New Dawn Treader Trailer on Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD

There’s a new trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on the DVD for Diary of a Wimpy Kid! It’s about a minute and five seconds long. I’ll have more details soon including a transcript and screenshots from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer #2!


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Starts with a shot of a tower on a building, that is sideways and turns upright. On the tower is a stained glass window, with what looks like a stained glass version of the Dawn Treader.

Aslan: You have been summoned back to Narnia.

Cuts to a shot of Lucy with Aslan from the first trailer.

Aslan: You have returned for a reason.

Cuts to a shot of the Magician’s Library with a book on a pedestal in the center and light coming down onto it. Then a shot of Lucy, slowly approaching.

It shows her hand going to open it, with the letters all jumbled, and quickly cuts to her hand opening the lock, the words finally complete, they read “The Book of Incantations.”

Lucy opens the book and it cuts to her smiling, looking up, dazzled by the snow falling around her. It is reminiscent of her first moments in Narnia in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Shows the pages of the book flipping as Aslan speaks.

Aslan: Your adventure begins now.

Cuts to a shot of Lucy, Edmund and Eustace swimming up, and then the shot of Caspian and Lucy being lifted on board the Dawn Treader.

A quick shot of the Dawn Treader floating in the ocean, looking beautiful, followed by a shot of Reepicheep.

Voice Over: You’ve got an extraordinary destiny. Something greater than you ever imagined.

A shot of Liliandil floating down, glowing, then becoming a physical being.

Screen Title: Return to Hope

A shot of the four Pevensies walking together, and Susan walking like the first trailer, then Peter.

Liliandil: The fate of Narnia depends on you.

Screen Title: Return to Wonder

A shot of the Magician’s Garden with a glowing door closing. It’s quick, but it appears that Lucy is in the doorway as it closes, disappearing from sight.

Screen Title: Return to Narnia

Narrator: This Christmas comes the greatest voyage in C.S. Lewis’ epic masterpiece.

Shot looking out of a door on the Dawn Treader, and we see sailors, a Minotaur and a Satyr.

Shot of the sea dryad, and then Lucy waving to it.

Shot of Coriakin turning around with his book.

Shot of the Minotaur.

Shot of the boat on the Sea of Lilies, Reepicheep on the bow as Caspian and Edmund row. Eustace and Lucy sit and look on.

Shot of Lucy with her bow and arrow at ready.

Shot of Lucy looking at the golden Aslan on a Wardrobe, with Susan’s horn below.

King Caspian: Be strong! Think of the lost souls we’re here to save. Think of Aslan. Think of Narnia.

Shot of one of the islands.

And then Aslan roars.

Title Card / Narrator: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Title Card: This December in Digital 3D

27 Responses to “New Dawn Treader Trailer on Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD”

  1. SarahLou says:

    Ooooh, I hope this gets on YouTube sometime soon!

      • Queen Helen says:

        The quality of the current youtube version isn’t that great (there’s a reddish tint) but I’m sure that’s a tech problem. That being said, the visuals have greatly improved from the first trailer. I do wish (as much as I love William and Anna) that they would stop emphasizing Peter and Susan. They’re not going to be a big part of the story, so don’t make it seem like it. Ben finally gets to talk, so we know what the British accent sounds like for the movie, and I think that for PC the spanish accent worked, but for this movie, the british accent fits more with the story. Good change. Overall, this trailer makes me feel better about the movie.

        • Queen Helen says:

          I also hope they’ll be releasing the super-trailer (it’s about five or six minutes long). I saw it back in April at a writer’s conference and it gave me very, VERY high hopes about the film. And I’m not lying.

          • Patrick says:

            SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! I still have high hopes, although this trailer didn’t make them any higher…

        • Patrick says:

          well maybe Peter and Susan ARE an important part of this movie… It’s something to think about. All directers have different styles, maybe this directer saw how they mentioned Susan and Peter in the beginning and thought that that would make the movie better to emphasize them…hmmmmm

  2. Patrick says:

    NICE CALL Narniaknight! sweet. one question… is it in the trailers before the movie?

  3. Patrick says:

    is this on YouTube? please put a link here for it if it is on YouTube!

  4. FierceQueen says:

    I can’t wait to see this trailer! Links please if any pop up!

  5. Mike says:

    I say, less than 24 hours ’til people start complaining about the CGI and acting. :-)

  6. fanny says:

    Omg! I need to see this trailer NOW!
    I really cant wait till december! D:
    Ommmgg hahahaha! Im so freaking excited!
    NARNIAAA!! 😀

  7. Kelila says:

    “Lost souls”? Ooooo, I wonder what this could be about…

    • Patrick says:

      hmmmmmm! that was NOT in the book! but I’ll stay faithful…

      • High Queene Shellybelly says:

        movies are not books, they are not the same medium and things may need to be visually expressed when they were just a thought in a book. You can’t always portray what is described in a book because it would look clumsy or you don’t have time in a movie to show every little detail. In the case of the chronicles, they were written in a sketchy, fairytale manner and need to be fleshed out to be portrayed in a movie. take it from someone who works professionally in tv, it is not an insult to the source material necessarily to change things around a bit to portray the ideas of the book. sometimes the production dictates things have to be done a certain way because of budget constraints, or something is unavailable to the company and they have to scramble at the last minute. ( although i agree on PC they did go a little overboard, but it was probably to attract more teen boys which is a very profitable demo) which would have insured more movies would be greenlighted. I’d rather have them d what they need to do to get the movies made rather than have them give up on the series totally. wouldn’t you?

  8. Nieke says:

    OMG it’s freaking AMAZING!

  9. JingYi says:
    the trailer’s right here! Can’t wait to watch Dawn Treader, it’s going to be so much fun!

  10. The trailer is not as good as the one we’ve seen. Aslan looks like the BBC aslan. But it has a few new scenes.

  11. Laura says:

    Oh God! freakin’ AWESOME!!!! can’t wait can’t wait!!!!

  12. Queen Helen says:

    PLEASE! I need the exact name of the video on youtube so I can get to it! I’ve searched just about everything I can think of that could get me to it. Right now the only other option is to go out and buy Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which in my opinion is not the best movie ever.

  13. A person says:

    Caspian actually gets to talk. Nice.

  14. narniana says:

    wooo !! it

  15. Jason Rock says:

    That was WAY better than the original trailer! I can’t wait

  16. fanny says:

    Doriiiiiiiss!! Thank you so muuuuch!
    Omg! Im totally crying! It will be amazing!!
    & I think we’ll see susan and peter again..
    A lot of people wont like that but i will love to
    see them again!(:

    Come on december, get closer!!
    I cant wait anymooooooooore!


  17. mymotovin says:

    i really dont mind seeing peter and susan in VDT… come on guys, this will be the last time that we will see the Pevensies… then they are all gone in SC… well,bout the new trailer, i think its still the same as with the first one, but i like the score specially on the beginning when we are shown this building with towers.. i think its cool.. can’t wait to see this movie!!! Go! Narnia! conquer us! conquer The Philippines! Long live Aslan! :-)

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