact address I see for Georgie Henley is the one in London. So, my question is: Do I have to add something to my letter like an international reply coupon before I send it to Georgie or there is no way that my fanletter will get to London. I just want to know whether there is access or not to send a fanletter to her all the way in London. Please respond soon! THANKS!

-Narnia Fan

A: Hello again. As per instructions on, you do have to include IRCs with your letter. This will ensure that you'll get a letter back. It's a key part of any fan mail sent out of the country.

Q: Hey Paul,
First of all: i love this site, it has some really good information on it, and it looks good, and it's just cool, the same for the forum!
I have a question. I know about some other huge fansites (like Mugglenet) that they have their websites in more languages then just English. Does NarniaFans have more languages? I mean, is it possible for someone to read the site in another language then just English? Or any plans on making that possible?
I was just curious ;)


A: Well, Mugglenet is a very large site. It has a HUGE following and a very large and dedicated staff. Not that we don't, but we don't have the same resources as they do. I didn't honestly know that they had the site available in multiple languages. This would be a very cool feature to have for I would LOVE to be able to do this in the future. (It'd be better than using the sometimes comically inaccurate Google Translator on the site!) I just don't know more than one language. Hmmmm....

And that's it for Mailbag #11!

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