Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Inspired Soundtrack Review

Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, now in stores, is a very unique collection of songs. I have been listening to this album for about a month now, and haven’t heard a compilation like this in a very long time. Not only does each song fit together to bring the stories of Aslan and the Children to light in the many songs, but it also solidifies C.S. Lewis’ intentions for the story.

Jars of Clay – Waiting for the World to Fall
The kickoff to the album is a strong, melodic piece that longtime fans of the band will feel right at home with. Not only is it one of the strongest songs on the album, it would fit nicely on their debut album from 1995; an album that is still considered among the best Christian albums yet recorded. The song brings you into Narnia in the middle of a cold winter, as we await the day that the world changes and the new spring comes to refresh the world.

Steven Curtis Chapman – Remembering You
This song has a very Celtic flair throughout, and could be from the point of view of many, including ourselves and in many times. It is a very heartfelt message of remembering the change that came when the sacrifice was accomplished. This song, being the first single from the album, is a powerful one. They’ve filmed a music video for the song, which we should be seeing sometime in the near future.

Jeremy Camp – Open Up Your Eyes
From Jeremy Camp comes a song that is typical of his style, which means it’s very good. It’s a great song about listening to God, and learning His will for your life, the reason that God created you.

Bethany Dillon – Hero
Hero is a song by 16 year old Bethany Dillon. This talented young artist excels well beyond her age with a great and unique voice and poignant lyrics. It’s a song about the world being torn apart from it’s Creator, and the way that the bridge back was created.

Delirious? – Stronger
This is a song about each day, growing closer to God.. for each day that passes is a day that we’re closer to the day of our death, and therefore, each day should have some time spent growing stronger in our relationship with Him, as this song proclaims.

Rebecca St. James – Lion
Lion is a song that harkens back to her album “Pray” in style, but also serves to show how much she’s improved as an artist since that album. She sings about walking with God and learning to fly with Him by your side. This is classic Rebecca St. James.

TobyMac – New World
The first song that shakes things up a bit is this rocking track from TobyMac, formerly of dcTalk. Here is a song from Lucy’s point of view, after she returns for the first time from Narnia, and tries to explain to her brothers and sister exactly what she has witnessed. This song, regardless of what you think of the genre, does grow on you with every listen.

Nichole Nordeman – I Will Believe
This is a song that takes you by the hand and shows you that with strength and faith, there is a power there. A freedom there. It evokes feelings with a message of having the faith of a child. Being dependent on God and choosing to follow Him.

David Crowder Band – Turkish Delight
Here’s a song about Edmund and the White Witch.. it’s the second song that shakes things up a bit, as the style is quite a bit different from every other song on the album. It’s a song that grows on you, and is definitely one that I could see being a blast when performed live. It’s about selfish temptations and the power that those temptations can have over us.

Kutless – More Than It Seems
Here’s a standard rock song from Kutless. This song, I feel, could fit on their self-titled debut album easily. It’s about entering a new world and coming away changed for the better, and being capable of far more than you think you are capable of.

Chris Tomlin – You’re The One
I think Chris says it best here: This is the most relevant story of the world – it’s the story of all of us, of all mankind. That there is a place, a home that we all belong to, and all of us were created for it, and somewhere along the way we have taken off our own roads, and made decisions that have led us away, and believed lies and it has led us away from this place that we belong. There is someone that will make a way back for us, a hero that will save the day.

Grade: A

A fantastic compilation, I highly recommend it to anyone. Speaking of which, I’ve got quite a few copies of the album, and will be starting a contest very soon to give those away, along with other Narnia prizes.

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