Gresham gave Liberty University Convocation Message

Douglas Gresham, a producer of The Chronicles of Narnia films and the stepson of C.S. Lewis, imparted some basic spiritual truths to Liberty University students at Monday’s convocation.  If you were in attendance, please send us a report, or comment below.  We’d love to know more of what he said.  In particular, his comments on the future of the Narnia movies.

He spoke about what it means to have the name Christian.

“Believing in Christ is not sufficient today to be a Christian,” he said. “… It is also essential to believe Christ, believe what He taught, what He told us to do and then do it.  If you do what the Lord wants you to be doing, you’re going to be good at it, and it will be very rewarding.”

Gresham also spoke about moving to England and meeting Lewis as an 8-year-old boy who was already very familiar with the high adventures of Narnia.

“The man was on speaking terms with my King Peter. … I expected a knight wearing silver armor and carrying a sword. … It was absolutely nothing like that at all. … He was dressed in the most shabby clothes I had seen in my life, but his huge personality and his great sense of fun soon eradicated any physical deficiencies that might have been in his appearance. I learned that sometimes we can lose an illusion and gain a treasure. … I gained what became a very fine stepfather.”

At the end of his talk, he did a question-and-answer session with students. Questions ranged from whether the Chronicles of Narnia are a mere allegory, to if he had met J.R.R. Tolkien, to whether all of the Narnia books will be made into movies.

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29 Responses to “Gresham gave Liberty University Convocation Message”

  1. Daniel James says:

    Haha, that’s awesome, I just emailed you this article a few minutes ago to see if I could post it as a story. I guess that was a yes!

    Anyway, it is a great article. Hmm, maybe we should change the canon of the Bible to add an extra 7 books… 😉

    • Paul Martin says:

      LOL, nah… that would be something that Revelation has something to say about at the very end.

    • High Queene ShellyBelly says:

      let’s not be like Martin Luther, who decided he himself should have the authority to DROP books that were in the bible for over a thousand years.

      • C.S. says:

        Ummm, I think you are confused about the Martin Luther thing… He didn’t drop books, he corrected the Cathlic church. Please read the history!!

        • Paul Martin says:

          Actually she’s right.

          He went back to some rules that were set into place by a different council that all of the books of the old testament had to be written in Hebrew, and since we only had those books in Greek, he removed them. He also wanted to remove James and Revelation. The idea, though, of removing books based on the language that they were written was a ridiculous one. Especially when you consider that the ENTIRE New Testament was written in Greek. Clearly God was revealing himself in Greek writing. Martin Luther didn’t intend on splitting believers into even TWO churches (Catholic and Lutheran), let alone the 36,000 denominations that spun off from there (and growing at a rate of about 7 new denominations per day).

          The simple fact is that two separate and very large councils separately assembled the exact same books that would become the Bible.

        • High Queene ShellyBelly says:

          plus, the catholic bible is based on the septuigent old testament, the one jesus used. we know that because jesus quoted from it in the new testament passages. martin luther used the old testament version that the pharisees used, revised and doctored up to meet Luther’s new doctrines- not accurate to the one jesus used.

          • voyager says:

            I agree with C.S totally..He did not drop books and what he did was perfectly correct.God knows it..

          • Paul Martin says:

            Unfortunately we’re not going to solve a 500 year old argument here.

          • High Queene ShellyBelly says:

            voyager and cs, , this is a historical fact. the issue is whether you agree with what he did or not. some protestant churches of today are now adding back in the books he dropped because they have decided he shouldn’t have dropped them.

      • Dailia4Jesus/NarniaFan says:

        FYI-The word Bible should always be capitalized. It bothers me when people disrespect it that way. No harsh feelings!!:)

  2. Seth says:

    Awesome! Gresham is a really inspiring guy! If you “read more” of this article through the link, he talks about how the Holy Spirit of God was the true author of the Narnia Chronicles – pretty amazing!!

  3. C.S. says:

    Amen!! i love it.

  4. FriendWiggle says:

    Yay! I am so happy that He loves the LORD. (=

  5. caleb says:

    I didn’t know he was CS Lewis’s stepson 😮

  6. Randy says:

    This site will have the message available when it is posted in a few days

  7. Kristin says:

    Liberty is less than 45 minutes from my house! Wish I could have been there. =)

  8. Narnia PR Fan says:

    VDT recaudo en Japon nada mas y nada menos que $6,646,094 en su primera semana, muy buena suma para.

  9. High Queene ShellyBelly says:

    he looks like God at the podium. lol

  10. phoenixqueen says:

    Man I wish I had known about this, or if it had even been open to the public. I live literally 15 minutes (less depending on traffic) from Liberty, and I know several students that go there, because they also attend my church (which happens to be a Lutheran one, BTW, even though Liberty is affiliated with the Baptists).

  11. caleb says:

    Iknow some people who were there and gresham said that they would make another Narnia movie if VDT does good in Japan, so far it is!!! 😀

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