Sunday’s Box Office Update

This past weekend marks the first in which “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” had a steep drop in the number of theaters showing the film.  In the United States, the count declined to just over 1,700 screens from the previous weekend’s 2,814.  Nevertheless, the film earned an additional $2.3 million in the US.  Internationally, “Dawn Treader” picked up $9 million from nearly 6,000 screens in 66 markets.

In total, the film’s worldwide box office stands at roughly $357 million.

The “Dawn Treader” page at Box Office Mojo can be accessed by clicking here or on the link to the right.  Here, The Hollywood Reporter also checks in with an update.

And, for good measure, more from THR on 3-D movies, theaters, and box office performance.

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  1. NarniaFan23 says:

    is that good or bad? I mean, its going to start dropping from theaters sometime?

    • Michael says:

      It’s inevitable that the number of theaters the move is in starts to decrease.

      Five weeks after the release of the Dawn Treader the number of theaters it is shown in dropped from 3,555 to 1,704, roughly half.

      By comparison five weeks after the release of Prince Caspian the number of theaters it was still playing in was 1,462 compared to the 3,929 during its release date, which is roughly 40%.

      So as of now Dawn Treader is still being shown in more theaters than Prince Caspian. LWW by comparison maintained more theaters for a longer period of time as a result of it’s massive success.

      I’d say it’s just fine the way it is, not good or bad. I’ll be watching with anticipation to see Dawn Treader top $100 million :)

  2. I’m very proud of the film. If only people would look past it being a “childish” film, they would see the true messages and how much action and creativity is involved.

  3. I hope it does well enough for them to do SC!

  4. I agree with Queen Elizabeth, Besides I think Critics should have given the movie an A+ not a C- Besides I never found the movie “Childish” at all. I actually thought it was well done, true to the book to a degree. Everyone always say lord of the Rings was too long, and there saying the same about Chronicles. Well not in my opinion, I actually think there long enough besides I hope theres an extended edition for this movie coming out.

    • High Queene ShellyBelly says:

      i saw LOTR with out reading the book first. It did not engage me in the least. I just happened to drop in on LWW and was blown away and became a full fledged narnia fanatic. there’s a difference between child LIKE and childISH. This series is WONDERFUL for adults- it is very deep and spiritual.

      I may go back to rediscover LOTR and see what is so great about it, i must have missed something. NARNIA RULES!!!!!!!!!!

      • nic says:

        LOTR movies are hard going for me too(i thought first one was best & promising but at time small things i didn’t like about the first one seemed to get amplified as it(series) went along) but great that they filled an epic movie genre void for many people & the production itself was good and enjoyable of itself with abit of effort.

        In many ways i thought LOTR’s alot more different than the Narnia adaptations in tone to respective books.

        I wasn’t expecting to like LW&W due to LOTR adaptations(as i felt abit let down due to what i got out of book tale) and was surprised when i saw it and thoroughly enjoyed how it was done as i have for all 3 Narnias, being some of my favourite all time movies. Movies are not ‘best’ though, it’s just what people like and there’s enough movie audience out there for big market shares with a whole lot of different likes, but there’s alot of natural confusion about that being realised as it’s more of a fluid & creative market dynamic to find equilibrium with.
        The first three Narnia films, and the wider Narnia series, is the type of movie franchise that could be showing this type of market equilibrium that’s out there, enabling successful big budget films within a dynamic market placement that is never as Aslan put it, exactly the same way twice while still being out there at the same time to build upon.

    • C.S. says:

      I agree with you on that!!

  5. zhangjisen113 says:

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $96,283,000 28.4%
    + Foreign: $242,900,000 71.6%


    = Worldwide: $339,183,000

    we can see that the voyage of the dawn treader, earn 29591500
    only in box office,and we remove some funds offered to the
    cinemas, we can find the voyage of the dawn treader still
    won 38000000-40000000 dollars,simply in cinema ,but not include other products,I’m so glad! !!Though it is not as good as the lion,the witch,and the wadrobe ,but these days it’s rarely for a film to benefit only in a cinema!!!YEAH!!!

  6. John Burkitt says:

    I would like to see Silver Chair undertaken, not for business purposes alone but because such films become part of our gift to future generations, the way Gone With the Wind and the Wizard of Oz continue to be enjoyed. The Chronicles of Narnia have enduring appeal and their long term prospects have to be factored in to any kind of assessment made of their potential.

    • Narina says:

      I agree, I very much hope they do the Silver chair, and maybe next they should do the Last Battle…then they wouldn’t have to switch actors. They could then do Horse and His boy and Magician’s nephew, and when they’re all released, we could put the last three back in order on DVD!
      It would be devastating to have them stop half way. Such powerful books, such potential for films.

      • Matthew says:

        even if they didn’t do LB next it doesn’t mean they have to switch actors they are more likely to use the older adults. I should very much like to see SC next then MN. Then depending on how long that takes HB and finally LB.

  7. Alexis says:

    I think the numbers are high enough for another movie

  8. voyager says:

    I somehow think it will pass PC,just a feeling.I so badly want the series to move on,it is not just one-of-those movies…
    All we can do is pray about it.

  9. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    We’re almost to $100 million! But once again I ponder how Yogi Bear STILL made more this weekend. I think it’s that Fox needs more advertisements. I haven’t seen any for two weeks, yet Yogi gets very misleading ads saying it’s so good. Anyway, I am pretty sure SC will be greenlit at about $400 million. I remember an interview with Apted that SC won’t get made if it made only $300 million, meaning it would need more, and I think we’ve past that now. And BOM hasn’t released India’s totals yet, and I’ve heard its done good business. I’d just like to see how Japan will do.

    • Princess Lucy says:

      Thanxs for telling us Apted has stated the number…for some reason i didn’t hear about this interview…lol…I feel better now…thanxs soo much…the total so far of VDT is ok..hopefully it will be enough to get another film…and yes you are absolutely right…alot of the foreign countries are not up to date with numbers…infact around half of them are only updated since 9/1/11…others since mid December…so it could change alot in numbers…and like you said theres still Japan…I think the studio is waiting for the full total gross of VDT to decide about the next film 😉

    • Michael says:

      The film is past the halfway mark between $300 million and $400 million. I hope it keeps up!

  10. aslanismyman says:

    The film should pass Prince Caspian’s box office totals, and here is why. It now stands at $357 million, leaving it just $63 million from passing Caspian. Here is what we can reasonably expect. At least $10 million more from China. $4 million more here in the US. $3.5 million from Venezuela. $25 million from Japan. That leaves only $20.5 million from the rest of the overseas markets (which only $333,333 from each market) to pass Caspian.

    It is also interesting to note the Brandon Gray from Box Office Mojo (who is certainly no fan of the series) has said (before the film’s release) that if the film even came close to Caspian’s numbers it would be considered a success and should warrant another film.

    But back in February he said, “One should expect the ship to sink further than Prince Caspian.”

    It is nice to prove him wrong, as it seems certain that the film will sail (pun intended) Prince Caspian!

  11. Pat says:

    It’s funny you know- I got this from The Age online- “The fact remains, however, that Prince Caspian still raked in more cash than any other Disney film that year [I’m assuming 2008 (?)], apart from Pixar’s Wall-E…” PC did good for Disney.

    • Pat says:

      but in the end, PC only just broke even…great for Walden for wanting to continue the franchise when Disney pulled out…

    • High Queene ShellyBelly says:

      that’s why i was heartbroken when disney dropped narnia- they have the muscle to relly promote and merchandise it- sep. compared to how fox dropped the ball- (YES, IM GRATEFUL THEY SAVED IT THOUGH-THANKS GUYS)

  12. leo says:

    Passing the $400 million mark is nearly assured. It would have to make less than $20 million in Japan for it not to. The challenge will be passing Caspian’s worldwide total, which will depend on Japan’s numbers.

  13. Acorok says:

    These types of films always do extraordinarily well selling as DVDs too, so I’d say it was a success.

  14. Michael says:


    The $100 million mark is close :)

    In reality the difference between Dawn Treader stopping at $99,500,000 and $100,000,000 is minuscule. I think it is more of a psychological thing.

    After all The Golden Compass and Eragon both grossed about $75 million in the U.S. and neither had sequels made. The sequels to the Golden Compass for the obvious reason of being nothing more than a mediocre story used to push an ideology. As for the sequels to Eragon I don’t know if they are good since I haven’t read them.

  15. Liz says:

    The film is still shown in the US. It will pass 100 million dollars soon, I’m quite confident about that! And it does pretty well globaly.

    We can all continue helping it along. See it several times, tell others about it, write on the internet, facebook etc.

    It’s a good film, with good values!! And it’s absolutely NOT just for children!
    It deserves to be supported. And we can all ensure a great DVD sale. Hopefully we’ll get the Silver Chair.

  16. Michael says:

    The actual numbers for this past weekend are a little higher than the original estimated ones.

    This past Monday the film grossed 190.6% higher than the previous Monday!

  17. C.S. says:

    I think SC should be next because they said ‘Jill Pole’in the VDT movie, it would leave ya hanging ,so to speak,if they did somthing else!!! But that is just my opinoin. Doesn’t anyone agree?

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