APRIL FOOLS! Mattel to release “Ken and Barbie Dolls” as “Caspian and Ramandu’s Daughter!”

Mattel to release “Ken and Barbie Dolls” as “Caspian and Ramandu’s Daughter!” Spy “Sid Phillips” just sent us an exclusive report, informing us that toy giant Mattel has announced that the popular toy couple, Ken and Barbie will be slated to have a tie-in with another popular couple, Caspian and Ramandu’s Daughter!

Star Trek Barbie DollsThis is not the first time Ken and Barbie have portrayed a popular movie, or book couple. For the 25th anniversary of Star Trek, they took on the rolls of Captain James T. Kirk and ( an oddly Blue-eyed blonde) Lt. Uhurha. In 2003, Barbie dawned elf ears to play Arwen to Ken’s Arargorn for Peter Jackson’s, Oscar winning epic The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, based on the classic fantasy book by JRR Tolkien. In 2006, Ken became the Last Son of Krypton for Superman Returns, with Barbie as his Lois Lane. Most recently, they were seen as the big teen-dream romance Edward Cullen and Bella Swan from Twilight. Other couples they’ve portrayed have included Romeo & Juliet and King Arthur and Guinevere.

Superman & Lois Lane Lord of the Rings Barbie dolls

Twlight Barbie Dolls

The toys are expected in stores sometime around Thanksgiving to coincide not only with the release of the film, but the Christmas gift giving season. Industry insiders are expecting the Caspian & Ramandu’s Daughter Barbie dolls to be a big hit and are sure to find a welcome space along side the other classic couples on many toy collectors shelves.

The toys also come with a special added feature, namely…


20 Responses to “APRIL FOOLS! Mattel to release “Ken and Barbie Dolls” as “Caspian and Ramandu’s Daughter!””

  1. Steelsheen says:

    seems that Barnes can add “girl’s dolly” to his growing Narnia titles of “pretty boy” and “poster boy” 😀

    oh… and Happy April Fools 😛

  2. Steelsheen says:

    btw, am i seeing things or is that the NarniaWeb banner thats alternating with the usual NarniaFans banner? 😛

  3. You_Are_A_Mouse says:

    Haha. Very funny. But I would so actually buy those 😛
    Haha, I actually didn’t see the Narniaweb thing! Clever!

  4. CaspianGirl says:

    I was really excited about this!!! Then I realized that it was April Fools Day. -_-

  5. Narniamiss says:

    In a pig’s eye!

  6. Christy Ford says:

    LOL I love this holiday, I really do.

  7. iLiveInNarnia says:

    My guess is this is an April Fools joke. But if it wasnt i would buy them anways! And you never know, let us all remember last year’s april fools joke that turned out..HORRIBLE

  8. iLiveInNarnia says:

    Holy crud, i just realised that there are LOTR dolls up there :)

  9. XD

    This and Spock… XD

  10. A person says:

    Oh WOW. I believed you again… :)

  11. LolaFrog says:

    Yes, the NarniaFans banner is alternating with NarniaWeb. The same thing is happening with the NarniaWeb banner on NarniaWeb.com. :)

  12. AravisKenobi says:

    Can I just say that the one thing that makes this very unbelievable is the reference to a blond, blue-eyed Uhura? Um, there WAS a minor/major crewmember who wore red who was white, blonde, and blue-eyed in Star Trek (Janice Rand)…so that obviously indicates this is a joke.

    • Jonathon says:

      Actually, it’s more of my mistake. I thought she was supposed to be Uhura… I completly forgot about Janice Rand. ( Then again she wasn’t in the handful of episodes I caught in syndication). Other then that I only saw Rand in the films and in those, every one wore red! This will be a lesson to me… never try to pull a fast one on Trekkers!

      • Steelsheen says:

        except for the Nimoy thing which you actually got us all wishful-thinking… 😛

        • Jonathon says:

          That was actually my own wishful thinking too…

          So far my only wishful thinking for a Narnia cast member was Liam Neeson as Aslan.

  13. Tarwe, the Narnian Elf says:

    I have come to find out that NarniaFans is realiable every day of the year EXCEPT for April 1st! You guys are too funny! 😉

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