Interview with William Moseley (Peter) and Anna Popplewell (Susan)

William Moseley and Anna Popplewell play the oldest of those four children – Peter and Susan. They get drawn into the world of Narnia by their sister Lucy, and further enmeshed in the bad situation there by their brother Edmund. Moseley and Popplewell have been immersed in Narnia now for a couple of years, and they seem no worse the wear for it. They were bright and charming teenagers, happy to field even the lamest questions the journalists at my roundtable could come up with.

Q: Did you grow up with these books?

Popplewell: Yeah. I read the books when I was about 7, and reread them when I was 14, during the casting process.

Moseley: I used to listen to the stories when I was about 7 years old. I always loved them. I used to listen to the story tape. Then when I was 15 I was auditioning for the part and I wasn’t sure if the stories would still relate to me in some ways, because I was a little bit cool. I’m a teenager! Then I read the stories and I still loved them. The issues still relate to the me, if not even moreso. I loved them and they confirmed my thoughts of being in the film.

Q: What was the audition process like for you?

Moseley: It was very, very long. It was 18 months long. Actually Anna and I met each other at one of the first auditions. Then we went through and met Georgie [Henley, playing Lucy] and Skandar [Keynes, playing Edmund]. It was a lot of hard work. They auditioned something like 2500 kids.

Popplewell: When you go in for an audition you put yourself up for rejection. You accept that you might be too tall, too short, not good enough. I think at first you try to not too emotionally involved, but when you get to the end of an 18 month process it’s very nerve-wracking.

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    i liked narnia very much$expecting of such nice film in the future too

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    i love narnia! hope i can meet the narnia casts someday!!! 😀

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