Narnia 4 will be The Magician’s Nephew – It’s Official

Well, here’s a bit of news that is half-known (the fact that they’re talking about The Magician’s Nephew) and half-unknown (why they are doing that particular story next).  Now we have some more information from Micheal Flaherty for the why.  It was as I expected and explained a number of times.

Flaherty called The Magician’s Nephew his favorite book after The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

“I love the Magician’s Nephew because it’s a great origins story. You get to learn so much about where the wardrobe came from, where the lamppost came from, where Narnia came from,” he said.

“What’s interesting is that the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe over this period of time sold twice as many books as Prince Caspian and it did twice as much at the box office. Prince Caspian sold a third of the books as Dawn Treader and did a third at the box office,” he noted.

“So while it’s not always a correlation between books to film, so far with these first three films, it has been.”

This is exactly as I had expected.  It has to do with popularity.  It’s both a business decision and a financial one.  And it’s a smart decision, as a business owner myself, to do what will definitely earn some money to help fund further projects.

But it could also be a long time before we see it come together.

“If we can all agree to move forward, then what we would do is find someone to write the script. So, it could still be a couple of years.”

Before you start throwing slings about how The Silver Chair should be next and all of that, and how confusing this would be to people, I have a few things to say about that.

1) Give yourself more credit than that – You are smart enough to know when something is taking place on a timeline.  If you weren’t, you also wouldn’t know where anything is happening on a linear timeline.  The Bible is also non-linear.

2) While I agree that I would love to see Will Poulter in The Silver Chair next, I also want to see a new adventure on the big screen for the first time.  Sure Will won’t get any younger, but there’s also the chance that we’d never see The Magician’s Nephew happen if Silver Chair didn’t do so well.

3) Sure, The Green Mist could have been attributed to the Lady of the Green Kirtle, but all is not lost for those still upset about that.  If The Magician’s Nephew makes enough, that could help Silver Chair happen.

In a perfect world, all of the books would have been able to be filmed in the publication order and The Silver Chair would be next.  I would be all for that.  However, I am still thankful that they are going to attempt to continue the series.  To me, that is the important thing.  To me, more Narnia is what I want, and I’m ready for it.

-via The Christian Post

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  1. zorro says:

    is it really going to take 2 years???????????

  2. Rosie says:

    two years? that long, I don’t know if I can wait that long!!!!ahhh
    But at least they’re making the MN not the SC!!!!


  3. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    Yes! Yes!!!! MN here I come! I’ve been waiting for Walden to make up their minds. And even though I would prefer to see SC MN is fine. Its going to be scary, dark, cool, and amazing. It’s Narnia. I just hope they go with the book, since LWW was with the book. And since it explains everything in LWW.

    For Aslan!!!!!!

  4. narnia fan!!! xx says:

    I still dont understand why they didnt make the films in the order of the books, but aslong as they keep making the films i really dont care which one it is!!! i also cant wait for ‘The Last Battle’ as everyone from the older stories are in it and if they keep to the original casting, it would be interessting to see how the actors have changed! I just wish they held open auditions so I could try out!!

    • Paul Martin says:

      They did. The original publication order of the books. And if you were making the movies, you’d have chosen that order as well. You just have to think about how old the characters have to be, and how long it takes to make each movie.

  5. I Love georgie says:

    YAY!!! MORE NARNIA !!! im Sooooo Happy and relieved!!!! 😀

  6. verloz says:

    when they movie out??
    i’m waiting for wacth them…

  7. EDmund :D says:

    go Narnia woot woot!!! i would like it if its in the same order but i wish its cooler than the other movies 😀
    go go go!!!!

  8. Suse says:

    I love SC but it would be soo unnince to see Caspians death so i don’t care :)
    MN is one of my most fav. Narnia books so far & I’m so happy they finally’ll do the other chapter so I really do not care 😀 I wish it only to be so great as the previous, haha 😀 I can’t wait to watch it 😛

  9. dada says:

    hearing bout narnia always make me excited.. this new narnia already make me verrrry excited.pretty sure it will come out next year!! Yayyy!! 😀

  10. Maurits says:

    I’m happy they are making a fourth movie, but I like the Silver Chair more then The Magician’s Nephew. So I hope that Narnia 5 is gonna be The Silver Chair.:D

  11. James says:

    I’m just glad that the series is continuing… I just hope that the level of writing, acting, production is at the same level -if not better, than what its already been enjoyed…

  12. ethan hunt says:

    its always gr8 2 hear abt narnia ………i’m vry excited abt d magician’s nephew n i hope dat d series continues n the most important thing ……..i’d luv it if d cast always remains d same…..

  13. IlovenarnIA says:

    Super cool but is it really gonna take three years I can’t wait that long

  14. Will The Chronicles of Narnia The Magicians Nehew,
    Come out next year? because I want to see the next one soon.
    Please let when it is coming out in theatres.

  15. Is Narnia The Magicians Nehew coming out in theatres next year?

  16. Nadeshiko_mail says:

    Narnia The Magician’s Nephew will coming out in 2014, don’t you?

  17. Listen everyone, I think Magician Nephew was sixths Narnia movie in 2016 always. I always think that Narnia 4 the sliver chair is always be 2012,The horse and his boy would be 2014 in the fifth narnia movie. It might be right like 2018 in the seventh Narnia the last battle movie. What would you suggest?
    I really wanted to make sure Narnia movie to be the right thing, can you? I feel it to be the right movie in order from secene. let me know.

  18. Pariya says:

    YessSss!!!! I love narnia soooo much!!! I’m waiting for watch it just for my dear peter!!!. It’s so amazing. I’m very happy!!! B-):-);-)B-)

  19. Danielle says:

    Yes!! More Narnia!!! And it explains how Narnia came to be. Now I don’t have to try to explain it to my friend who rarely has time for reading since she got a job
    . LONG LIVE ASLAN!!!!! :)

  20. Lily says:

    I absolutely ADORE Narnia, I actually look into my wardrobe from time to time. How old it Jill Pole supposed to be because im trying to make it as a actress and this could be my cue.
    I mean come on Georgie Henley did it soooo easy.

  21. Tyler says:

    I very happy that they are making M.N,I enjoyed it very much!!!!!I hope they maake it along with the book.They almost messed up the D.T by not going with the book……..If you want to listen to them though a audio book,go to focus on the family/

  22. Java hut says:

    I don’t care what happens,because I LOVE Narnia.Keep making the movies and I will be least it’s not the 4th book.I FREAKING LOVE NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep making them movies!!!!

  23. Shaina says:


  24. Brooke says:

    The only big thing, though, is that they might not be able to have the same actor for Silver Chair if they ever want to do it, and if they do get the same actor, he will be like waayy older, and it’s not supposed to take place that much time after Dawn Treader.

  25. eizz wilder says:

    I would really like to see New Narnia movies every year. Just like Harry Potter! It would be good if They release The Silver Chair a year right after The Magicians Naphew was released. So Will(Eustace) will not be that old…

  26. Julie says:

    So cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Lady Donna M. Royce says:

    Mr. Flaherty,

    I am no ruddy huge fan of the bible nor those that bend the knee to it so fast and WITHOUT thinking any more and I have my reasons for fearing “Christians” now! But as far as Narnia is concerned, I WANT MORE! I barely remember reading “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” in High School Lit. class in 74 and doing a report. But it never stuck with me.
    Last week, a friend lent me the entire “Chronicles of Narnia” in one book and upon reading it from the start as I should have in school so long ago, I AM HOOKED! The time setting in Narnia is very much to my liking and to be blunt, THIS FLIPPING WORLD IS A MESS AND I BLOODY WELL HATE IT!

    I saw the first two movies at the theater and now own all three and if I could find a way into Narnia, I WOULD TIE MYSELF TO A TREE RATHER THEN COME BACK TO THIS RUDDY MESS HERE! I work and camp at a local Renaissance Festival each year and I can not wait to get into my dresses for work on the weekends. The time setting in Narnia fits me like a glove! Very much like Ren. Fest.! All I would need to take with me in Narnia is my kitties, my festival dresses, shoes and other festival clothing and swords to start with and I would be VERY HAPPY!
    All I would beg of “Aslan” would be to have my health and youth back so I could enjoy being there and explore everything I could of Narnia before I died! Just make sure I have plenty of paper and pencils to write with and I will keep very good records of my time there.

    You might call me an overgrown child! But you know what? I DO NOT bloody well care what others think of me! I STILL believe in all the things most adults stop believing in when they hit 11 or younger! One of those things IS NARNIA and the other one is FATHER CHRISTMAS and I DO NOT NEED OTHERS TELLING ME FLIPPING WELL DIFFERENT!
    I might be middle age and have several problems with my body, but I AM AN OVERGROWN CHILD INSIDE WHERE IT COUNTS!

    Lady Donna Marie Royce
    House of Royce
    Devonshire, England
    La Crosse, WI USA

  28. nin2 says:

    ..i thought it would take soo long for the nxt narnia..cant wait!

  29. jeff says:

    please make the film more faster
    i can’t wait i want narnia 4 now

  30. grrr says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! They HAVE to do the SILVER CHAIR next! What would be the point of doing the Magicians Nephew and not being able to do the Silver Chair (cos Will will be too old) when you could do the Silver Chair next and be able to do the Magicians Nephew as well?! cos after all the lady who played the white witch isnt going to look too old in 6/7 years – in fact she will look pretty much the same! The silver chair is the BEST story by far, and we are NOT doing c.s.lewis any credit by leaving out one of his best stories!…..

  31. fornarnia says:

    very excited but I was wondering whether skandar is going to be in the next narnia movie? please answer me! thanks

  32. alex says:

    You have to do Narnia 4 for all the narnia fans to know how narnia came into life because of Aslan

  33. alfred says:

    well… for me i want to do first the magician nephew… i think it was really interesting… how i wish… pls..

  34. diana says:

    I <3 narnia alot alot <3 the magicans nephew thats going 2 b a good movie but i think they should put andrew adamson back as the director imao narnia one of my favorite series besides Lord of the Rings and Twilight narnias my favorite. They need a better director who will leave each film off on a bad note so people will want more i really want The Last Battle 2 b made!!!! Also I think they should put the lion the witch and the wardrobe in 3d next christmas that i would totally go 2 see!!!!!!!!!! First Narnia is my fave

  35. Teri says:

    I don’t care what’s next…JUST BRING IT!!!!! COME ON NARNIA!!!!!! 😀

  36. Trinity says:

    Okay you said 2 years and it has been 2 years and so where is the next movie!!!!!

  37. I reall do hope they hurry and make the next movie, I hope they make all of the movies. I have The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. I’m waitng for The Horse and His Boy, The magician’s Nephew, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle to come. I Can’t wait for them to come

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