Name the Lady of the Green Kirtle for The Silver Chair Movie!

The Silver Chair has updated today with a contest. They’re looking for a name for the Lady of the Green Kirtle for the next Chronicles of Narnia movie, The Silver Chair.

Enter Here

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Win Tickets to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in Notting Hill

WardrobeThis Christmas at Pop Up Screens, they wanted to do something different and something magical for Christmas, so they’re taking inspiration from C.S. Lewis and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and filling a cinema full of snow, but you can only get into the cinema via their very own magical wardrobe.

Pop Up Screens is going to be at the spectacular 20th Century Theatre in Notting Hill for 8 days in which time you’ll not only be able to watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, but also other Christmas greats like Elf, Home Alone or for the children of the 80’s Santa Claus The Movie (that’s right, that’s the one with Dudley Moore as an elf!)

Dave, the founder of Pop Up Screens, described what they’re trying to do with their Christmas pop up:  Christmas needs to be exciting and fun and magical so we put all those emotions into a blender, sprinkled in what we learnt from last year and have come up with a bigger and better and more snow filled cinema experience than ever.  It’s genuinely exciting for us to put this on, so hopefully when you venture through the wardrobe into the cinema you’ll be transported into a different world that shaves 15 years off your age so you can shamelessly play in the snow too.

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Chatsworth House becomes Narnia for Christmas Season

White Witch in Painted Hall, Chatsworth, Christmas 2013Chatsworth will transport visitors to the magical land of Narnia this Christmas as the house undergoes a spectacular transformation to bring C.S. Lewis’s classic tale of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ to life from 9 November to 23 December.

The lower floors will be decorated with trees, snow and sleighs to recreate the wintry wonderland discovered by Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy as they burst through the wardrobe for the first time.

Visitors will be taken on a magical journey as they experience London in wartime in the North Entrance Hall before walking through wardrobe doors surrounded by furs to enter the Narnian forest under the icy grip of the White Witch.

The Oak Room is the perfect setting for Mr Tumnus’s cozy house inside a tree while the grandeur of the Painted Hall lends itself to becoming the icy palace of the White Witch with many more surprises to discover in this once in a lifetime experience.

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HarperCollins selling Narnia and C.S. Lewis e-books at and

Narnia E-BooksAccenture today announced that working in partnership with other vendors, it has built and will operate an end-to-end e-commerce and direct to consumer distribution solution for HarperCollins Publishers e-books globally. The project will commence with the launch of HarperCollins’ and today, with Accenture supporting future efforts as they develop.

HarperCollins will sell e-books using innovative technology from Accenture. Accenture’s Digital Content Solution will provide a number of capabilities and tools that will allow HarperCollins and its authors to experiment with direct sales to a global audience of readers.

In the case of C.S. Lewis, HarperCollins will now be able to digitally store and distribute the e-books in its catalogue directly to the consumer. It will also have the tools to analyze all online purchase data, which will lead to expanded decision-making capabilities. This e-commerce approach will be extended in time to other HarperCollins online properties.

“Combining Accenture’s suite of digital delivery and analytics capabilities with HarperCollins’ traditional strengths of content acquisition, editing, marketing and distribution, will position HarperCollins as a digital innovator with the tools to evolve its digital strategy. HarperCollins’ increased commitment to the digital value chain gives it a unique edge in attracting writing talent and driving growth in an expanding e-publishing market,” said Thomas Grayson, managing director, Accenture Digital Services.

“The publishing industry is undergoing a technological transformation unparalleled in our 200 year history,” said Chantal Restivo-Alessi, Chief Digital Officer, HarperCollins. “Launching a platform that allows HarperCollins to establish a direct-to-consumer marketing and sales proposition to expand some of its strongest brands to new audiences means we honor both our past and our present.”

Gresham Confident ‘Narnia 4′ (and other Lewis books) are coming

Douglas GreshamA brief update from William O’Flaherty, who was in attendance at Douglas Gresham and Dr. Devin Brown’s event:

Douglas Gresham (Lewis’s step-son) spoke at Asbury University today. When the question of the future of the Narnia films came up he was confident there would be more (and hopeful other fictional works by Lewis would be made); but was regretful that no official or unofficial details could be shared at this time.

While this isn’t the news that we were all hoping for, it’s at least something.  I’m definitely hopeful that the series will continue, even though it will likely continue with new actors in some of the roles.  Actor changes are actually fairly common in the film industry and things work out fairly well.  In Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Katie Holmes was replaced after Batman Begins.  The same thing happened when Stargate made the move to TV with Stargate SG-1.  Kurt Russell was replaced with Richard Dean Anderson, and James Spader was replaced with Michael Shanks.  All this to say, if the films continue with Narnia 4, we might get someone new, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll be bad.  It could be amazing!

It’s also really cool that he hopes to bring other works of fiction by C.S. Lewis to the big screen.  What would you like to see most?

William continues:

I (William O’Flaherty) will be recording a podcast interview in the morning with him and will try to at least get a guess as to how soon he hopes to have any official news.

Tumnus’ Bookshelf: The NarniaFans Book Reviews: The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook

Hey, everybody, welcome back to Tumnus’ Bookshelf: The NarniaFans Book Reviews, where we review any and all books by about and inspired by CS Lewis, The land of Narnia and The Inklings. For today’s review we will be looking at the new book The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook!

Title:The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook.

Author: Dinah Bucholz

Publisher:Sourcebooks Jabberwocky (November 1, 2012)


ISBN-13: 978-1402266416

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The NarniaFans Letters To Father Christmas Contest! UPDATE

The holidays are fast approaching and NarniaFans has decided to help make your Holiday just a little easier .Want to get something for that fan that has everything? Can’t figure out what to get your mom or dad? Need something for that literature savvy friend of yours? Looking for some new fantasy books for your little sister who has worn out her copies of Narnia? Or maybe you just want a little something special for yourself because money has been tight. We at Narnia Fans are here to help you, with some help from Father Christmas and a few of our  friends.



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New Book Brings The Magic of Narnia Into Your…..Kitchen

Brittany Coleman at Source Books sent us word on an upcoming release that is sure to help fill your appetite for more Narnia…literally. The book is called The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook. Bellow is the press-release: Read the rest of this entry »

Tumnus’ Bookshelf: The NarniaFans Book Reviews: “The Christian World of The Hobbit”

The Christian World of The HobbitHey, everybody, welcome back to Tumnus’ Bookshelf: The NarniaFans Book Reviews, where we review any and all books by about and inspired by CS Lewis, The land of Narnia and The Inklings. For today’s review we will be looking at Devin Brown’s new book The Christian World of The Hobbit.

Title: The Christian World of the Hobbit

Author: Devin Brown

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN-10: 142674949X


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Narnia Essentials: Productive September for Lewis

Today kicks off the first of several books by C.S. Lewis that were released in the month of September. It was on this date back in 1954 that The Horse and His Boy became available. At the time it was the fifth title in The Chronicles of Narnia. However, today it is numbered third because of when the events occur in the story compared to the other stories. (If you are not familiar with the issue of which order to read the books in, be sure to check out What Order should I read the Chronicles of Narnia?). On September 7, 1953 The Silver Chair was published and then just over a week later, on September 15, 1952 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was first available to read.

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