APRIL FOOLS! Breaking News! Lady Gaga to play The Lady of the Green Kirtle APRIL FOOLS!

The Lady of the Green Kirtle ,or the Emerald Witch,  is probably the second most popular character in CS Lewis beloved Narnian Chronicles. Since the news of Narnia films was first announced fans have wondered who would play her .Would they hire a different actress or just have Tilda Swinton play the role? Well, NarniaFans Spy “Sir GooGoo” ,a source close to the production just who may be playing the character. Lady Gaga, one of the music industry’s most popular and polarizing performers Lady Gaga is “in final negotiations” to play the Emerald Witch in the upcoming adaptation of CS Lewis’ The Silver Chair.

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APRIL FOOLS! Breaking News! Dr. Who Alums to Enter Narnia! APRIL FOOLS!

Fans of the classic BBC Narnia movies will be glad to know that keeping in line with the originals, three former Dr. Whos are in talks for playing the fan favorite Marshwiggle, Puddleglum. Actors Christopher Eccleston ( Heroes, Thor: The Dark World) , David Tennant ( Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire), and Matt Smith are all in consideration for the roll of the lovable wet blanket.

“It’s really hard to choose, “said our source, Merv Ambrose, an Assistant Casting director. “They have all given excellent auditions. It may come down to flipping a coin to decide! We may even put it to a fan vote.” Read the rest of this entry »

Not since Piltdown Man…April Fools 2013.

They said it couldn’t be done. Some even begged and pleased that it not be done. Seriously.  Some of you yelled, screamed and insisted we never, ever do this again. But one way or another April 1st came around again and as sure as the snow melts in the spring, we at NarniaFans pulled off another April Fools. Most of you actually enjoy this and enjoy the fun we have.

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APRIL FOOLS! Scientists Discover Faun Skeleton?

Back in 2003, scientists discovered a skeleton ion the Indonesian island of Flores that was affectionately nicknamed ‘The Hobbit”. The skeleton’s remains were like that of a human, but smaller, but not to the extent of dwarfism, hence the name .While this was no conclusive evidence that Hobbits exists, paleontologists from Europe have discovered what appears to be the remains of a faun, not unlike Mr. Tumnus from Narnia.

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APRIL FOOLS! Christian Avengers-like Project to combine Narnia, LOTR, Les Mis, Left Behind and Other Classic Christian works?

We received a spy report from NarniaFan Son of Coul saying that Ictus Studios, an independent Christian film studio is very interested in not only rebooting the Narnia films, but incorporating it into a “shared universe”  with The Lord of the Rings, Les Miserables, The Bibleman DVD’s and even the Left Behind series. Other classic books slated to be part of this franchise include This Present Darkness, Ted Dekker’s Showdown Trilogy, and John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

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APRIL FOOLS! Out of the Silent Planet Mini-series Coming Soon!

With a new Star Trek movie out this summer, and another Star Wars film in the works, it only marks one thing for film studios: science fiction is making a huge comeback.  Perhaps the best evidence we see of this is that 20tH Century Fox has decided to adapt CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy as a TV mini-series.Out of the Silent Planet Read the rest of this entry »

The Muppets in Narnia Special is Coming! (April Fools!)

Fans of Narnia won’t have to wait to long for another Narnia related flick, but this time, CS Lewis’ beloved fantasy world is going to be visited by Jim Henson’s lovable bunch of weirdos The Muppets! Hot off their success from last Christmas’s big screen revival, The Muppets are slated to be featured in a brand new 2 hour special called The Muppets in Narnia!

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“Never Say Never”…unless it’s “APRIL FOOLS 2011″, in this case everything is “WINNING!”

Hey, folks, Jonathon Svendsen here. Yes, folks, as usual, it was all a hoax, perpetrated not only by me, but by my partners in crime.  We had a lot of fun hashing these jokes out and for the first time it was truly a collaborative effort. You all as usual were very good sports about it. Each year you prove that all are “Winners!”

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APRIL FOOLS! Family Christian Stores is Now Accepting Pre-Buys for The Magician’s Nephew

The Magician’s Nephew won’t release in theaters until April 1, 2013 The DVD and Blu-Ray are expected to be available in late 2013, but Family Christian Stores is already allowing fans to pre-buy The Magician’s Nephew several years before the DVD will ship to the public. The Family Christian Stores website says that the DVD will ship on or near the date of November 12, 2013. Fans who pre-buy the DVD can save 40% off of the regular price.

If you would like to pre-buy The Magician’s Nephew you can click here.

If you would like to save 25%-33% by pre-buying The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on DVD or Blu-Ray click here.

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APRIL FOOLS! Planet Narnia 2

Dr. Michael Ward wrote the Planet Narnia book which reveals a hidden layer of symbolism in the Chronicles of Narnia books where each book corresponds with the seven medieval planets. Recently Michael Ward announced plans to publish a sequel to Planet Narnia where he will explain the deeper layer of hidden symbolism buried beneath the hidden symbolism that you didn’t know about unless you read the first book. Michael Ward spent years researching this and said,”I instinctively knew that it was a real discovery. It was a genuine literary secret. If this is correct it will not only change our view of C.S. Lewis as a writer, but it will also change our view of God and the universe.” The new book titled Planet Narnia Diet reveals that each of the seven Chronicles of Narnia books represents one of the seven layers of the medieval food pyramid. “It happened after I finished publishing Planet Narnia. I was lying in bed one night, in January 2009, reading a poem C.S. Lewis wrote about the medieval dietary pyramid. I soon realized that the way C.S. Lewis described each layer of the food pyramid seemed like summaries of the Narnia books.” Read the rest of this entry »