APRIL FOOLS! Could One Of These Actors Be Andrew Ketterley In The Magician’s Nephew?

Over the past month we’ve been reporting that 20th Century Fox and Walden Media were discussing the possibility of filming the Magician’s Nephew as the next Narnia movie. A trusted source has just sent us word about how “serious” these talks may be. A memo was sent out to the casting director from 20th Century Fox and Walden Media to begin looking at actors who can play a “mad scientist –type” and do it in a way to make sure it isn’t too campy, for “the forth Narnia film.” There is only one “mad scientist-type in Narnia, and that is Andrew Ketterley the uncle of Digory Kirke.

Our source tells us that the actors they are currently auditioning include Gary Oldman ( Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, the Harry Potter Films and The Book of Eli), Crispin Glover ( Back to the Future Part 1, and Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland), John Glover ( Scrooged, Batman& Robin and TV’s Smallville), Terence Stamp ( General Zod in Superman I and Superman II), Sam Neil ( Jurassic Park),  Brad Dourif ( Grima Wormtounge in Lord of the Rings), Christopher Walken , Gary Busey, Charlie “Winning” Sheen,  and Neil Patrick Harris.

So who could be chosen for the roll? Could Narnia be Crispin’s density… I mean destiny? Could Digory and Polly be forced to “kneel before Zod?” Could Narnia get a much needed dose of “Tiger blood and Adonis DNA” to propel the series to becoming a “Winning” franchise? Could Neil Patrick Harris (perhaps even lending his singing voice to aid in the creation of Narnia scene) make this film “Legend..wait for it…keep waiting…Dary”?

Keep in mind this list is by no means complete. Our source said there were several other lesser known actors being considered as well for this roll. Stay tuned to NarniaFans.com for more on this exciting news. In the mean time, you can watch a video of these actors auditioning here.

Update:Do you know what else is “winning”? …APRIL FOOLS!

24 Responses to “APRIL FOOLS! Could One Of These Actors Be Andrew Ketterley In The Magician’s Nephew?”

  1. Sarah says:


    (I would actually approve VERY MUCH of Neil Patrick Harris)

  2. Ashley says:

    Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey? Is this an April’s Fools joke?

  3. Nick says:

    Charlie Sheen isn’t even funny on April Fool’s Day.

  4. Daniel James says:

    I can’t believe how much amazing news has been pouring in during these last tent minutes! A post really is loving For other oscars soon!

  5. Jonathon says:

    It should be noted…none of these photos have been altered in any way shape or form by photo-shop.

  6. thesuperduperr says:

    garry oldman, i thins

  7. NarnianAtHeart says:

    I can go for Terence Stamp,
    He’s got the evil vibe

  8. FierceQueen says:

    If Charlie Sheen gets it (and this is not a joke), I will NOT be going to see MN. Narnia is an allegory to the Christian faith, and that man does not care about anything like that.

  9. Aslan's Meadow says:

    To bad it’s not true…but they all look like they could fit the character.

  10. T.T says:

    I have a strong feeling the magician’s nephew has been greenlit just that they aren’t ready to announce it yet.

  11. Eustace says:

    I like all the mess-ups in this report!

    • Jonathon says:

      Thos are intentional. They are clues to the savy readers. ( except the “Density” bit… that’s a reference to Back to the Future.)

  12. Lucy says:

    Okay, this was actually funny. When I saw the pictures of the “potenical actors to play andrew” I cracked up.

  13. WillowofNarnia says:

    Wow, none of those look like the Uncle! Happy April Fools Day! Gosh, you’ve done a lot of them! 😀

  14. Aravis Kenobi says:

    What? No Johnny Depp on the list?! I half-expected him to be mentioned! Brad Dourif most definitely.

    NOT! :)

  15. i know this is an april fools joke…but out of this lot, i vote for john glover. even tho i dont know him

  16. IvanKettetley says:

    Gary Oldman ¡¡ … Uncle Ketterley needs his character¡

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