Exclusive Interview with William Moseley, Peter Pevensie

Peter Pevensie on the UnicornOur Dancing Lawn Moderator ‘~Rogue~’ has done it again! She’s gotten an interview with William Moseley, the actor that portrayed Peter Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. He’s also signed on for Prince Caspian. Anyway, here’s the exclusive interview:

1.Do you have a religion and if so what is it?
Urm I do believe in God but I’m not very religious, I’m…probably Christianity

2.What is your favourite brand of jeans?
Favourite brand of jeans……probably Sevens.

3.What other films have you auditioned for apart from Narnia?
I auditioned for Prince Harry, I auditioned for a film called Goodbye Mr Chips, I auditioned for a film called Lorna Doone. Lots of different things really

4.If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing now?
Probably be at University now I should imagine. Apart from my exams…I’ll probably stick to acting.

5.Who’s the most insane person in the Narnia cast/crew?
Hmm a cross between Georgie and Skandar.

6.Are you looking forwards to filming Prince Caspian?
Yes I am. I’m really really looking forward to it.

7.Do you think filming LWW will affect your future career as an actor?
Urm, yeah, dramatically but I think it will affect it for the good. Amazingly, amazingly well. I’m really lucky to be a part of it.

8.What was your best/funniest experience on set?
Probably the time, when I told Skandar that sugar-glass was actually edible, he ate it and it turned out that it was silicone. He didn’t like it very much. Quite a good moment.

9.What do you think of Skandar’s Check the Gate song?
It’s not really Skandar’s Check the Gate song, it’s everyone’s check the gate song and I do like it. I think it’s very funny-cracks me up. He [Skandar] tried to steal it but it’s not his song.

10.Have you been offered lots of roles since the release of Narnia?
No actually, not that many. Urm I auditioned for a few things but I haven’t really been offered anything. Well, one part.

11.What’s your favourite band?
Good question. Urm dunno really. I quite like the Bravery. Urm I dunno, there are so many bands I like it’s crazy. I like a bit of the Rolling Stones sometimes. Lots of different types.

12.Do you ever visit any of your fansites?
Sometimes actually, when I want to say thank you to them for doing such an amazing job of keeping up with it, yeah I do then.

13.Who do you think would win in a fight between you and Skandar?
OMG oo that’s a difficult question. Honestly? Or do I have to like lie? Honestly, I could probably beat Skandar with my arms behind my back, blindfolded and with both my feet tied together.

14.What other works of C.S Lewis have you read apart from Narnia?
I’ve read pretty much all of them.

15.If you could play any character from a film, who would it be?
I’d quite like to be Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Quite a good part. Or Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juilet. That would be quite cool.

16.What’s your favourite film?
I quite like a film called Apocalypse Now and another film called Leon.

17.Do you have any pets?
Yeah, I have a cat and two goldfish. One’s called Campden [edit:Louise: I THINK thats what he said but I couldn’t hear very well.] and one’s called Stroud which are the areas we got them from. Very inventive.

18.Who’s your best friend?
I have a very good friend called Charles Blanche (sp?). He’s one of my best friends.

19.What shoe size are you?
About an 8 or a 9.

20.Do you REALLY have a Myspace account?
No. I don’t actually have a Myspace.

21.Do you dance?
Yes, I love dancing. I dance terribly but I do like to.

22.What shampoo do you use?
At the moment, I’m using Trésemmé. It’s good stuff.

23.If you could live in any other country, what would it be?
Probably the Carribbean or something like that. Chill out.

24.Do you like Harry Potter?
Yeah I do like the stories. I think it’s good. I do like [the films] but I think I’m getting a bit old for them now. They aimed at like kids a bit younger than me but I can still really appreciate them. (goes into random convo – Will starts questioning me!!)

25.Have you ever met any famous actors other than the ones you worked with?
I met Dawn French which was quite cool.[talking about Liam Neeson] yeah that was really cool. I did meet Liam Neeson. Nice guy. He is an Irish guy.

26.What’s your favourite scene in LWW?

The battle definitely. [to do and to watch]

27.What’s your weirdest fan experience so far?
I dunno, none of it’s really been that weird. I just feel really lucky that people are really nice to me and stuff about it. People do [run around yelling Narnia] which can get quite annoying. Well anyway it’s fun when they run around shouting “Narnia, Narnia” – that’s fine. When they start shouting “Narnia sucks” and derogatory towards Narnia, that’s when I do get upset.

28.Do you sing in the shower?
Yeah, always singing. Any type of water on me, I’m always singing.

29.Do you blow dry your hair or air dry it?
No neither. Just get a towel and whack it on. I should do [use a hairdryer] shouldn’t I? Or that’s probably a bit pouffy if I did that. They’ll just have to accept me for who I am.

30.What’s your favourite subject in school?
I quite like English literature. I have this one really good teacher. She’s really helpful and she has amazing lessons and stimulates my interest for it a little bit.

31.What’s your favourite book?
Probably this one called….I’ve forgotten. I haven’t read it in a while. But it is my favourite book. I quite like Life of Pi [starts discussing with his dad in the background about the book]

32.What’s your favourite chat-up line?
Definitely, “I’m in Narnia”, nah I’m joking. Definitely not, I’d never use that in all my life. I don’t really do chat up lines.

33.What other party tricks besides juggling can you do?
One hand handstands is my other good one. I can do all sorts of stuff and I can do Irish dancing when I get going.

34.How did you feel about your haircut in the last film and would you trust Adamson near it again?
NO! No I would never trust that guy near my hair ever again! It will never happen again. I literally…the first thing in the contract, I’m going to have a choice over my hair!

35.How tall are you?
I am 5”10 ½ ,very precise. Like 5”11.

36.What’s with the leather jacket you always wear?

My sister got it for me, it’s really comfortable and I think it’s cool.

37.Have you heard of the Willianites?
No. What is that? [I go into lengthy discussion of the Willianites and their origins and the autograph he gave to Izzy and Will asks me if I’m a Skandar or Will fan and insults Skandar BADLY – evil Will!]

38.Do you like 70s music and if so which song?
Urm Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkal, Bob Dylan, Supertramp, I like a bit of that. I do like 70s music, I think it’s cool.

39.Do you speak any foreign language?
No, not at all. Terribly. I’m worst certainly in German and stuff like that.

40.Are there any countries that you would like to visit that you haven’t already?

Yeah Germany actually. I’d just like to see it and explore the country.

41.Were you really showing off your electric razor in the make-up tent during filming?
I don’t have an electric razor. Skandar lied.

42.Do you still see any members of the cast?
Yeah as much as I can really. When I get down to London I can but Georgie lives in Yorkshire so she’s a bit…..

44.Is there any sort of role you would refuse to play?
Probably not really. If it was a good script and I liked it, why not?

45.Have you ever Googled yourself?
Yeah actually, just to try and get to those fans, those fansites. That’s probably why I do Google myself to get the fansites up. But I did see what people were saying about me and I was terrified.

46.What’s your general opinion on fangirls?
I like it, I think it’s really nice. I feel kinda honoured actually. Though I don’t know why anyone would want to be a fan of mine but it’s very nice of them and I do appreciate it very much.

47.Do you have any romantic interest in Anna Popplewell?
Uh no, we’re just siblings, I’m afraid, brother and sister, siblings.

48.What’s your favourite TV show?
Quite like The Office but that’s not on anymore. I love The Simpsons. And I really like this show called 24. It’s really really good.

49.Do you play any instruments?
No, I’m afraid not.

50.What’s your favourite colour?

51.What is your middle name?
Peter. My dad’s called Peter, that’s why. My name’s not Thomas or Robert.

52.Where do you shop?
Dunno really. Kinda like vintage stores and Topshop sometimes if I can, HMV, do a bit of H&M shopping, all those kind of places.

53.What’s the best thing about the USA?

It’s cheaper out there isn’t it? It’s like almost half.

54.What’s your favourite brand of tea and how much sugar do you put in it?
Only half a teaspoon and usually Twinings, well I don’t know actually, Tescos, Lapsang su shong is what we have in the house.

55.What did you do for your birthday?
Oh I’m going to have some friends over this evening (Saturday) and I had a little family thing which was nice.

56.Do you have a cousin called Molly?
No. [Starts talking to parent about tennis]

57.How did your friends treat you when you came back from filming?
Oh totally differently. Yeah, they really hated me, they were really horrible to me, yeah they basically just turned on me. They were fine, they were actually really nice.

58.Do you have a girlfriend still?
I’m afraid I’m not allowed to answer that question, I’m under contract from Mickey Mouse. Yes that’s what he said.

59.What’s your favourite food?
Don’t really have a favourite food. I quite like cereal, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are my favourite I think.

60.What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

Hundreds of things I done, millions in fact. There was this really nice woman on the film but she’s quite large and I just said to her “Ahh you’re just like a great big fat cuddly bear” and hugged her. That was quite embarrassing. It wasn’t very good of me. I don’t think she actually knew or paid attention so just turned a blind eye.

61.Have you ever broken any bones?
No, touch wood.

62.What was the last film you saw?
I was watching a bit of Cruel Intentions last night, a bit of Brokeback Mountain last night.

63.Are you getting used to being a heart-throb?
I don’t feel like a heart-throb. I don’t really know how to get used to it. It’s all quite bizarre.

64.Would you consider yourself outgoing like Skandar?
I think I am quite outgoing but I don’t think I’m as outgoing as Skandar in the way that I kinda think a little bit more before I speak.

65.Describe yourself in 3 words.
Charismatic, disorganised, sort of like light hearted, I just take things easily. Easy going.

66. Did you really have a crush on the producer’s niece?
I’m sorry I’m not allowed to answer that question either. Who told you that? Skandar? Yes it was, he’s a little rat. I hate that kid.

67.Do you read and answer ALL of your fan mail or just some of it?
I try to answer all of it but it’s really difficult, it takes me for ever. Cause as you probably know I’ve got exams coming up soon.

And there you have it guys. Another fine interview with another major cast member. This one was really fun.

42 Responses to “Exclusive Interview with William Moseley, Peter Pevensie”

  1. joan says:

    Hello, I would like to send William a fan mail, but I don’t know where to, could you help me with that please? Thank you.

  2. Emma says:

    Wow way to be mean to skandar…..
    Skandar is really cool

  3. Mellissa says:

    Do you really hate Skandar? Is he that bad?

  4. Brandon D. says:

    I think William Moseley is a great actor…I’m surprised he’s not in more productions.

  5. Beth says:

    i think he is a great actor

  6. caroline says:

    william seems really nice, i’m glad that i’m not the only one that likes soccer (actually and soccer freak) kust kidding. i wonder how many juggles he can do, i can do 293 non stop. and yes he is a GREAT actor!!

  7. narniafreak1lpf says:

    In here Will says he believes in God so he’s “probably Christian”. What’s that supposed to mean? Some people think that if they’re not an atheist or muslim or whatever they’re Christians. No way! You gotta have a personal relationship with Him. He loves us so much yet we turn away from His eternal love? When people try to find a way to fill their emptiness they usually go anywhere EXCEPT God! It’s very sad. Sorry if I’m going on.

    • flynvfae says:

      sometimes people dont like the term ‘christian’ cuz there are sooooo many negative connotations with it that have nothing to do with knowing God through Jesus…
      im not saying thats what he meant, but you gotta admit its just a label

    • Sharon says:

      Narniafreak1, get a grip. Religion is a very personal choice and it is not for you to push on anyone. William answered a difficult question to try to make everyone happy, especially people like you. William, great job.

    • olympic gold says:

      i agree totally! its so fustrating to hear things like that! And yes he is an awsome actor!

  8. narniafreak1lpf says:

    Sorry if I offended anybody. I should probably find another site to make all my statements in, huh?

    • ellie says:

      as u can problly guess from this im not christian and does it realy matter if hes religious or not ???? hes only sayin that hes probobly christian becuse thats the most common religion, any way if there was no religion’s every1 would be better off no1 would be talking about it on thease posts and therd be no wars, so ask god y he’s allowing innicent people to die rather than stop the wars and i n ou will say god gave us free will but only the good should get free will not the murderor’s sorry if i have offened u but i beileve every 1 should voice there opionion no matter where so i beileve u were write to post this here good on u for voiceing ur opionion :) ps im not an atheist im just not a religion/bible/karan person sorry if i offened u :(

  9. liz says:

    william is a great actor. it would be so cool to meet him!!!

  10. mae says:

    hey narniafreak1lpf I totally agree with you! I am a real Christian. I really believe you need a personal relationship with Jesus. Someone should tell Will that. I will if I knew his address. someone please give me his address!

  11. mae says:

    Who do you think is cuter, Will or Skandar? I think Will is cuter!!!

  12. Genna says:

    I absolutly love this interview!!!! Will sounds like such a cool guy!!! I have this newspaper article on Prince Caspian in which Will compares Aslan to God and how if you hope to see God, you have to truly believe in Him; it’s really good. It’s pretty funny; I LOVE 70’s music, dancing and Twinings tea!!!! (Oh, Will is definetly cuter!!)

  13. mae says:

    i am upset that he will not be in the next movie:{

  14. Liza says:

    wow, isn’t he being a little mean to skandar? i think he is a good actor, but not as good as skandar, and it’s true that skandar thinks a little too much of him self but he is so funny and cute :)

  15. ana says:

    very very william very

  16. aarnaa says:

    i love william . he is so cute. i read that previously he dated a non celeb girl, so if he would mind dating asmall town girl from Indiai.e. me
    well, even if he doesn’t want to, i still love you will

  17. Trinity says:

    he Called himself a Christian, But Christianity is the Foundation of our faith. William, if you Watching this, Are you A christian or not? 1.Do you have a religion and if so what is it? Urm I do believe in God but I’m not very religious, I’m…probably Christianity

  18. willsheart says:

    William is, I think, a professed Christian now, but I think he should become a Catholic, a traditional Catholic. In all truth, traditional Catholicism is the coolest religion, and it’s a lot less confusing than all the different Christian and Protestant groups. I’m not slamming anyone, forgive me if it sounds so. I’m merely putting my opinion in, as were you all. :) God bless you all, and Merry Christmas!

  19. willsheart says:

    Oh, I truly understand you loving him! He is so very sweet and handsome and just all ’round wonderful! Pray for him, sweetheart! <3

  20. Jewel the Unicorn says:

    While we’re discussing theology…

    As a born-again Christian, I will unashamedly say that yes, you must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in order to be saved. God sent His Son into the world to pay the price for our sins. Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead three days later, winning victory over death.

    Jesus offers everyone the free gift of salvation – all we have to do is accept it. To do this, we must admit that we are sinners and that we can’t get to heaven on our own. We must believe that Jesus is God, that He died for our sins, and that He rose again. And we must confess that we have made Him our Lord and Savior.

    Because our salvation is a free gift, we can’t do anything to earn it. We can only accept it. If you don’t accept a gift, than it doesn’t belong to you. In the same way, if we don’t accept the gift of salvation, we won’t receive eternal life. Make sense?

    So just saying that you’re

  21. hannah katherine says:

    I’m an aspiring actress and I really would love to work with William sometime. Hes a very good actor and quite handsome at that! I am also surprised that he is not in more films. I very much liked Narnia and I hope to meet him sometime. :)

  22. Gloria says:

    I know how you feel to want to know about this actor, but he deserves privacy. I do pray and hope he is a born again christian. All that means is that the Lord who created us has the control of a person’s life, and forgives our sins… how cool is that! The LORD is a real GENTLEMAN; that even though he created us, He doesn’t take over our lives. He waits until we invite HIM into our lives and hearts.

  23. I totally love narnia like william i also enjoy watching harry potter and the twilight.I just hope that william will be one of character in those movies.

  24. coolgirl says:

    Will is so cool and nice it was so fun to be on set with him and see him act

  25. coolgirl says:

    Will isn’t that mean to Skandar on set he’s actually pretty nice and he cares about him to though Skander did try and steal the Check the Gate song

  26. Genna says:

    Oh my gosh, I’ve been gone sooooo long! But yes I still think Will is the greatest and I totally agree with you, willsheart, on Catholicism!

  27. Katy says:

    OMG THANK YOU!!!!!! I LOVE William and I am going to take this EVERYWHERE!!! Do you have one with Anna, Skandar or Georgie???? <3 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    I love you William!!!! (More than ANYONE in the WORLD!!! even more than Justin Bieber!!)

  28. Rooney says:

    Ah, he could’ve been a wonderful Peeta. Too bad he didn’t audition for the role. Would really love to see him in The Hunger Games movies.

  29. Shafia says:

    Well, I think there’s no boundaries to adore or become fan of someone, no matter what are their religions are,, just don’t argue about that, that’s his privacy ^_^

    Love u Will!!

  30. Katherine says:

    What the heck does “Under Contract with Micky Mouse” mean??? LMAO ITS OBVIOUS HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND!!

  31. Hannah.Rose says:

    O.mi<Golly I lovvveee William!! he is so fantastic! Like I know he's just another ordinary person like me, but he's so cute with his blonde hair/blue eyes!! xD I saw a boy that looked just like him once, and it was awesome!!
    No matter what people say about Him I'll always think of him as Only the bestest ever :))) April 27 rocks!!!!!!!

  32. Hannah says:

    Omg hahahaha I can’t believe I actually knew that April 27 is Will’s bday.. Creepy of me :P..

    He’s absolutely adorable!!! This whole interview cracked me up and made me love him more (if possible!!)

  33. summer says:

    I think it was a joke about him hating skandar

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