Full-Color Narnia Map Available

Exclusive to Rose Publishing. Here is a full-color map of the magical world of Narnia. This gorgeous map illustrates the green forests and beautiful castles and places described in all seven of C.S. Lewis’ beloved Chronicles of Narnia. Size: 19.5” x 26” on heavy chart paper. Reproducible worksheets and teaching tips on chart back.

The map that goes with the movie shows only a portion of Narnia; but the Rose Map of Narnia shows all of Narnia, Archenland, Calormen, and the Islands of the Eastern Sea.

The Rose Map of Narnia: An Unofficial Map to C.S. Lewis’s Wonderful Country

How is their map different?
Brighter colors are closer to C.S. Lewis’s original map by Pauline Baynes than the movie poster is.
Shows all of the surrounding countries and islands, not just a small portion of Narnia:
Giant’s Castle
Lone Islands
Dragon Island
Dark Island
Ramandu’s Island
The End of the World
The Lillies and the Sea People
Cauldron Pool

And more
Shows places in the book

Worksheets on the back include
1. 9 major biblical parallels in the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
2. Map of Narnia and quiz
3. Bio and photos of C.S. Lewis and the wardrobe
4. Quotes by C.S. Lewis
5. Narnia and Earth Time Line

[ Rose Map of Narnia wall chart ]
[ Rose Map of Narnia -LAMINATED wall chart ]

Also available:
[ Rose Guide to Narnia pamphlet ]

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