“Dawn Treader” Box Office Update

Through January 9, 2011, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” has earned an estimated $337.5 million worldwide, according to reports, including a weekend total of $4.75 million in the United States and a debut weekend of $5.1 million in China.

The US haul was good enough for 11th place, down six spots from New Years weekend.

The current domestic total is an estimated $94.7 million, with $242.5 million contributed from non-US markets.  VDT has yet to open in Venezuela (February 4) or Japan (February 25).

To date, the franchise’s three films have grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide.  Also worth noting: VDT’s current foreign box office of $242.5 million is close to the total for “Prince Caspian,” which was $278 million.  At this point, it looks like VDT may well meet/exceed the non-US box office of PC.

And still no word on “The Silver Chair,” so don’t ask.  :-)

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  1. David says:

    Ha Ha, love the last line.

  2. Amanda says:

    It will soon reach Prince Caspian’s 400$ million!

    • Donatello says:

      I think 380 is likely, but hoping for more. At least it’s probably made the production budget so far, but there’s still much of the advertising budget to work on…

  3. Tona says:

    So I hope that means there will be another made…I would love to see the original characters carry on with their adventures… Though I have to say that pesty cousin ended up being something of a perk in the last at least as a dragon lol

  4. Patrick says:

    Annoyed with our asking about SC aren’t you!? lol, but I do believe that this movie will exceed PC in box office… not as much as LWW but just enough to beat PC.

  5. eustace says:

    Am sure it will exceed pc non-US box office. its looking good. hopefully by next week it should exceed it or at least close to it. Silver chair we early there :)

  6. eustace says:


  7. AravisKenobi says:

    And people were so worried. I wonder if Yahoo will add Narnia to their “billion dollar movie club” whenever they update it. Not many films can claim to have at least a billion in box office sales.

  8. I think the movie is definitely going to beat Prince Caspian’s overseas numbers. That opening in China was great for this series. It’s certainly going to do better total numbers in China than either of the earlier two Narnia films did. I hope China, South Korea, etc. bode well for a really good response in Japan.

    The domestic numbers were disappointing this week, but certainly not disastrous. $110 million’s certainly not out of reach at this point and $105+ is very likely.

    I feel very good about the overall prospects for The Silver Chair. In the end, I hope the film gets very close to PC’s final numbers.

  9. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    This was an expected drop, now considering the holidays here are over. But how did Yogi Bear and Tangled make such a comeback? Especially Tangled. Maybe Martin Luther King Day in the US will help a little. A lot of schools get out, but mine doesn’t, though we only have a three day week of school.

  10. Michael says:

    I think Dawn Treader will pass $100 million in the U.S. Doesn’t look like a lot of big new movies are being released in theaters soon so it might hit $110 million like someone suggested. As for overseas how big is the market in Venezuela and Japan? I would think Japan is a decently sized country.

    • Whiterider says:

      LWW grossed 57 million in Japan and PC grossed 27 million in Japan, which was the biggest foreign total of any country for PC. Venezuela grossed 3 million for PC. It did not premier in Venezuela for LWW.

      • JG says:

        LWW was released in Venezuela, the problem is there are no exact numbers of the total gross, but I can tell you it was a huge success. There was a lot of interest here for Caspian too and people loved it, so VDT will probaly make about 4-5 million or maybe more. I’m from Venezuela :)It’s not really a big market but some films have made more than 15 million here, and since Narnia films are very well-received here, it will help VDT a little!

        By the way, I love NarniaFans.com and I’ve been reading it for years, but this is the first time I actually post a comment on the site lol

  11. nic says:

    What about asking for Magician’s Nephew? :)

    Could make sense. Once Magician’s Nephew is financially successful, as long as creative side doesn’t diminish, the rest of the Narnia episodes are more or less in the bag. In the U.S. most of the money has been made ‘after’ the big intro marketing blitz & when the default gentler style marketing will have been gradually being noticed by it’s(narnian) general audience. This is probably more pronounced ROW naturally, & big success there won’t disappear after 3 Narnia episodes now as long as each new episode is seamless in being part of wider Narnia chapter enjoyment.

    So with a settled & successfully particuar Narnian marketing makeup and pace known about, could be time for MN. It’s episodic, and anythings M. Apted and crew would have liked to have done better with this type of structure, have the perfect experience on a Narnia film for that. Also it is a different genre, more 19th century England and Orson Wells time travelling, so a fresh Narnia genre from VOTDT & previous trilogy where SC not so much so. Also get to use the White Witch while she still pretty much looks like herself from LW&W & PC in particular.

    Then once Magician’s Nephew successful, got a couple of home runs with everything else now in place; a now fresh new fairy-tale Narnia style episode with SC ( perhaps P J Hogan dir. type choice – check out Peter Pan & for slight edge, ta Mermaid scene); & then a rags to regal fantasy of H&HB, travelling to Narnia with talking horses in it’s Golden Age from within another kingdom (perhaps dir. by Andrew Adamson). Then there would have to be done The Last Battle, which potentially is the most unconventional but which by this point would also have the most freedom & license to do as an unconventional movie while being got by it’s audience, since would be on back of all the successful & varied previous movies & have it’s big audience rooting for it as part of the wider landscape.

    Well fun to write, anyhow still big Narnia audience in U.S. that hasn’t seen VOTDT yet too.

    • Patrick says:

      Well with such a religious story behind MN it would be hard for them to make the movie, sadly enough I’ve heard people say they didn’t like how LWW had a religious backround to it! :( I’m not trying to be a downer but I don’t think MN or LB will ever get made…

      • Michael says:

        There’s always going to be a certain segment of society that doesn’t like Narnia due to Christian themes.

        Why is that?

        I don’t know. I have no problems seeing a movie that has themes from another religion, or even atheistic themes. It’s just Christianity is the religion that is “cool” to be against because it is so popular.

        • Katy in AL says:

          I wouldn’t say that Christianity is popular, per se, but, as you say, it’s “cool” to be against it, as it almost always has been throughout history, because this is the world, and the world hated Christ from the beginning. If we’re following Him, of course we’re going to be reviled and hated. I only thank God for a country where we can follow Him freely without threats of imprisonment or death.

          “A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. …But the word that is written in the Law must be fulfilled: ‘They hated me without a cause.'”
          -Jesus Christ

          • Patrick says:

            Nice! Exactly what I believe… You can think of the other non-believers in the world as the talmerines or the white witches folowers!

          • Katy in AL says:

            *replying to Patrick, just for some reason the site wouldn’t let me post this comment below his.*

            Yes, Patrick… but also as people just like us who desperately, desperately need a Savior. More like Edmund than anything else.

          • Katy in AL says:

            okay, and it DID post below his. ‘a course. :)

          • Patrick says:

            haha VERY true

      • caleb says:

        ALL the books have a religious background 😉 PC’s beginning symbolizes david running from the king who was trying to kill him, VDT is showing the difficulties a christian has to face through life, with an obvious ending scene that’s christkian ruited. In fact, MN would probably make more non-christians come see it because they like the “dark” stuff that the first half is full of(even though it’s shown to be bad).

        • High Queene ShellyBelly says:

          thanks, caleb, i didn’t know the symbolism about David. I recently just found out about HHB opening being symbolic of baby moses in the bullrushes. i love these hidden gems.

  12. It’s only been a month so I don’t expect any word from Fox or Walden Media about Silver Chair yet. I’m happy it’s doing well in foreign markets. 100 million is okay for the USA, but so many people are missing a good movie.

  13. I SO want SC to be made!

    • Sarah Elizabeth says:

      me 2 :(

      • Diane says:

        Me 3. I think the filmmakers would have such fun with the beautiful green lady/green serpent and other visual elements that are so vivid in my mind. There’s such variety, with the earthmen, giants, ruins, etc., not to mention the wonderful opening scenes with the high cliff and the kids being “blown” to Narnia. And flying on owls! Wouldn’t you love seeing Puddleglum on screen? The actor would have such fun with that character. And there’s every kind of terrain, from swamps to moors to underground…and at the end, seeing Caspian go from old to young would be great. Oh, and let’s not forget the interaction between Jill & Eustace! I’m getting carried away, sorry–it’s just that this book seems to be the most vivid in my imagination. Oh, I said that already. =P Done babbling now.

        • High Queene ShellyBelly says:

          gotta love them owls! PS– movie makers: bring back ben barnes PLEASE? THIS is the movie for some romance and a royal wedding with the star!! some HAPPY scenes- PLEEEEEEEESE??? thank you- signed, sick of gloom and doom and picklepuss characters

  14. Pat says:

    Fox did a smart thing with VOTD – they slashed the budget to around $155 m (I think PC was over $200 m)- this means (for the studio) they get a better profit margin – they make money, so their happy, hence another Narnia film seems more possible. It’s time studios tighten their budgets and learn to make great films for less. Although I did miss the location shoots, which were so prominent in the other two Narnia films.

  15. Derek says:

    Good news!!!! 337 million is a good profit and Fox / Walden are both a business. I think there is no way they dont make SC. The Narnia fans have shown they will support the movies and their will always be a good profit when they make a Narnia film. I have seen VDT 4 times. I plan to see it again 1 more time with my mom and cousin one evening this week. I love the movie and you really do need to see it more than once to get everything. I saw LWW on a date and I had never read a Narnia book and really didnt know anything about it. I became a huge fan after watching the movie and I have sense read all 7 books and seen all the movies many times. I think SC will be made and it will be on schedule with the last two movies so look for it in 2012,

  16. dacio says:

    I’m still waiting for the movie here :) I’m from argentina, but It’s not in my city yet :) Hopefully it will come the next week.

    If they make TCN: Silver Chair, it won’t be rally good… the book was so BORING for me :(

    • George says:

      The BBC version for SC was way better than the first 3 ones, so i am sure that SC will be a excellent movie, if they make it of course…

  17. Angelica Chakraborty says:

    I might see it for a third time with my mom this weekend, but I’m not sure yet. I have a good feeling SC will be made. Anyways it is true you have to see VDT again to really understand it and love it even more. It is a matter of getting used to. GO Dawn Treader!

  18. jeff says:

    The movie has done very well considering the lack of merchandising and pr compared too the first two. I think they should just go all in and film the next two installments at the same time. They have different casts. Then have The Horse and its Boy open six months after Silver Chair. You would be able to have all original actors in A Horse and his Boy. Remember it is from when they were high kings and queens… and when they were about the age they are now.

    • pbart1026 says:

      i agree with filming two at the same time, but i say that it should be silver chair and magicians nephew. two seperate casts and one amazing year of narnia. it would be risky but i think it would pay off in the end.

      • nic says:

        I’d be jittery about separate remaining Narnia stories being created & produced simultaneously. I’d prefer doing the best job possible on each film in it’s own time rather than cutting corners to a finish line. There’s a out of ordinary huge diff. between US and ROW box office it looks, so that’s a mix of being more deliberate or accident in marketing.

        I’d say it’s more accident in both successful side & less successful side than deliberate since quite pronounced. But as a whole VOTDT is still looking like a very solid success all the same. Why can’t there be room for the success side ROW to be further fine tuned for a next Narnia film as well as applying this to the U.S. market?

        The trouble with cutting the budget or doing two Narnia movies bam bam, is that there’s a very tangible dynamic now looking like it wants to establish itself for the Narnia series 3 movies in (as opposed to the all over the place look after the first 2 films). A next Narnia & following ones would be in positions to emulate & escalate this, and that has been built up & contributed to by all three of the first narnia films.

        But if a next Narnia film & experience hadn’t produced Narnia to same level as first three, then that’s a different situation & the ‘free’ marketing dividends of the Narnia franchise get lost.

    • Pat says:

      Yeah, I read there wasn’t as much publicity for VODT…pity…was Fox trying to cut costs? I’m glad word of mouth worked for this film…publicity always helps – Fox!

    • High Queene ShellyBelly says:

      yeah, they need to put em out faster like twilight movies so they don’t lose momentum with the audience, How much better grosses would be if LWW was 2005, PC 2006 and VDT 2007, all in dec. it would be an annual xmas event and a tradition by now. SC 2008, HHB 2009,MN 2010 LB would have been this year! boo hoo.!!

  19. lu-I says:

    this 3D flick was not shown in 3D in alot of the theatres in my local area (suburban area 90 minutes outside of NYC). so Yogi & Tangled have that benefit of higher ticket prices. for some reason many local theatres decided to run Narnia 3 in 2D. i for one wanted to see it in 3D but the nearest theatre was too far for me. so i ended up seeing 2D twice.

    heres hoping it gets to $400M soon.


  20. Liz says:

    This is good news. Let’s keep on supporting the film!

  21. Kelly says:

    It’s 5th in the UK box office but that’s because some new films have just been released this last wekk or so. A few of my friends haven’t seen it yet so I’m hoping the cinemas will keep it showing so we can. :) Also, it’s been fairly well advertised over here in England, so hopefully it inspired people to go see it. :)

  22. Karlo says:

    In MNL, VODT was only shown starting 9 – 24Dec and for 3D starting 3Dec. However, the film was still able to gather 3M in USD. I’m still praying it would resume its regular showing in the coming days.

  23. Katspian says:

    Its almost out of all out theaters here. After friday i can only find 2 theaters in the whole area carrying it. One with 3D and one with 2D. I can’t believe it. We’ve gone 6 times but wanted to go again this weekend.

  24. dacio says:

    Here (argentina), there were just two different adverts, one of them was very short, and both of them were not really… well done :(

  25. leo says:

    GI Joe barely cleared $300 million worldwide with a production budget quite a bit larger than VODT, and that’s getting a sequel. There’s hope for Silver Chair.

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