New Book Brings The Magic of Narnia Into Your…..Kitchen

Brittany Coleman at Source Books sent us word on an upcoming release that is sure to help fill your appetite for more Narnia…literally. The book is called The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook. Bellow is the press-release:


Have you ever wished you could travel through the wardrobe to Narnia simply to taste some of the wondrous food they eat? Ever tried to tuck a piece of toffee into the ground like in The Magician’s Nephew so that you could eat sweets for breakfast?

Now is your chance to bring the majesty of Narnia to your table in The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook (ISBN: 978-1-4022-6641-6; Sourcebooks Jabberwocky; Ages 9 and up; November 2012 $19.99 U.S.; Hardcover; Juvenile Nonfiction).

The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook brings the enchanting and glorious world of Narnia straight to your kitchen, with over 150 easy-to-make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes, including:

·        Beautiful Breakfasts-Share a breakfast for the Man-stomach of Centaurs, with stick-to-your-ribs porridge, crispy bacon, tender omelet with sautéed vegetable filling, baked york ham, and toast with sweet orange marmalade.

·        Magical Lunches-Have lunch straight from the Magician’s kitchen, with cold lamb, vegetable-cheese omelet, oniony garlicky pea’s porridge, strawberry ice, lemon squash, and hot chocolate.

·        Delectable Dinners-Enjoy Christmas Dinner from Father Christmas, complete with roasted goose with fall fruit stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with onion gravy, and plum pudding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

·        Delightful Desserts-Have tea with Tumnus and enjoy buttered toast with honey or sugar-dusted sponge tea cakes.

From making your own toffee fruit to creating a fabulous feast of plum pudding and Christmas biscuits from Father Christmas, this cookbook gives children the opportunity to explore their imaginations and bring deliciously magical meals from Narnia to life in the comfort of home, without worrying about the White Witch!

Look for more on this upcoming release!

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  1. Angelica Chakraborty says:

    Oh I think this is the one who published the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and I think on her site she mentioned she would do a Narnia one. I think this is it because I recognize the similar style of the cover, except the Harry Potter one is purple instead of blue. I have the Harry Potter one and I will look forward to owning the Narnia one too. There was actually a Narnia cookbook that Douglas Gresham released. I don’t when, but it was probably several years back because the only place I found it was in the library on my campus.

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