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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Crossword (70 clues)

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  1. Which actor is the voice of Aslan? (2 words)
  2. Which healing present did Lucy receive? Magic .......
  3. Which land has Lucy entered?
  4. Who follows Lucy into the wardrobe when she makes her second visit to Narnia?
  5. Aslan calls Peter, 'Sir Peter ..... .... when he knights him? (2 words)
  6. In the book, a title the Witch gives herself is, Empress of the .... .......? (2 words)
  7. Which country was 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' filmed in? (2 words)
  8. When Edmund first meets the Witch, she says she will make him a ......
  9. What does the Witch call Edmund?
  10. What happened to Mr Tumnus after Lucy's second visit?
  11. Cair Paravel is located at the mouth of a .....
  12. Who invites Lucy to have tea with him? (2 words)
  13. In the film, Aslan calls Edmund, 'Edmund the ....', at the coronation.
  14. Why have the children been sent away from London? (2 words)
  15. In the film, who shoots the dwarf to save Edmund?
  16. In the book, the nice giant's name is ...... ......?
  17. Actress who plays the White Witch? (2 words)
  18. Mr Beaver says ..... is on the move
  19. The White Witch's real name (see The Magician's Nephew)
  20. The Stone Table ...... when Aslan is reborn
  21. When they first meet, the White Witch gives Edmund ....... ....... to eat? (2 words)
  22. What is the White Witch's house between? (2 words)
  23. What are the little grey things crawling all over Aslan on the Stone Table?
  24. The Witch says that Aslan knows the .... ..... better than she does
  25. The Professor's Housekeeper (2 words)
  26. Who is the High King?
  27. Which animal do the children meet in the woods?
  28. Who does Mr Beaver meet when he climbs out of the secret cave? (2 words)
  29. What colour is Aslan's face?
  30. It stands alone in a room
  31. What does Lucy give Mr Tumnus when he cries?
  32. Who do Peter and Susan consult about Lucy?


  1. Mr Tumnus is afraid that the White Witch will turn him to .....?
  2. Aslan isn't a .... lion
  3. What is the children's surname?
  4. Which comedienne voices Mrs Beaver (2 words)
  5. What is the emblem on Peter's shield?
  6. Edmund is asked if he is a son of ....?
  7. What type of creature stands to the left of Peter, at the front of the army, before the battle begins?
  8. Another name for tree woman
  9. In the film, how long has the long winter lasted? (3 words)
  10. What food does the Witch give Edmund when he goes to her house? (2 words)
  11. What is the Witch's house full of?
  12. The ..... .... would grant you wishes if you caught him? (2 words)
  13. Who is paying Mr Tumnus? (2 words)
  14. Aslan walks along the ....., then disappears after the coronation.
  15. After the meeting with the Witch, where does Aslan say they will encamp for the night? (3 words)
  16. Where are there four thrones? (2 words)
  17. What title does the White Witch give herself? (4 words)
  18. In the book, where do the children meet Aslan for the first time? (3 words)
  19. Who does Edmund try to step over at the Witch's palace?
  20. Which type of creature does Lucy first encounter in the wood?
  21. In the book, Lucy thinks that all the statues make the Witch's castle look like a ......?
  22. In Narnia, it is always winter and never ..........?
  23. In the film, what type of coat is Edmund wearing the first time he visits Narnia?
  24. In the book, what noise does Edmund hear once the Witch's sleigh has to stop? (2 words)
  25. Which type of animal pulls the Witch's sleigh through the snow?
  26. Who is the driver of the Witch's sleigh?
  27. Which tool of the Witch's did Edmund smash his sword down on?
  28. The dwarf says, it's not a thaw, it's .....?
  29. In the book, Mr Badger catches .... for the meal at the cottage
  30. Animal who tries to distract the wolves, when the children are hiding up a tree.
  31. In the book, Aslan's face is both good and .......?
  32. Lights the wood (2 words)
  33. Lucy is asked if she is a daughter of ...?
  34. Like the childrens' father, Mr Tumnus' father fought in a ...
  35. In the film, what does Peter thrust into the ice to hold onto when the river ice breaks up?
  36. In the film, Edmund runs back into the house from the bomb shelter, to get the ..... of their father.
  37. In the film, Mrs Beaver says Mr Beaver has a .... once a year.
  38. Susan uses her .... to summon help when the girls are attacked by wolves.

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