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September 21, 2006
Welcome to Mailbag #8. Read on, and then submit your own letters via our contact form.

Q: hey I love your site..
do you know if the character named Caspian will be in the any of the movies? he's my favorite character and I hope they have him in a movie


A: Yes, Caspian will first appear in Prince Caspian, out in Summer 2008. He'll then appear in Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair, collectively known as the Caspian trilogy.

Q: Hey! This is a question not about the films but about the website, specifically the fan section. If I wanted to send in artwork, is there a certain program I need to have?

-Claire Rossell

A: You can just e-mail it to me as a file attachment. It takes me a while to get to fan art, due to the level of work that I put in behind the scenes, but I'll get to it eventually.

Q: Hey it's me again. Narniamad. Thanks for answering my letter. Sorry for the bad spelling mistakes, I was in a hurry but i had to send my letter. I was wonder if you guys have noticed this: The Professor discovers Narnia when he was a child in MN and about 40 to 60 years later the Pevensie kids enter Narnia, Narnia is 1000 years old, Yet and this is where it gets complicated, when the pevensies enter 1 year later, a 1000 Years have past. Strange


A: This is something that is explained in the books. Time in Narnia runs different from time here on earth. Because time runs separately in each of the worlds, Lewis was allowed to write all over the Narnia timeline. Narnia could be said to be in almost another dimension from earth, due to the timespan presented.

Q: Dear Paul, Hi! It`s the Malark sisters (Lulu, Luci, and Jill)! And the Malark brother, Bill. Well, right now Lulu (the older twin) wants to audition for Aravis. Or Luci. Or Jill, who has more of a chance because she`s the youngest. So when is HHB going to start filming? None of us want to be too old!!
- Lulu, Luci, Li`l Jill, and Big Bill.
P.S Bill really wants to be Tirian, so when is LB going to start filming?

A: When it comes to The Horse and His Boy (HHB), The Magician's Nephew (TMN) and The Last Battle (LB), those three books may be teamed together as a trilogy of films being filmed one after another, as is being done with the Caspian trilogy.

Q: HEY!! Narniafans is the best site ever. Infact it's so good that I made it my homepage! I have a question. Do you know if they have found a guy to play Caspian, or when they will find one? About how old is Caspian meant to be in the book? Thanks for your time!


Hi thanks for asking my previous question, I really like this website it allows me to say want I think about Narnia I just wanted to know who will be playing Prince Caspian in the new movie for 2008. Is there any recent casting calls? etc.


A: Thanks! I'll answer both e-mails at once, as they are related. I know that they have not yet found a guy to play Caspian. It will probably be announced around November or December. In the book, Caspian is 13. As for casting calls, there haven't been any that I've heard happening lately, but I'll make sure that you all know, in the news. In the meantime, keep your eyes on sites like StarsInMyEyes and MyEntertainmentWorld. MyEntertainmentWorld has updated their listing, as you can see below:

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN, THE - February, 2007 - Ireland & New Zealand; Details Are only Available By Subscription.. STORY: The film is about Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund, the Pevensie siblings are pulled back into the land of Narnia, where a thousand years have passed since they left. The children are once again enlisted to join the colorful creatures of Narnia in combating King Miraz, an evil villain who prevents the rightful Prince from ruling the land. (Posted: February 13, 2006. Revised: September 12, 2006)
Q: I was reading the mailbag (pretty good questions and very good answers), and I read the question about William calling Skandar a gay. I know it was a joke, boys always tease each other by calling themselves like that and acting like them. My friends do that, so I don't see any problem with that.
Another thing: is really MN going to be released before H&HB? I read somewhere that that is going to be the order.


A: Thank you! We always try to be accurate and forthright with our answers. As for MN being released pre-HHB, that's something that was said as a possible plan, I believe in Entertainment Weekly. I think it would make sense, as HHB could really be filmed at just about any time. It's the only story that takes place entirely in Narnia. I think they'll probably take the opportunity to, perhaps, modify the story so that it can fit between the bookends of MN and LB, but we'll have to see, as those two films are really the bookends of the entire series.

Q: I've heard that only the enhanced special effects and extended battle scene will make it onto the Extended Edition of Narnia in December. I'm going to pre-order the gift set in about a week, and was hoping that the coronation dance scene would be on there instead of just the extended battle scene. Why wouldn't they include a scene they filmed on the EE?


A: Well, we don't really know everything that is going to be included in the EE. That could very well be part of it. Right now, it's wait and see!

Q: Hey it's me again. I would just like to ask when the Narnia Extended Edition DVD will be out in Australia, where I live. I can't wait! Thanks for your time.


A: Thanks for the e-mail. I'm sure we'll know soon. It's only just been announced for the US (Dec. 12) and Europe (Nov. 20). I have not heard when it's coming to Australia though, and don't even know (personally) of any DVD sites for Australia where I could find this information out.

Q: A few weeks ago, I was at reading an article that was in French, but it got translated into English language, and the site owner decided to post it up. Well, I read the article in English version and it says that Andrew Adamson DID NOT signed to make "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" because he has plans of making another fantasy movie! Below, I will post what the article says, okay! Anyways, this may seem a little weird and all, but do you know what is the site name where they sell Peter Pevensie's sword? I've seen the ad here several times, but I never got the chance to see the website's name! So please post the link! Thanks! This is what the article says: "Anna says that everyone is happy to be back for the Narnia sequel. Unfortunately, director Andrew Adamson did not sign for the third movie "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. This movie would only involve Edmund and Lucy. He does say, however, that for Narnia, there will be more spectacular scenes with lots of more special effects for an even more impressive result!" I hope this article gave you guys some help.

-Narnia Fan (Lilly's friend)

A: Thanks! I do hope that, if he doesn't return to Narnia, that they find a director that can follow up, and make Dawn Treader the epic that it deserves to be. It is many people's favorite Narnia book. If Andrew Adamson does not return to the director's chair, I could see Gore Verbinski doing a good job with it, as he's familiar with filming on the sea (with the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy). However, he may be tired of filming in the water, and may want to do something else, after finishing Pirates.

And that's it for Mailbag #8!

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