Announcing the Winners of the NarniaFans Letters to Christmas Contest

As many of you know, we concluded a month long Letters to Father Christmas contest here at NarniaFans. Thanks to Father Christmas and some friends of NarniaFans, the grand prize winner will receive a prize pack containing some very special books. Now, we are pleased to announce the winners:

Grand Prize winner-Mrs. Tanya Gilbert.

However there were so many good letters that we wanted to reward three letters that were just as good. The Second Place winners will recieve a copy of The Unofficial Narnia Cook Book. They are…

Kaity Orme, Eve ( daughter of), and Vincent Surmont.


It was a very difficult choice to pick winners for this contest. In an ideal world, perhaps every one would have been able to receive the grand prize. Thank you to all who entered this contest.


And as a special treat, be back the week before Christmas as Father Christmas will answer some of your questions!

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  1. Vincent Surmont says:

    Hey thanks so much for choosing me for the Narnia Cock Book I don’t know what I need to do to get it. I here or receive anything. Thanks

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