Dawn Treader Footage screened at NRB 2010, Another Positive Response

It appears that the footage that we saw at the Narnia Summit a few weeks ago has been screened again. This time, at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. I’ve asked Ken Bowles, from Midwest Christian Media, to comment on just what the convention is, and give his general impressions of the footage. I’ve also edited it a bit so it’s free of some particular important spoilers. While that information is likely to get out into the general public with so many thousands having now seen the footage, I’m going to keep it as spoiler free as possible.

Ken writes:

The National Religious Broadcasters Convention has been recently drawing around 5,000 Christian leaders mainly in radio and television broadcasting. If the distributors/producers of a movie want the Christian media to talk about their movie, NRB’s annual convention is a mandatory stop. The entire Passion of the Christ was shown to the attendees of the convention before it was released in the theaters. Advance Previews of LWW and PC were seen in previous years. Disney produced an entire evening session at the convention and displayed, what I would call, a water color preview of VDT . . . before FOX took over.

Last week, it was FOX’s turn and a three and a half minute collection of clips was show on Saturday and Sunday evenings. VDT shared the program with the Gaither Vocal Band and Chuck Colson. We were warned that a lot of work remained on the colors, lighting, sound track, etc.


Here are some of the brief scenes I remember seeing:

The opening scene was puzzling at the beginning but gradually revealed the setting in history and the relation to Aslan.

We were shown the entrance to Narnia [Edited out by Paul Martin ;-)] . . . pretty exciting stuff.

Reepicheep briefly made an appearance. I was encouraged that he wasn’t created as a comic figure.

Eustace was depicted as a pretty engaging fella. It will be interesting to learn more about him.

No dufflepuds were seen that I recognized . . . maybe they were invisible.

The ship was seen in [Edited out by Paul Martin ;-)] . . . just as I thought it would be like when I read the book.

[Edited out by Paul Martin ;-)] was touching and theologically powerful.

There was a scene that depicted the deck of the Dawn Treader and the camera moved back and a blob appeared on the right side of the screen. I assume this was one of the scenes that still needed work.

Another clip showed the purple sails of the ship filled with wind.

The closing slide only indicated that the movie would be released in December, no specific date was projected. The slide was very much like those used in the Disney films and the connection was also made through the music.

Though I saw the clips twice, I’m sure I’ve left things out.

The presentation was very segmented so one didn’t get a feeling of how the story will flow, but the clips left me with a feeling of great promise and with the wish that it were December instead of March!

Ken Bowles
Midwest Christian Media

23 Responses to “Dawn Treader Footage screened at NRB 2010, Another Positive Response”

  1. George says:

    Gaither Vocal Band? yey, i like ’em…:)

  2. George says:

    I want to see that too:( can’t wait till decemba=er

  3. Yet another great response. I just watched LWW again with my roommates (that’s the second time in the past few weeks!). I’m truly looking forward to the Dawn Treader. :)

  4. Kiera says:

    I want to see it so badly!!!!! now I really can’t want till December!! 😀
    Its 4 days after my Birthday Ya I’m so excited!!!! 😀

  5. JED says:

    Does anyone know when the advertising starts for the film? I mean how soon before the opening date of the film? I want to get a DT movie poster for a young fan. Thanks.

  6. JadistarkilleR says:

    awww Paul, c’mon, what about us spoiler junkies? you gotta give us something to chew on 😉

  7. Mark Sommer says:

    A brief comment also has come up on Twitter from Lisa Anderson, Focus on the Family’s Corporate Publicity Director. She says: “Just saw a rough cut preview of Narnia’s “Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” set for release in December. It’s gonna be good.”
    See my Examiner.com report by clicking on my name and then looking for the story “Dawn Treader previewed at NRB convention.”

  8. Lulu Soames says:

    OMG i cant wait to c it. its gonna be amazing :PPP

  9. Anna says:

    Where can I see the un-edited version?

  10. Mark Sommer says:

    I received an interesting comment to my report on this. The person felt that the studio’s “pandering to theocrats” tainted the film. If you would like to respond (Please be nice; venomous comments will be deleted.), or just read the comment and my reply, click on my name above and look for the article

  11. MrBob says:

    “There was a scene that depicted the deck of the Dawn Treader and the camera moved back and a blob appeared on the right side of the screen.”

    I am so glad they decided to keep the blob scene in there. The entire movie would have been ruined without the blob :)

  12. Narniamiss says:

    Oh gosh, Paul. I need spoilers! You’re killing me! 😉 I just hope we get a trailer soon.

  13. Laura says:

    WHAT? Did you have to edit that stuff out? We hardly have anything to go on as it is :( I sure hope this is as good as the first (and second) impressions are saying. I hope, hope, hope it is.

  14. i cant wait for the dawn treader to be released i watched the BBC version when i was eleven (which was a year ago(we’ve got a D.V.D. you see)) which was astounding. i wish they would do every thing in the BBC version and make the ship better.and can you when you learn the exact date . cause i don’t think they will show that here early.(I’m in the south east Asia) so. Please AND Thank YOU.

  15. Reepicheep, Knight of Narnia says:

    I need a trailer. I was hoping for one this month. Maybe I just have to take it slowly. Hope for April now, then May, etc. Maybe I’ll make it then

  16. Edmundlvr says:

    My Uncle’s theater has posters of movies coming out, unfortuantly the poster isn’t out yet, should have known! :-) LOL Can’t wait for the movie! I wish the trailer was out already!!!!

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