The Muppets in Narnia Special is Coming! (April Fools!)

Fans of Narnia won’t have to wait to long for another Narnia related flick, but this time, CS Lewis’ beloved fantasy world is going to be visited by Jim Henson’s lovable bunch of weirdos The Muppets! Hot off their success from last Christmas’s big screen revival, The Muppets are slated to be featured in a brand new 2 hour special called The Muppets in Narnia!

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Hey Narnia Fans! The Muppets Need our Help!

Disney contacted us and they asked if we could help them out a bit. They’re trying to decide on the cover for the Season Two – 4 Disc Set of the Muppet Show, and they want us to lend a hand by voting for our favorite version of the cover!

Click this image to visit where you can vote for your favorite!