APRIL FOOLS! 2014. “Yowza!”

Well folks, another April Fools has come and gone. It’s time to put aside our mirth and silliness and get back to business. I hope you all enjoyed the jokes this year and got a good laugh, joke, or chuckle out of them. I also hope you didn’t read them too early in the morning. As is evident by most of the comments, you guys are getting good at this! Some are even sharing them with others! Note: No Current or Former Disney Channel Stars were harmed in the making of these jokes.

There was a time when I was thinking April Fools 2014 may not happen. But with the news that Silver Chair has been green lit, the stories wrote themselves.

You’re reactions as usual are priceless and it’s what makes it all so fun. Yes, The Silver Chair movie is in the works. No, Lady Gaga will not be playing the Lady of the Green Kirtle or working on the soundtrack. Note: Finding a semi-normal picture of Lady Gaga is impossible. No such things exists.

Further Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Christopher Eccleston will not be playing Puddleglum ( though they would be excellent choices), Sylvester McCoy will not be voicing Glimfeather ( though again, that would be an inspired choice), and Karen Gillan won’t be playing Jill Pole, so at least for the time being, young aspiring actress can still try and flood our e-mail inboxes with requests to cast them as Jill. And actually based on her age, Ms. Gillan would actually make a great Lady of the Green Kirtle ( plus for some reason I always pictured the LotGK a red head, even if the book may not have said so. Maybe it’s because something about her seemed Irish). So there are my Narnian Fanboy fantasy fan casting choices. You, and the filmmakers are welcome to them.

Also, originally there was going to be a third story, one dealing with a teaser Trailer for Narnia 4 attached to The Hobbit: There And Back Again. However due to time, internet connections and my not being home pretty much all day today we were unable to run it in time. But friend of Narnia ArvinJan Pevensie did such a great job and worked so hard on the trailer I just had to share it. While I could have held the trailer till next year, ArvinJan deserved credit for all the work done this year. Here is the video. Feel free to check out the other fan videos on ArvinJan’s channel!


That’s it for this year. Be back next later for more fun and stay tuned to NarniaFans for all your Narnia related news.


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  1. archeress_for_aslan says:

    I would have been sad if there were not April Fools jokes this year. I came back looking for them! You always have funny ones!

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