Narnia Executive Producer Perry Moore Found Dead in SoHo Apt.

When you wake up, the last thing you want to hear is that someone has died.  Unfortunately, that is what has happened.  Not just that, but it was one of the executive producers of the three latest Narnia films: Perry Moore.  The cause of death is also unfortunate, though it isn’t official at the moment, the New York Daily News says that it was an apparent overdose.  He was 39.

“We’re in shock,” said the producer’s father, Bill Moore, 69, adding that he just spoke to his son the night before.

“He was in a great, great mood,” he said. “No one was expecting this.”

The doorman to the producer’s building said: “I was talking to him last night. He was such a sweet guy.

They’re saying it was drugs, but I didn’t know him to be that way.”

Moore was pronounced dead shortly after responders arrived. The exact cause of death has not been determined, but sources said it appeared to be an overdose of OxyContin. He had been suffering from chronic back and neck pain, something he inherited, and was going to have surgery for this spring.

“We’re so sad,” said his father. “He’s been able to reach out and touch a lot of people.”

This is extremely shocking to me, as I recently had a conversation about the Narnia films with him via e-mail, and he inspired me to keep up with my goal of writing a book over the course of the e-mail, in which he asked, “have you ever considered writing your own stories?”

We also spoke about the difficulties in bringing the Narnia films to the big screen, as well as the strange place that we find the Narnia series after every release, how it’s always a question of whether or not to continue.  We both agreed that the series is far too important a series to stop at any time, and should be continued to the finale regardless of box office (however crazy that idea might sound to some executives, it would be a marathon, not a race to the finish, with reward for years to come).  We also spoke about how Lewis would have viewed the series, and he said: “Having worked on the movies, I really do believe that Lewis wanted each and every one to have his own unique and personal emotional and spiritual experience with the stories.  Let your imagination run wild.”

Producer Mark Johnson had this to say: “He, in many ways, started these films,” Johnson said. “I’ve lost a really wonderful friend.” (via nydailynews follow up)

Rest in Peace, Perry Moore.

Read more: New York Daily News

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  1. Patrick says:

    WOW!!! That is so horrible! We will be praying!

    • ximena says:

      es lamentable sobre todo si fue esa la causa .Solo pèdir a Dios conformidad para su familia es una pena para nosotros los seguidores de Narnia.
      Q.D.P. Perry Moore.

  2. sarayu says:

    so sad. addiction and or “recreational” drug use can kill the poorest to the richest (financially). the depressed to the seemingly happiest, from “bad” family backgrounds to “great” family backgrounds. I have a sibiling who comes from a good loving upper middle class background whom will be dead at any time due to drugs and alcohol. Its amazing that sibiling is still alive today! God bless the family and friends of this extremely talented young man. The Chronicles of Narnia are my favorite, all time series of movies and my Dad who is 74, just finished the very large book and has passed it on to me. May God give you peace!

  3. Angela VanNostrand says:

    Very sad news. Great films.

  4. Tiffany Keller says:

    That is so sad! I am so sorry for his family! I pray that God will comfort his family! R.I.P Perry!

  5. C.S. says:

    I am so sorry , I didn’t expect somtinhg like this to happen!
    I will be praying too! I hope this doesn’t make things slow down!
    I just hope he was ready to go.(If you know what i mean.)

    • P.H. says:

      Who is ever “ready” to go when they die???

      • Aravis Kenobi says:

        “Ready” is probably meant in the sense of being ready to meet God when he died. Nobody is ever truly “ready” to let go of this life until they know that they’ve made peace with God as Savior and Lord.

      • Katy in AL says:

        Well, for one, my great-grandmother….

        Who had lived a very full and wonderful life, knew and loved Jesus with all her heart, and was looking forward to seeing her husband and her youngest daughter, both of which preceded her in death under tragic circumstances. She was also almost 90 and had been very, very sick for months before she died last November.

        I still miss her, but yes, P.H., I know that she was indeed ready to go.

  6. Narnia is amazing says:

    Why… why does they’re exists stupid things like drugs.. Why does many of the great ppl die? they didnt deserve to die but they died!! One of the best guitarists (Dimebag Darrel) was shot by bullet, why?!, Many other famous ppl died by drugs too! Why does the great ppl, the ppl that deserves to have a great life! Why do they die? Its not fair.. And the bad ppl that doesnt deserves anything dont die.. The World is Unfair.. I really loved the Narnia films Perry Moore are going to be missed!

    • Patrick says:

      I know it IS horrible! But drugs are necessary in MANY situations! For example, He was taking drugs as a pain killer, sometimes pain can be almost unbearable! Once you take these kind of pills though, one of the strongest side effects are that they are addictive, he must have been taking them for pain, and he must have taken an overdose without thinking about it! It is horrible! There is a weakness with every good idea! There are always going to be side effects! Pray that drugs will be used for the right uses! and not sold on the street!

    • C.S. says:

      It is just another tempation(sorry about spelling) in the world. Satan will do any thing to distory us!! And this got him, it is so sad. WE all should pray for him and others like him.

    • David says:

      Even when it seems like the world is out of control, God is in control. We can’t always understand it, we can only trust that his plans are better than ours.

  7. Madalyn Killebrew says:


    hope everything turns out ok with his family and such…..

  8. Natalie says:

    I am so sorry that this has happened. A tragedy. The family is in our thoughts and prayers.
    And may Narnia continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. April says:

    I’m so shocked and upset by this! I cannot even imagine what the family must be feeling. :( He was so young and this just came so unexpectedly. I will certainly be praying for his family. So heartbreaking.

  10. Warren says:

    Though this is rather shocking, it is yet another reminder of exactly how much we all need each other. Suicide can happen to anyone, even the best and the brightest and those who are seemingly the happiest and most successful. We desperately need other people, and they need us, to pull each other up and hang on without letting go, and like the Narnia does so well, encourage each other to look to the real Aslan, whose name is Jesus Christ, and throw ourselves at His feet. Dawn Treader rocked, by the way and I’ll pray that the franchise finds someone else with the same heart and level of talent so this series can be completed.

    • High Queene ShellyBelly says:

      they don’t think it was suicide, but an accidental medication overdose.

    • Bob. says:

      Wasn’t suicide. Wasn’t recreational drugs. This article needs to be updated because it’s totally sending the wrong message. He didn’t overdose on cocaine, didn’t overdose on anything from the street. This was prescribed medication. He’d been in genuine chronic pain and his biggest mistake was holding off on surgery due to work commitments and his own work ethic. If anything this should be a reminder that we aren’t all immortal and we need to take better care of ourselves and not try to push things too much.

  11. MegaNastasia says:

    Wow…I’m shocked…does anyone know if he was a believer?

  12. oh how horrible.

    I am praying…..

  13. Carrie Setzkorn says:

    wow… I have never met this person but I feel so emotionally affected by the movies that I am crushed that anyone involved had this happen… I pray for his family and friends, and also that this loss will not affect the ability to continue the series of movies… maybe the next one can be dedicated to him and his part of the vision.

  14. Venasta says:

    This is a sad thing but all the people will remember the good he has done! My children love the Narnia Series and so do I! To think, they are grown now and still being blessed by it. He may be gone from this world but NEVER forgotten by his work! Peace and comfort to the family

  15. Debbie says:

    Just because he died of a drug overdose doesn’t mean it was intentional. I have been on pain meds and muscle relaxers for many years, because of severe chronic pain. Sometimes it seems like the meds don’t work, so I have taken more, or I used to forget how much I had taken…or if I had taken any at all, especially at night. Pain killers are very dangerous this way. It could have been accidental, in that he did not overdose on purpose. Even if he was not on the pain killer legally, he could have taken to many accidently, because OxyContin really messes with your head. Maybe it was suicide, I don’t know. But maybe it was not. Either way, we need to pray for his family.

  16. kathy fugere says:

    hope the family has all the support they need in this time of need. from a fan of his work. I shared this with a student who thinks drugs are cool. Hope the message will bring her a new light on the subject. Again sorry for the loss and I hope he will bring awareness to those who also need his help

  17. He’ll be missed. He did a great work with the Narnia films.

  18. Cyclops says:

    This is very sad. Praying for him and his family. RIP, Perry Moore.

  19. danimarie says:

    awww i was taken by surprise as read thru my facebook wall… i want to cry because he helped to make my favorite stories into the most well produced movies anyone of us has ever seen. I will pray for him as well as the fellow cast and crew as they go thru this solemn time.

  20. Tony Nixon says:

    Just want to add my condolences to this list of well wishes. Thoughts and prayers with Perrys family.

  21. UpTheWave says:

    Very sad to hear. Condolences to the family. Wish he could have seen all seven Narnia films through from beginning to end. :(

  22. narniaKnight says:

    Drugs cause nothing but pain and all things negitive. Let this be a lesson to everyone out there…….is it really woth it?????? I’m prayibg for everyone on the Moore family.

  23. PIE LOVER! says:

    I’m sooooo sorry to hear that! I am a huge fan of Narnia! May he rest in peace! :(

  24. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Such a tragic loss.

  25. Vangie says:

    I’m shocked! I can’t believe that this has happened. I guess when it’s one’s time to go….there’s nothing one can do. May you rest in peace Perry Moore.

  26. nic says:

    “Look here! I say,” he stammered. “It”s all very well. But aren’t you-? I mean, didn’t you-?”
    “Oh don’t be such an ass,” said Caspian.
    “But,” said Eustace, looking at Aslan. “Hasn’t he -er-died?”

    “Yes,” said the Lion in a very quiet voice, almost (Jill thought) as if he were laughing. “He has died. Most people have you know. Even I have. There are very few who haven’t.”

    “Oh,” said Caspian. “I see what’s bothering you. You think I’m, a ghost, or some nonsense. But don’t you see? I would be that if i appeared in Narnia now: because I don’t belong there any more. but one can’t be a ghost in one’s own country..”

    But far off in Narnia, King Rilian buried his father, Caspian the Navigator, Tenth of that name, and mourned for him.

  27. Romanticgal says:

    I am so sorry that Perry Moore is no longer with us. May he be at peace.

  28. Boke_Wyrm says:

    May he rest in peace, and may his work continue with the same energy and enthusiasm. I will pray for those closest to him and for the continued safety of the whole Narnia family.

  29. i’m very do sad :'( god bless you sir Parry Moore. thank you very much for all this time together with Narnia. THANK YOU AND WE’ARE LOVE YOU!! from @NarsiaOfficial :)

  30. Susan says:

    Someday all will be understood. My prayers go to His family. Someone i know lost her son to a legal prescription of oxycodone. It was barely over the level that was dangerous. It is a dangerous pill and i wish they would pull it from the market. Thank You to Perry for the beautiful work he has done. Till we all meet again in the New Jerusalem. (Cair Paravel)

  31. silca says:

    it is a shame and what step and my heartfelt pesame to his famili.

  32. utterReep says:

    Did anyone notice in this article about Perry Moore that he apparently told his family the night before that he had just secured financing for an adaptation of “The Magician’s Nephew”??!!,0,1493435.story

  33. voyager says:

    So unexpected..Praying for his family and SC surely should be dedicated to him..I thank God for his life and for helping him to bring Narnia to life along with others..I’m sincerely glad to know he was saved and was welcomed in heaven..Amen for God is in control..

    May this remind us that no matter how much science has advanced or humans have reached,when life’s final moment comes-man is helpless because only God can make you breathe again..The ONLY way to salvation from eternal hell is believing & accepting Christ as your Saviour.And I hope that everyone who is not sure of where he will go after death will find the answer today in Jesus..Time is running short,so be prepared..And for Christians,there’s no fear of death bcoz Jesus has conquered it forever.
    See this song:
    This is a muslim song but the message is great,you need to “repent and pray” TO JESUS..

    And to this song of hope :

  34. Katie says:

    Oh my gosh… that is SO sad… I am so very sorry… to all of his family and friends I will be praying for you… for his parents especially… My son, Gabriel, was addicted to Oxycontin for three years and it was literal hell… bless his heart, addiction is totaly torment… then he got clean and was doing great, but still craving it… so he tried Methadone, which is a drug that people think will get rid of cravings, but its a dangerous drug… and Gabriel mixed a dose of Methadone with another drug, and he died… I totally feel for the parents of Perry Moore…
    Please people, realize that these drugs are dangerous… they are not a good way to party, or to deal with pain, or to deal with stress… So many passionate and beautiful people are using them to medicate themselves against the hurts and stresses of this world, and losing their battles…

  35. dacio says:

    OMG, I can’t believe this… just… just…

    Rest in Peace, Perry Moore.

    I just want to cry :(

  36. High Queene ShellyBelly says:

    Maybe we should not look at this situation through earthly eyes, but through the perspective of eternity- it seems to me that Perry was put on this earth with his task being to bring us Narnia and spread the word of salvation through the promotion of CS Lewis. Perhaps, with the acquired funding of the Magician’s nephew, the creation story, his work on earth was successfully completed, and now he will enjoy the glorious reward he so richly deserves.

  37. CEP Paul T says:

    May God Himself provide peace to his family.

    Until we all meet again in Aslan’s Country.

  38. Kathy "Kg" says:

    We must be careful not to pass judgement. Oxycontin is a powerful prescription drug, and he may have simply made a mistake in taking it. Accidental overdose is not uncommon with these powerful painkillers. One does not have to be an addict to be in pain, take a dose, forget you took a dose and repeat the dose. Also, it does not mix well with almost anyother medication, even over the counter drugs.
    Praying for his family and friends —
    In His Grace – Kg.

  39. tony says:

    oh… GOD… I’m so sorry for that…

  40. ingrid liem says:

    Sad but also happy that he may not suffer again with those pain. Thank you for the great “gift” that you had given to us, Perry. have a wonderful time now in Aslan’s country and may God take cares of your family.

  41. Dailia says:

    I hope that if he went to Heaven (I don’t know much about his relationship with God) that it’s even more wonderful than the Last Battle describes Aslan’s country. His work in the films i hope will never be forgotten. This was obviously very important to him.

  42. FriendWiggle says:

    May the Holy Spirit comfort his family and friends…

  43. Lily of Archenland says:

    Sorry to hear about this. Accident or not, either way it’ll be just as hard on his family and friends. And yeah, I’ll be praying.

  44. michelle says:

    yes this is the first time that i have read this article how sad and what a tragic loss :( will be praying for his family

  45. Bernard Spnio says:

    Narnia will always be a big contribution to our big faith to God, and Perry will always be remembered for his contributions to the Narnia films. See you in Aslan’s Country Perry :’)

  46. Bernard Sepnio says:

    Narnia will always be a big contribution to our big faith to God, and Perry will always be remembered for his contributions to the Narnia films. See you in Aslan’s Country Perry :’)

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