New “Dawn Treader” Trailer Now Available

The same Polish film website that posted the new Dawn Treader poster yesterday has now posted the second trailer for the film.

Warning: The trailer reveals some plot changes from the book. If you are avoiding spoilers until the film’s release, don’t watch the trailer!

78 Responses to “New “Dawn Treader” Trailer Now Available”

  1. Nieke says:

    It looks AMAZING! Best trailer so far!

  2. lionesslucy :) says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! i had shivers when the theme song came on!!!!!! love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!!! there is really no way i can wait 2 more months :(

    • Patrick says:

      haha yup it isn’t humanly possible!!! But it feels awesome to think that over a year ago we couldn’t wait to see it and now we are only a month away! I know I’m going to break out and cry sometime before the movie! That happened when I saw a trailer for Prince Caspian on TV! I personly LOVED the trailer! I’m very happy that they put Eustace as a dragon attacking the sea monster. good choice! The only thing I didn’t care for was the swords/witch thing.

      • lionesslucy :) says:

        wow…a guy crying for the for the trailer….love it!! hehe :)

        every time i see the trailer i just tremble with glee!!!!!!!!

        you know what? i am just so plain excited, i have no negative feelings…i’ll save those for after everything fully develops in the movie itself…and even then i might not need them :)

      • pbart1026 says:

        I have to say that I like the sword thing. The Dawn Treader book has a plot, but not one so adventureous. the sword thing is a good add in. I think that this will be the best narnia movie so far. this looks so good.

  3. Aravis Kenobi says:

    Loved the trailer, but am a little concerned about Aslan’s animation work. It looks cheaper and not as realistic as the previous 2 films; perhaps it’s just my imagination? Nevertheless, looking forward to December!

  4. Saramago says:


  5. inkspot says:

    ok, lioness lucy beat me to it – i was going to say:
    love it, love it, love it!

    can’t wait!

  6. Badger'sSett says:

    At this point, I couldn’t care less about plot changes. When I have seen them done in the film, then I will sit down and argue differences in relation to the books.
    But right now…

    THAT WAS JUST TOO AWESOME. So epic. So magical. So intense. AMAZING.

  7. That looked very Narnian to me.I’m so excited!

  8. pbart1026 says:


  9. Joshua says:


  10. narnianight says:

    not bad not bad. hey, did anyone ralize that the backround music is the same as the trailer for the first movie. if there is anyone besides me please comment cause i think i’m too much of a fan!


  11. rutger says:

    Just an amazing trailer!! I think this trailer lets us know far more of the storyline that runs through the movie. EustaceDragon looks very nice. Sea serpent looks freaking epic, not really what I had imagined it would look like but it

  12. BK says:

    Something more powerful than the witch? Pleeeeeeez! Don’t like where the story is going at all.

  13. Fernando says:

    Did you all noticed that Fox made narnia movies 5x better (until as we know) then Disney? Well we have to say thanks to then!

    Another thing: What do you think that, wen all books become to movie, the world will say in relation to narnia? How many lives can be changed just by to know wonderfull storys that by a book they could’nt know (as some people complain about reading and they just dont know the extra culture they could have)? I would like to know more people opinion about this point.

  14. Nathan Han says:

    Eeeeeeh, I’m growing a little tired of the White Witch. I love her character, but it’s getting a little ridiculous. Is Aslan not powerful enough to keep where away? That said, I’m loving the trailer. And Will Poulter is an amazing Eustace!

  15. Ellie says:

    Very good! I love this trailer–even with the plot changes.

    Is it just me, or are they using this to show a connection to the White Witch and the Green Witch? After all, maybe the green witch gets her power from the same source as that green fog (to connect the new mythology they’re creating to the Narnian canon). She DOES live in a place without light, after all.

    • Patrick says:

      GOOD POINT! they really could be bringing her back to make the two movies blend better.

    • Nathan Han says:

      I thought that too. I would not be surprised if they were merged into one character. My biggest fear is that it will desensitize people to Aslan’s as well as the White Witch’s power.

      Also, Edmund seems to be a repeat of Peter in PC, not only with the Whitch, but with the whole “kid/king” thing. If PC didn’t exist, I might be ok with that, but it does exist, so I’m not sure.

      I know I’ll like the movie, though, so I’m excited.

      • narnianight says:

        so the witch is the main evildore of the series??? i mean like the worsed…the arch enemy of the pevensies and friends

        • Nathan Han says:

          In the books, she is only in the Magician’s Nephew as Empress Jadis, and in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe as the White Witch. She makes a brief appearance in Prince Caspian which was slightly expanded in the movie. She is mentioned (and not even entirely directly) in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but the movie appears to be perpetuating her villain status. Some think that the Lady of the Green Kirtle in The Silver Chair is the White Witch, but there is no solid evidence. I would not be surprised if they did indeed unify the characters if The Silver Chair is ever made into a movie.

          • Liz says:

            No, she wasn’t in Prince Caspian (the book) at all. A hag mentioned the White Witch but the Witch did not actually make an appearance like she did in the movie.

    • Zoe says:

      It would make so much sense to join the two witches, especially since many people blend them together anyway. If you think about it, in the movies, in LWW, the White Witch told Edmund she would make him king. In PC, she tries to make Caspian think that she can get his kingdom for him. In VDT, she tells Edmund she can make him her king. In SC, the Green Witch is going to make Rilian her king. So, I think that Fox and Walden’s end goal is to combine the two.

  16. Prince Caspifan says:

    Two things:

    1. I’m SOLD!

    2. No question that Tilda Swinton will play the role of ‘The Lady of the Green Kirtle’ in “The Silver Chair.”

    • Andrés says:

      Exactly, and Aslan looks awful.
      If they decide to do the Jadis is The lady of the Green Kirtle thing I’ll be so mad because it’s like Tashlan, and besides Aslan’s sacrifice in LWW won’t have the same meaning.

  17. Into the Wardrobe says:

    Horrific. There are no words. It’s PC revisited, if not worse. This whole sword thing is aweful. It detracts from the greatness of the classic story. The White Witch? Please, just let her die already. Enough is enough. It’s beating a dead horse. I want to cry. I hoped for greatness and we’re getting the opposite. Great production value, but excrament in the adaptation…as usual.

  18. "O_O" Eye says:

    What do you guys think of Ramandu’s daughter?
    I think, physically, she isn’t very beautiful. She’s very plain and normal looking, even by human Earth standards,- nothing close to the out of this world beauty she was described as in the book. Susan and Lucy can give her a run for her money. And she really should’ve been yellowy gold-ish; this blue white-ish silver looks like she’s copying Claire Danes in Stardust :(
    I thought maybe they chose her because maybe she has a very beautiful voice- but she doesn’t :(
    I thought maybe in costume and makeup she would look the part- but she doesn’t.
    There are so many physically beautiful and interesting looking girls in this world that are also ethereal looking but, instead, they chose a plain jane.

    That aside, I still think this movie will be really good, as this trailer looks great! So exciting! :)

    • Paul Martin says:

      Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

      • Patrick says:

        What are you talking about EYE! It could go either way, I don’t think she looks plain looking at all, and if I’m wrong than maybe they were going for the affect of a plain star… and she is half star… she is supposed to be glowing!

        • narnianight says:

          i think you should judge actors AFTER the movie is wittnessed eh?

          • "O_O" Eye says:

            For the most part:Yes. But for my opinion on her looks:No -I don’t need to wait for her entire performance in the movie to see that she isn’t physically beautiful enough to play RD. I held my toungue when she was first cast, and after watching some of her previous works on YouTube, but now she is finally shown in full hair, makeup, and costume, and speaking the lines in character as RD… and after all that I’m STILL not sold on this casting. This is my opinion.

        • "O_O" Eye says:

          What the heck is the point of going for a plain looking star? Really good looking/pretty people get turned down for roles because they are too pretty to play an everyday person so why shouldn’t a plain jane get turned down for the role of an exceptional beauty?…and on top of that YES she IS half STAR so that just proves my point MORE that they have no good reason for choosing a PLAIN gal…and YES she should be glowing! I never said she shouldn’t (where the heck did that come from?)- I said she should’ve been YELLOWY GOLDISH(her hair in the book is yellow) instead of SILVERY BLUEISH(all the movies really over use the blue special effects and it was unecessary to use it here when she could’ve been glowing GOLDish instead- this blue is just a copycat of Claire Danes in Stardust)

      • Katy in AL says:

        And real beauty isn’t something you can see in a photograph. What’s going to be most important is Lilliandil’s character, what’s on the inside of her – and if she’s anything like the book, that will definitely be something beautiful to watch.

        • "O_O" Eye says:

          You’re right that real beauty is on the inside, which is why I said that “PHYSICALLY, she isn’t VERY beautiful”… I DIDN”T say she’s not beautiful AT ALL. It’s just that acting is a JOB and actors actually do get judged initially by their headshots/photograph alone…and then eventually they get the audition. What I’ve noticed is that lots of film makers cast goodlooking people all the time EXCEPT when it really counts for a character like this!(like Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: she was also supposed to be really beautiful but, instead, just looked average- actually the girls they cast as Fleur’s schoolmates looked more fitting for the role of Fleur!)
          Now about her character, I know we haven’t seen the whole movie yet but, that line “-If it is distracting for you! I can change form!” was said a bit too eagerly and reeady to please- in the book I thought RD stood a bit bolder, stronger, with a hint of ‘being hard to get’, more reserved, wise and grave, an intimidating young lady…she needs to be more mysterious…and enchanting…like you’re not sure if she is good or evil -eventhough she is actually good…

          You know what? On another site, I posted my views about this, and a girl said that she tried out for the part of RD and was really close to it -they said she had the right look for the part but they weren’t sure if they wanted to spend money flying her over there. Then the casting director said no, they only want Aussie girls -I think they cast this role POORLY because of their budget $$$… and actually that does make sense.

      • Queen Rose says:

        I can’t watch it

      • "O_O" Eye says:

        Yes, that’s right (& I knew someone would reply with that politically correct answer)

      • Andrés says:

        LOL fat people’s reply

    • Jesse says:

      I think she look fine. I think she looks the best of the new characters! But I definitely thought of Claire Danes.

  19. Queen Helen says:

    Best trailer so far, really awakens the magic fro LWW.

  20. Strawberry says:

    I hate all the plot changes! They were not necessary at all! I know some things have to be changed just to fit the format of a movie, but changing the plot is just stupid and unnecessary. It seems to me like they have taken out everything about the 7 lords. By changing the plot the writers are saying that they know better then C.S. Lewis.

    Out of all of the books Dawn Treder is the one that would need the least changing to make into a movie. There is so much that can be done visually. There is so much story that you should only have to cut things not ad anything.

    I have 3 questions.

    1. Why do they keep bringing the White Witch back?

    2.Whats up with the sword?

    3. Why is Reepicheep standing with them talking to Aslan? By that time he is supposed to be over the wave.

    • Paul Martin says:

      1. Wait and see how it is done. Also: for the audience to remember Narnia more.
      2. When you see the film, you’ll understand.
      3. You’ll see. It’s part of the story of Eustace and Reep, and will likely bring tears to your eyes.

  21. Katy in AL says:

    I will not watch this trailer….
    I will not watch this trailer….
    I will not watch this trailer….

    Oh, boy, is this hard. Trying to save the surprise & wonder for the movie – but dying of curiosity in the meantime! December can not come fast enough!

  22. voyager says:

    I’m too excited..Looks like it won’t be so bad after all.
    It just gave me some hope… :) :)
    The trailer is great..Love the part where Eustace faints and the dragon looks nice..the sea serpent looks terrific and kinda dangerous…Llliandil looks amazing,really..and Georgie’s acting is fantastic to that Ed & Caspian

  23. voyager says:


  24. sophie says:

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Im speechless!! thats all i can say! it’s just drop- dead AWSOME!!! 😀

  25. LotRelf says:

    Oh WOW!! It looks amazing!!! Can’t wait! 😀

  26. narnianight says:


  27. Emily says:

    LOOOOOOVVVVEEE IIITTTTT!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!! Romance between Lilliandil and Caspian!!!! Oh yeah! i knew there was something special about Peter’s sword, Rhindon.

  28. looner says:

    WOW! This trailer is definitely the “most epicest” so far…

    I had to watch it about 5 times…

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  29. SnakeArtworX says:

    The trailer is indeed amazing, but I will not comment plot changes until I will see the full movie.
    Nice to see almost the same shot as on the illustration I’ve painted long before the first trailer.

  30. Mimi says:

    Is this trailer going to be attatched to any movies in theaters?! It should, because it is way better than the first trailer we saw.

  31. voyager says:

    When can one watch the movie online or on youtube??I won’t get to see it otherwise…how much time will it take for the movie to be on the internet??..please answer..

    • Paul Martin says:

      Honestly, it will probably take at least six months to a year after it is released. It is not common for a movie to be online very quickly after it is released.

      • voyager says:

        Thanks for the reply Paul..I’m counting on ya’ll to feed me with the whole movie trascript….haha(joking)…As soon as u see it ,do post a whole lot of summary….Guess i’ll have to wait..”Patience is a virtue”..blah..blah..sniff…sniff… :( :( :( :( :(

  32. You have to see this on the giant screen. Some movies are okay for online and tv. But this movie will be best on the giant screen.

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