Anna Popplewell Updates on Charity Run

Anna Popplewell has updated her page on, writing about how she did. At the time of this writing, she had set a goal of 4,000.00, and by race time, had reached 4,660.00. The money is going to the charity Shelter, which helps the homeless.

Anna writes:

UPDATE: I still wasn’t sure until this morning whether I was going to make it to the start line, having been on antibiotics for a chest infection last week and still suffering from a foot injury. I made it though- it took me a whole 6 hours and 15 minutes and 43 seconds but I got there! Thank you everyone so much for your incredible support and for your generous contributions. Your sponsorship will make a huge difference to people who really need it and it certainly kept me going today. I really, really appreciate it… Thank you thank you thank you x x x x x

If you want to know more, I found her running details:

Anna K Popplewell, runner #45028, in age group W18, finished 33733 overall. For her gender, she finished 10154th, and in her age group 6424th.

5 km 0:34:06
10 km 1:10:38
15 km 1:44:56
20 km 2:22:37
half 2:30:22
25 km 3:14:30
30 km 4:03:00
35 km 5:00:33
40 km 5:55:23
finish 6:15:43

Congrats, Anna! Well done! I’d have done about as well as you, if not worse!

And if this is really him or not, I don’t know, but Ben Barnes has also donated to her cause, saying: I’m so proud and completely in awe. Congratulations. x

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  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks for posting this news Mr. Martin. It seems like a wonderful charity, and I was happy to give some money to a good cause, as I saw you were too! Funny thing I noticed was that the dollar-pound ratio on my credit card is much better than I thought due to the world-wide financial crisis; I was in England last summer, and it was so much worst! By the way, I could NEVER do a marathon. I was almost in tears after being forced to run a mile in high school, and I am still in no better shape several years later! Oh, the tragedy that is my body…

    • Paul Martin says:

      You’re welcome! I did my research before giving money to the cause. There is a good exchange rate. Right now, oddly enough, the dollar is stronger than it’s been in the past.

  2. xx says:

    wow this post is so know you could credit

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m glad Anna did the marathon in a good time and that she raised more money than she thought. 😀 Well done Anna!

  4. Hi Paul Martin,

    Thank you so much for the fantastic news about Anna’s marathon. I am so happy for her that she did really well and that she raised a lot of money for the shelter. I just wanted to say congratulations to you Anna. I didn’t get a chance to see you on TV here in the US but I’m glad to hear that you did well and that it all turned out ok. Say hi to Will, Ben, Skandar, and Georgie if either of you guys see them around.

    Congrats Anna!
    Ashley Schulz :)

  5. Hi Paul Martin and Anna,

    Thank you so much for the recent update about the marathon. I’m glad to hear that Anna did really well and raised a ton of money for the shelter. Good for you Anna. I’m very proud of you. I know that your donations will definitely help the shelter. I’m sad that I didn’t see you on TV here in the US but I’m glad to hear from you that the marathon went really well.

    Congrats Anna!
    Ashley Schulz :)

    PS: if any of you guys see Will, Ben, Skandar, or Georgie, tell them that I said hi and that I wish that I could meet all you guys

  6. allen says:

    Hello Anna fans. you can see pictures of Anna running the marathon at Select flora London marathon 2009 then enter last name Popplewell and tag number 45028. The pictures are small but good enough. I hope it works for you. Thanks to Narnia for the updates.

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