“Dawn Treader” London World Premiere Photos Hit Web

Photographs from the London world premier of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” have appeared on several websites:

Click HERE for an Article and Images from the Daily Mail (UK)

Click HERE for WireImage’s gallery

Click HERE for BroadwayWorld’s gallery

Image credit: JoAnne Davidson/DailyMail

22 Responses to ““Dawn Treader” London World Premiere Photos Hit Web”

  1. Archer says:

    Didn’t get to go to the one in London, but I’m really excited for the one coming in Knoxville. Has there been any knowledge of which actors will be at the Knoxville red carpet event?

  2. Queen Helen says:

    the girls look so stunning! georgie looks so grown-up! but william….he looks so different…he probably grew his hair out for that new movie he’s doing, but man! still looks pretty dashing tho:) hope they had a great time!

    • Angela says:

      William’s new hair style is not my favorite either…makes me think of Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera. :) Do you know what new movie he’s acting in?

  3. Arvan says:

    Is that… William Moseley??!?!

    And why are he and Anna there? They’re only cameo roles… whatever.

  4. Mandie says:

    Man, William must have grown his hair out.. I saw Anna but did not realize that was him until I saw the caption under the photo.. lol
    Georgie and Skandar look AMAZING as usual. :) Georgie is so pretty!!!

  5. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    Hey, that’s rude

  6. caleb says:

    Georgie is considered a co-star and ben barnes the star? ackward 😕

  7. voyager says:

    Sad Ben can’t be there full time.. :(.Skandar looks small compared to the others..It’s great and I just can’t wait..2 days to go ..so close..YAY..GO VDT :)

  8. michelle says:

    ii’m glad the london premiere went well and the actors & actorcesses who starred in the movie were there to promote the movie and walk the red carpet

  9. MiniNinja says:

    Georgie’s dress looks AMAZING. I wonder if they are having a pramiere in Australia?

  10. Faith says:

    Its showing in 3D in Singapore tomorrow and I’m watching it!

    And the third website incorrectly labelled Ben as Skandar.

  11. Travis K says:

    Woah! Ben’s haircut looks good! Georgie looks amazing as usual… Anna’s stunning once again. William Mosely’s new hair style, well I can’t say I’m the biggest fan, lol.

  12. Sabrina says:

    Man This was an amazing Premiere.
    Everyone were dresses so beautyful.
    But what has william done?

  13. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    uh, sorry, nothing actually.

  14. Acorok says:

    I attended and William was the most attentive star there. I’ve always been the biggest Skandar fan, but I love William now too because he was so handsome close up and spent more time with the fans than anyone, except Liam Neeson, who’s a real pro. This evening was great, even worth the freezing cold. I didn’t really like Joe Mcelderry before, but he has an amazing voice and sung the 2 Narnia songs great. I’m a convert and will be definitely getting the soundtrack (like I wasn’t before!) I am a little sick of how much coverage the X Factor lot are getting.

    Yeah, I saw Skandar! Will Poulter was great too. The whole cast was!

  15. WMoseley_fan says:


  16. Jules says:

    Oh, great to see the photos! I was at the world premiere yestersay! But even if I shot some photos, I didn’t get such great ones… It was an amazing event, to see all the Stars especially Ben, Skandar and Georgie! The movie is absolutely brilliant!

  17. Enakshi says:

    Why did Ben not stay for the whole time? Skandar & Georgie um.. great as usual!

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