Tour of Disney-Pixar and KNB EFX sheds light on Wall-E and Caspian

A recent press junket went to both Disney’s Pixar studio, and KNB EFX. Both are places that I dream of one day visiting. Who knows, perhaps I could supply some voices to some characters in a Pixar film. And I generally look like a faun, so KNB EFX would just have to apply some horns, a curly wig and ears, and I’d be just about set before Special Effects.

KNB EFX is the company that provided all of the furry prosthetics and creatures for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

With both films arriving on Blu-ray and DVD, Disney decided to have a press junket that covered Wall-E and Prince Caspian at the same time. The first stop was a visit to Pixar, who has made no bad film! I love them all! Get Wall-E!

Pixar was just day one. Day two lead to KNB EFX. Everyone took a short flight to Hollywood, and went for a rendezvous with Disney’s head of disc production at Burbank.

The looked at the new Circle-Vision Interactive feature, on the Prince Caspian Blu-ray Disc, that allows for 360-degree scene navigation.

Following the preview, the group of reporters was driven to KNB’s studios, where Greg Nicotero and his team created the costumes for Prince Caspian.

All in all, the efforts of the teams at both studios showed the variety of work that went into making two very different films. But it also displayed the passion that both teams had for the work they are doing. And that is what drives each them toward perfection in their work.

You can read the whole story at News Shopper Online.

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