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 Yet Another Adventure in Narnia
By: Lucy P.
Chapter 1

Early the next morning, Anna and her Grandmother set off, hoping to see many wonderful things. And many wonderful things they did see. Many exotic flowers, unknown passageways, and, inside, they saw wonderful paintings.

"Grandma, where does that passageway lead to?" asked Anna, pointing at a small flight of stairs.

"That's the attic, dear." stated the old lady kindly.

"Can I go see what's up there?" Anna paused, surprised at what she had just said, she didn't like dark attics one bit.

"All right." Grandmother paused, "I'll stay here."

"OK." Said Anna, starting up the stairs.

When she reached the top, she looked around. She was in a small, narrow, room, the floor cluttered with old paintings. She looked one she thought was he prettiest. It was a painting of a girl about her age that had short brown hair and freckles.

Anna could have stared at that painting for hours if right then she didn't see something move.

Anna blinked. Was she seeing things? No, no, something moved. And it was still moving. Whatever it was, it was big. Bigger than a dog, and it was heading towards the window, where Anna would be able to see it.

She suddenly found herself walking towards it, and she didn't know why.
When it finally reached the light at the end of the room, Anna let out a yelp. It was a lion. And, though she had never seen one before, somehow she knew this lion was no normal lion.

It turned to her, and nodded it's head, as if telling her to climb onto it's back.
She quietly obeyed, though she didn't know why, and soon, she was gliding through a rich green forest on the lion's back.

After hours, at least, they were hours to Anna, they stopped in a large Magnificent field, surrounded by mountains.

The lion sat down, and Anna climbed off. She was too scared to do anything, and she wished she never climbed on the lion. She missed her grandma.
"Why did I come out here!?!?" She cried out, her voice echoing in the mountains around her.

"Dear child, it wasn't your decision." Came a voice from behind her.

Anna looked around, frightened, "Who's there?"

"Child. I have called you." Said the voice, a little firmer.

By now Anna had seen the lion talk. She stepped back, scared. Was this lion going to eat her?

"Don't eat me!!!" Cried Anna, starting to run away.

"Dear Child. Hear me. Do not run away."

"Will you hurt me?" Asked Anna, cautiously.

"I cannot tell you."

This was a hard decision for Anna, for she had learned about lions at school, and she once dreamed that she was hiding in a box from one.

She took a deep breath and walked foreword.

"Who are you sir, and where am I?"

"You are in the northwest part of Narnia, child."

"Narnia, sir?" Asked Anna.

"Narnia." The lion nodded his head.

"Who are you, sir?"

"You will find out in good time. Now, you must go past the mountains to the great river. There is someone waiting for you there. The journey will be long so here is some food." At this, the lion pushed foreword a tray of soup, turkey, and bread.

"Thank you, sir." Said Anna, taking a small piece of bread.

"And now, I must go. Good bye, dear child!"

At that moment, Anna wasn't quite sure what happened. All she knew was somehow, the lion disappeared. Anna stood for a moment, thinking about what just had happened.

Then she remembered what the lion had said "It will be a long journey."
She looked at the mountains, which way should she go? The lion hadn't told her.

"Oh, that lion! What am I to do? I can't go home! I don't know which way to go! Oh, dear!"

At this Anna started crying. She hardly noticed a woman walk up to her.

"There, there, dear. What are you crying about?" The gentle woman asked.

Anna looked up and saw a gentle lady with long brown hair and freckles.
"Who are you!?!" Asked Anna, embarrassed someone saw her little crying fit.

"I am Queen Lucy. What is your name?"


"Whatever is the matter, dear?"

"That lion.he.he left me out here, all alone, and he didn't tell me which.which direction to go, and I can't go home, I'm.I'm." Here, Anna began crying harder.

"Where did he tell you to go? Perhaps I could help."

"He told me over the mountains to the Great River, and there was someone waiting for me there."

"Dear, dear! Stop crying I can't bear it. Please tell me what the lion told you."
So Anna repeated the whole story to the young woman, who listened carefully. When she finished, Queen Lucy paused and said,
"I do know that lion, he was at our coronation. But anyway, I know the route he wanted you to take. Over the mountains, uhh.that way." She said, pointing at an extra rocky cliff.

Anna was frightened. How could she get over that mountain safely? Lucy sensed this, and said,
"I'll help you if you want. In fact, I'll even come with you."


"Of course!"

And so, with this newfound courage, Anna and Lucy set off into the unknown.

© 2006-2007 Emily Worth

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