More Dawn Treader Photos: See the Dragon Prow

The Dawn Treader is really taking shape, as the Dragon Prow is now in full view. We’ve received some photos from the set. NarniaFans Spy ‘Hiromi’ managed a few shots that really get me excited to see the completed ship. This thing looks absolutely huge. We’re talking at least three stories tall, and that’s not including the Dragon Prow itself. Take a look at these awesome pictures. It doesn’t look like it’ll be much longer before the prow and the wings are attached, in time for filming to begin on the ship later this month. This is our first look at the Dragon Prow, unobstructed by a fence: the head and neck of the dragon. Take a look, it’s looking more and more beautiful every time we get more pictures of it!

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  1. Arvan says:

    Finally some good pics! Looks great to me!

  2. Becks says:


  3. Abby says:

    Oh my gooooodness!
    This looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the whole thing completed!
    Good job to the crew :)

  4. the lion roars from narnia says:

    This is amazing! I really can’t wait to see the whole ship in one piece! The dragon’s prow and wings will look great on the ship. I wonder what the tail will look like!

  5. Liz says:

    It looks a bit strange, I think. Like a cartoon dragon-head. I had hoped for something a bit Viking inspired. Hope it looks better, when it’s on the ship. I’m excited about the film, though. Sail on, Dawn Treader.

  6. Karine says:

    It does look pretty amazing 😀

  7. Friend of Narnia says:

    Horray, more photos!! Though I had imagined the ship to be more green, the wings and the dragon prow looks better than I had imagined them

  8. glumPuddle says:

    Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for! Now, bring on the purple sail!

    I feel like the dragon can’t be as big as it looks.

    • Apples says:

      I know! It looks so HUGE. Almost as big as half the ship – but it CAN’T be that big. Goodness I can hardly wait to see it in it one piece!

  9. UpTheWave says:

    Almost there. Just get that head attached and add the purple sail. Sail on VDT!

  10. Jonathan Fletcher says:

    I am SOOOOO excited!!! Looking great!

  11. Leah says:

    It looks much too plastic-y. And what’s with the tongue? Don’t really like it…

  12. Edson07bs says:

    OMG, great. I love it, I thik this movie will be very good…..

  13. Narniawarrior says:

    Yes they are awesome…they will make them look older I suspect…but looks terrrrrrific…Long Live Aslan !!!

  14. Prince Caspifan says:

    Huge fan of the series, but I’m not a fan of the Dragon head and wings. It looks cheap and like a carnival ride, which is a bit surprising considering that all the production design so far has been very strong. It is one of the central images of the film, and should fill the audience with a sense of wonder. Instead, it feels like a “swinging ship” ride.

  15. ksquard says:

    It looks like a kiddie ride! What’s the deal? This is a quintessential book/story with marvelous, resonating themes and adventures and they’re going to muck it up with this?! This should be more like the Black Pearl than the Buccaneer ride at Great Adventure! Please.

  16. Fritz says:

    Sorry, but this is just goofy. Just because the movie is based on a children’s book, doesn’t mean the ship needs to look like a cheap plastic toy.

    It’s sad to see they are not treating this material seriously, Dawn Treader is my favorite book in the series. The Dawn Treader needs to be realistic majestic, and inspiring mystery and adventure. Not cheap, airbrushed carnival rides.

  17. Tarwe, the Narnian Elf says:

    I don’t think we should be hasty in passing judgement on the ship yet; I mean, it’s not even finished. Personally, with all the money and work they have put into the series so far, I don’t think the movie producers would settle on a fakey-looking dragon head.

    I also think that the Dawn Treader will look great! I hope they won’t dismantle it after they finish filming! However, it’s supposed to be a small ship. If the prow is as BIG as it looks, I think the Dawn Treader will be a little front heavy! 😉 Just kidding! Sail on!

  18. lion's row says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie, this is the best new o all!!!!

  19. Susan says:

    The ship *is* meant to be a small, almost Viking-style ship, with a single large main mast and the dragon figurehead is specifically mentioned. I don’t think it can be helped that many cheesy carnival rides have been inspired by magnificent Scandinavian naval vessels. ; )

    Something like the Black Pearl would be tragically wrong. Now, in the mythical future movie Horse and His Boy, the Splendour Hyaline would be a much more grandiose vessel, more like a 18th or 19th century vessel.

    But in DT, Narnians hadn’t been to sea in centuries, and Caspian is rediscovering a lost art with his simple and small ship.

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  21. Bernard Sepnio says:

    WOW! :)

  22. Bernard Sepnio says:

    It really looks good.. I can’t wait to see the whole Dawn Treader! 😉

  23. Adam says:

    I ride my bike passed it everyday! lol

    It actually looks quite tacky but I am sure will look good in the film. Must be using loads of blue/green screen becuase there are plenty of islands and mining on the horizon.

    Local businesses are doing a roaring trade thanks to the production.

    There is a large seating area for those wanting to watch when production starts September 1st – the production is really making an effort to keep the locals on side – which is nice.

    have loads of pics too –

  24. Knight of Narnia says:

    I think the ship looks good.
    The ship is supposed to look grand.
    I think we should wait until the movie comes out before we pass judgment.

  25. Cintia says:

    I loved the photos, I’m crazy for the film’s release so I can see better, I hope you two fassa a great movie, a movie as good as the book. I love Narnia! Kisses ..

  26. AJ warrior of Narnia says:

    The photo’s were great
    I can’t wait for the 3rd movie
    I can’t wait for the new battle of caspian,Edmund and Lucy
    But I really wish it will come to theatres earlier
    I wish I can be in the crew of the Dawn Treader
    Well, wish you all the best for Ben Barnes, Skandar and Georgie and of course the rest of the cast and Eustace.
    Good luck and God bless this movie.

  27. yashodhara says:

    i just luv these pics hope they post more pics and this series never ends

  28. lucy says:


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