APRIL FOOLS DAY 2009 “Inconceivable!” Three Princess Bride stars join the Dawn Treader.

We have it on good authority that not one, not two, but three actors from the classic film, the Princess Bride will star in the upcoming adaptation of Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The three names mentioned are Wallace Shawn, Cary Elwes and Mandy Patinkin.

Cary ElwesPrincess Bride has been loved by many,” says one insider. “Finding spots for these three actors is a stroke of genius. If Robin Wright ( Buttercup in Princess Bride and Jenny in Forrest Gump) had been much younger, we would have had her as Ramandu’s daughter.”

Wallace Shawn

Shawn (who also voiced Rex in Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story films) is to voice one of the Dufflepuds , while will Patinkin play the Lord Bern. Elwes, who has been tapped to play Captain Drinian of the Dawn Treader, has starred not only in the Princess Bride, but at least two other fantasy films, having played Robin Hood in the Mel Brooks comedy Robin Hood: Men in Tights and the sinister villain Edgar in Ella Enchanted.

Mandy Patinkin

“It is going to be amazing to be acting alongside Patinkin,” said Ben Barnes. “I based my accent for Prince Caspian off of his Inigo Montoya, so it‘s coming full circle! ”

There is no word yet on if Shawn will be voicing the leader of the Dufflepuds or if he will be just one voice among the other notable talents lending their pipes for the parts, which sources have also told us will include Andy Serkis of Lord of the Rings fame and veteran Muppet performers Frank Oz (also known for Yoda in Star Wars), Kevin Clash (Elmo on Sesame Street, and Baby Sinclair on TV’s Dinosaurs), Steve Whitmire (the current voice of Kermit the Frog), and Dave Goelz.

Update: And our source just happens to be some one named April……. April Fools!

26 Responses to “APRIL FOOLS DAY 2009 “Inconceivable!” Three Princess Bride stars join the Dawn Treader.”

  1. John says:

    Wow, great casting. Great to be getting announcements so soon.

  2. The Lion Hearted says:


  3. Adam says:

    Ha ha! I would take note, fellow readers, as to what date this news article was posted on… April Fool’s, anyone? :)

  4. Craig says:

    I’ll believe this *after* it’s confirmed by industry sources, and when it’s not posted on April 1st.

  5. Knight of Narnia says:

    It’s an April Fools joke…

  6. Mark Sommer says:

    Wow. Three elaborate April Fools jokes this year. Someone’s been busy!

  7. Randy says:

    This one is just plausible enough… but I still think it’s an April Fool’s piece.

  8. Aravis says:

    Many wonderful news for one day… do I smell April Fools?

  9. narnia365 says:

    Wow! That is a really funny April Fools joke…

  10. ForAslan says:

    It sure is a dirty one…how can we be sure?

  11. faye says:

    i so wish this was actually true :(

  12. Lieke says:

    They got me until it said that Elwes was cast as Drinian :p

  13. Liz says:

    Would be great, if true …?

  14. ~Lava~ says:

    Well at least Narniaweb isn’t giving the directors bad ideas (at least not terrible ones). Come on guys, do we honestly want another Susapian disaster. April not fooled.

  15. Lucy says:

    wish we could know for sure…

  16. clumsykitty says:

    AHAHAHA! April Fooooools! That would’ve been funny if they actually did that.

  17. Little Narnian says:

    That is so cool!
    I can’t believe it!

  18. The Lion Hearted says:

    ACK! You tricksy people!!! You really got me going…

  19. You_are_a_mouse says:

    Umm, you spelt Lord Bern’s name wrong.
    If you’re going to trick people, at least SPELL IT RIGHT!!!
    But this is very funny. Haha Cary Elwes as Drinian??? It’s a pity he’s not hot anymore!!!

  20. Jonathon says:

    Yes, thank you, You-are-a-mouse. Oddly, you were the only one who caught it!

  21. QSON says:

    Hmmmm Spectacles … I was totally convinced at first, because I began reading it today (the 4th) before seeing the little poll in the side bar. Then I realised you posted this on April Fools’.

    GRRR!!! I had mine hopes up! 😛


  22. pcmaniacfan says:

    ok, i thought this was real until i saw it was posted on april fools…that woulda been really awesome tho…so is it true??

  23. Norton Jennings says:

    Aw, too bad this isn’t real! The Princess Bride is one of my all time favorite movies!

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